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First off, I want to go ahead and say I'm not affiliated with this brand in any way except being a normal customer. I'm honestly surprised by so many negative complaints about this because everyone I know who has tried it, including myself, had amazing results.

I've always had short, thin lashes and after 4 weeks, I found myself having to use less and less mascara because of how long my lashes grew. I find it sad how all of the negative complaints on this page are blaming the product itself because of their personal allergies. Not everyone will be able to use it because of allergies, but that's no need to say the product is crap - because it's NOT. My suggestion is you just have to try it for yourself.

If you do find yourself having an allergic reaction, stop applying the product and utilize their 60 day money back guarantee. If you find yourself still irritated after the second usage, then you know the product isn't for you.

I personally never had a problem with irritation and my lashes certainly never fell out other than the normal shed the body does. I highly recommend at least trying the product, especially if you have short thin lashes like me.

Product or Service Mentioned: Rodan And Fields Lash Boost Serum.

Reason of review: Good quality.

Rodan And Fields Pros: Lash boost, Redefine products, Consultants.

Rodan And Fields Cons: Price.

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Yes, and you can buy an equal product for $30 instead of $150.

That is $125 for you instead of the Stanfordx.


Same type product available $20-40, no strings attached!


"If you want truth to go round the world you must hire an express train to pull it; but if you want a lie to go round the world, it will fly; it is as light as a feather, and a breath will carry it. It is well said in the old Proverb, ‘A lie will go round the world while truth is pulling its boots on."

This is MLM in a nutshell!

In this case, it's the breath of 180,000 consultants which carry this lie.

People aren't being negative, they're being truthful. It's sad that it's met with such resistance!


I do not work for RF but I used a sample I was given for eye cream and i had a ward under my eye that got bigger due to stress, i started applying the cream and in four days the ward got smaller. To me the product works.


Mannnnnn this is so disappointing to read so many bad reviews. Two out of three of the women in my office that use it have seen the amazing results as promised by the company, but the one that didn't have a good experience is comparable to the bad reviews on here.

I have not tried it yet, but I wanted to see how it worked for other people online. I have VERY sensitive skin and I cannot use most mascaras... So far, only Urban Decay and ONE of Tarte's mascaras don't make my eyelashes fall out in clumps. I used to compulsively pull my eyelashes out when I was a kid, so I'm extra cautious about any current growth that I can get now.

Well, I guess I will leave another comment after I try it for a month.

Thank you for your honest reviews, everyone. I will be proceeding with caution...


Without getting all preachy, it's not all that surprising. R&F is an MLM and MLM's a step down from an infomercial.

Ever question the claims of the miracle product that is so good that you only get it from the infomercial? And if you act now, you can get two for the price of one. Well that is what this company offers. R&F will get you the same results as chuck Norris' Total Gym, which is a total bust and money lost.

Sorry if this seems negative but it's all how you look at it. You can see this as saving you money and time. If people only stopped believing in magic potions and miracle weight loss these businesses would go away. Instead they prey on people being naive.

If you do see something that doesn't seem normal, it's not. Steroids might be a fast track to bigger muscles but it also causes cancer and other problems.

You're beautiful- make believe products don't make you that way.

Hope this helps!


You are either really stupid or a liar. Either one or both qualify you to be a consultant.

But, let's face it, you know that already. After 4 weeks you are willing to side with an MLM and highly recommend these AMAZING products to everyone. You even have the defensive posture down pat. Anyone who has a problem has to understand that it is them and not the AMAZING products.

Can you freakin people even spell customer service. Your post doesn't pass the smell test. It stinks. Period.

Why would you just wander onto. Pissed consumer site that just coincidently happens to be about a product that you just started using. Not only does your post stink honey, but, so do you. One word of caution.

A lot of pissed consumers were happy when they first started using LB.

then, their bodies couldn't fight off the chemicals and their bodies started to break down. You and your post gave zero credibility.


You go girl!


And your either a negative {{Redacted}} or a sad house wife with NOTHING on her hands. Both are qualities of people like you who like to do nothing but whine about someone's opinion who may differ from yours.

So "honey", let me give you a more realistic response for you since you and the other Negative Nancy post want to assume I'm some *** salesperson.

I tried the product for myself: no one forced me, no friends/family were trying to sell to me. I saw it, I tried it,I liked it - simple as that!

I came across this page because I want reviews of everything before I buy - both negative and positive. Anyone with common sense knows if you go to a site that has ALL positives, the product is most likely a scam. But it is is my fault for coming across a site with filled with nothing but negative comments about something because it didn't work how they wanted so they do nothing but {{Redacted}}about everything.

Please forgive me for wanting to shed the slightest positive review into your negative filled head.

Everyone has an opinion and I shared mine, but *** like you don't like people like me who see something differently and want to share, to give other readers a chance to see this isn't a biased fill post of lonely, miserable housewives on their third glass of wine who have nothing else to do but insult others to keep themselves entertained or to feel better about themselves.

Was this reaponse real enough for you honey? Now if you don't mind, I'm off to enjoy my products that give me kick *** lashes that people compliment.

Enjoy your day of trying to bash strangers.

Maybe you'll get lucky and make one cry. As for the smell, maybe if you pull your head out of your *** once it a while, you might smell some roses.


Wow such vitriol, to strangers no less. We can tell by the number of asterisks bleeping out your foul mouth that you are just another uneducated lemming and we hit a sore spot with you so it must be true.

Do you feel better now, honey?

Lastly, you said you are such a smart cookie that you go to negative sites to get the true scoop on a product before you put something on your pretty little body. So, if you read all of these negative posts from all the negative Nancies, why did you still use the products? I guess you just intuitively knew that every negative post was a lie.

You said if you go to a site with positives that it must be a scam. So, you seem to know that all positive posts are lies too. Now we find you here months after you started using these AMAZING products.

You should have quit while you were behind since your rebuttal makes no sense.

Can't wait for another expletive laced response from you if you can take the time between social media posts with more stupidity and lies. You go girl.


Personality disorders everywhere


Yes it's very hard to comprehend the negative comments on a pissed site. Can you imagine people voicing frustration on a pissed consumer site.

What's more confusing is how someone like you, a very happy user drifted to a pissed site to share their AMAZING story. Hmm I wonder which one is more suspect!?

You've stated that everyone you know loves it, right? Might suggest getting out a little more and maybe talk to people who don't sell it or who haven't been roped in by a friend or relative.

Maybe then the mystery of negative reviews about the product, the polices and practices are far from favorable. In fact, maybe you can mosey in over to the BBB site and see an over 80% unfavorable rating. The pattern of wonderers like yourself if beyond annoying. After 4-5 negative posts comes along a person like yourself claiming to just stumble here, baffled by the other stories and eager to share theirs.

Anyway, here is some info you might not find in your little circle R&F zombies.

YAY!!!I'm so excited too!

I'm excited to report the following to and shed light on the thing your excited about. Word of caution Rodan and Fields enthusiast, facts can be cold.

1.Before and after photos are done with different lighting, different angles and at times photoshopped. That's not being held accountable, that's deceptive.And yes, that's trying to fool someone. 2.Are you aware that the products you peddle are no different than over the counter stuff at a fraction of the price?

You are not selling and/or using prescription strength. That's not exactly life changing. That's called ripping people off. 3.It's not your business.

Its someone else's. You're a salesperson working on a *** commission for a company that makes most of its sales from consultants that sell it. Yes, if all 180,000 consultants bought only a year supply of lash boost for $150, the company makes 180 million bucks, and I know you may not believe it but 99% of the business owning R&F consultants make under $10,000 for the year! Sounds good, right?

It's genius on the owners part, no high end store distribution fees, no insurance, brick and motar cost, not even a payroll really. Sorry, it will never be your business. Your own income disclosure states how little over 95% of consultants make. Fact!

Factor in the little income with the amount of product you buy, the website fee, your "free" samples consultants buy to give away and... Kindly supply your source when citing that information. 4.Your whole company is built on recruitment, which is why the company relies on the google Rodan and Fields scripts...btw way more people use those scripts than they will let on to. They're real and I've personally seen them verbatim on multiple people's Facebook page.

I can understand why you wouldn't want to admit it, but don't lie. It makes you even less credible than you already are being a part of... 5.On the subject of MLMs. Are you aware of where MLM's came from?

Probably not. You were likely recruited by someone who just told you about the amazing opportunity. MLMs come from a long line of practices which are now illegal and you guessed it, MLM's will be outlawed. Pretty evident with the major FTC ruling against Herbalife.

MLMs have origins in Ponzi schemes. From there they morphed into chain letters, direct sales and pyramid schemes. That's some family to be associated with. 6.

The vast majority have not attended medical school or business school. Therefore you have zero credibility and zero clue on the adverse effects and unethical violations many of your beloved consultants commit routinely. 7. You don't win a Lexus.

It's leased in your name and under your insurance. Two things, he monthly lease approximately $600-$700 a month is taken straight from your downlines sales. Fail to make the month quota and your stuck with the bill. Which makes perfect sense why some would resort to deception to avoid fronting the bill.

Secondly, you and your lesased Lexus are used as bait to recruit more people. Still think it's your own business? 8. R&f is not the number one skincare.

Maybe according to Euromonitor which any business can fund their own study that yields very specific results. In other words, you buy the results you want. Euromonitor is associated with many MLM. You don't see any other major company cite Euromonitor.

9. You are not being honest with yourself (if you really believe what your saying) and others which is disturbing because most of your early recruits are friends and family. Hopefully they're not reading the truth about how they're being used by you to elevate yourself in the pyramid shaped business you're in. 10.

Recap- it's not your own business. You don't own anything except the bills and the burden of pushing this stuff on others while you try to recruit.The products are average at a premium price, which I would define as a ripoff.Sleep tight! Ps- it's been brought up in the previous conversation regarding the validity of Euromonitor. My sources tell me it's not very scientific (at least the R&F study that claims them to be number 1) from my understanding studies can be funded to support a claim.

Data is easily manipulated- also found that google searches can be manipulated to hide negative info on a company for a price. Not saying google is complicit but searches can be skewed. Similar to how herbal life bought out all the tickets for Betting on Zero. So you had sold out shows with zero audience.

It's very telling about the lengths some will go to to bury info from the public. MLM also has a very rich and powerful lobbying group in DC to make sure companies can stay a step ahead of any progressive laws.That's where a lot of this money goes - not to the consultants who burned every bridge to reach a goal that isn't attainable. And how does this apply to your post? Well you're excitement for a product that is fairly ordinary is a bit odd (any time I read how a consultant is shedding tears of joy or shaking with excitement over an over the counter grade skin care, I have to chuckle.

I recommend finding a greater meaning in life than promoting skin care for an MLM company. I'm certain you can find "thrills" much more fulfilling). Your declaration that every product is great on a site that says otherwise shows a great divide between your version of reality and the reality which many argue the contrary. If you'd like to people to believe the former while arguing that you have no affiliation with the company aside from being an avid user, is suspect at best.

Every now and then a person like yourself makes similar baseless claims so rather than spread misinformation, I like to provide a little more balance.

The information presented should shed a little light on the company you promote. I do thank you for the opportunity to re-post some very important information about R&F.I hope that individuals looking for actual substantive information will open your post and read this information.


Well hello there pissed off anonymous. In just going to shut you down now and say everything you just assumed about me is absolutely WRONG.

I don't sell this, I discovered a long time ago sales wasn't my thing so there's that. No one else in my family or immediate circle sells it either. I bought because I thought " I hate my lashes so I'll give it a go" so I did and I liked it. There's absolutely nothing wrong with that...NOTHING.

The pictures I took weren't altered - they were simply taken with my phone in my bathroom, nothing else. Like everything I buy, I check reviews before I buy, especially if I'm going to spend $130 on something. I came across this site and saw reviews and I was stunned by how many people blame their allergies on a product. If it's truly like what you and every other negative Nancy on this page claims, my eyes would have had a reaction too.

Just because you had a bad experience doesn't mean you need to try and slam someone for their positive experience. Your response alone let's me know you're one of those miserable people that only like to point out the negatives in everything rather than looking for anything positive. I had a positive experience...DEAL WITH IT. Just because you doint like my experience doesn't mean I'm wrong nor am I going to change my opinion.

This site is nothing but pissed off reviews so anyone passing through is just going to see biased reactions, so I thought I'd shed a little positivity.

So let me give you my summary: I'm not going to give my opinion about something I haven't tried so this is my honest review; I'm an average Joe who works in HR for a media company, not sales; finally, you need to calm your tits and stop flipping out at reviews you don't like and accept the fact someone likes something you don't.

That's life. Stop being such a {{Redacted}}


Well hello to you anonymous pissed site visitor. Wow, you really shut things down didn't you!?

After you're done admiring you post, maybe you can read a little and comprehend a little more . In your rebuttals you've managed to call me a {{Redacted}} and managed to call people liars because a reaction didn't happen to you so it must not be real, right? It's your story so your sticking to it.

This is a direct sales, mlm product which means you had to buy it from someone, right?

That someone was a stranger? Did you ask santa for long lashes and find this in your stocking? Or was it someone you know?

You say you check out reviews before you try things, right?

Yet, you tried this a while ago and here you are searching for reviews which brought you here. Care to give another contradictory statement?

In regards to assumptions... for someone that hates them about you, you sure like to make them.

Now you're looking for non biased reviews, so all the glowing reports given by consultants aren't biased? They present both sides of the story? Come on, three strikes you're out.

You're the miserable person.

I won't stoop to your level of lying, name calling and all the other stuff I teach my children not to do. Can't handle the heat for unsubstantiated claims and little balance to the story about Rodan and Fields products, kindly walk away instead of picking fights. This has nothing to do with "positivity" this has to do with confronting more misleading statement. People obviously feel strong enough to take the time and educate people on something they will not get anywhere else.

Are you aware that R&F shut people down people for voicing the truth? Don't believe me, do your research (after you calm down of course) maybe then you'd understand why things are the way they are. Or you can continue to be ignorant, but do me a favor and try not to spread your ignorance. People are growing wise.

This is the only site that you can get real reviews, free from scripts, free from careful manipulation and free from the MLM zombies. I hope you can cheer up with your AMAZING lashes.


Honey, you are a true gem. Calling ladies who disagree with you without being bleeped "***" is one thing, but, you really should leave our {{REDACTED}} out of this discussion unless of course R&F has some snake oil for them.

I'm so sorry that you lack self esteem. I hate to break it to you, but you just can't buy self esteem or class and you are certainly in need of both. If you really want to know if my{{REDACTED}}smells like roses, ask your hubby. Now, STOP, because you are sounding more ridiculous with each and every post.

TaTa and take your little TaTa's with you. It's always fun to mess with a halfwit.


Yes, because asides from AMAZZZING lashes and an empty wallet, they have nothing else.


Omg lady, stop. Stop the madness.

Yes we get it. You do not like the company nor the product but enough is enough and i am a different person than the eyelashe lady. But I used the product and they do work. Yes they are very expensive but for me they do work.

So it is my money and I want to buy RF. So stop being so crazy and let everyone else buy whatever they want.


Omg. This is crazy.

Come on people. Business is a business regardless. I used the products not because some photos because i saw the real person and whitin months I saw she did not looked as old and rought. If the product do not work for you then is not for you.

Just give the reviews on how it work for you or not, but do not trash people or the product.

Just be an adult please and respect peoples opinions. Thank you