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It’s really funny how all of the annoying FB posts of RF consultants have before and after pics of some other random consultant (which are most likely altered). If their results are so great why don’t they post their own pics??

Truth be told the crap doesn’t work !! Lol

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They cannot because they lied and filtered and photoshopped, etc.

The #bossbabelied.


I personally know consultants who do post their own before and after pics. Where did you hear that they can't? Just curious.


I know quite a few people who sell this. I will say that I did notice 1 of them with longer lashes due to lash boost, when she first started using it, but no difference to her skin.

Her lashes are back to normal now. Don’t know if she stopped or it stopped working, but no difference. For the others I see them regularly and I can’t see any changes. They have asked me what I use as I’ve seen changes in my skin and dark spots.

They don’t like it when I tell them that I use faceshop or neuteogena products. The Asian beauty double cleanse (both products under $10 each), witch hazel toner ($3) a vit c serum (lasts forever and $15) and a moisturizer from Whole Foods ($20–also seems to be a never ending jar).

Sometime I use the neutrogena hyro line which you can get coupons for and often buy 1 get 50% off another or buy 2 get 3rd free. The only sales I’ve seen from them is get it at their cost, which is still at least 2x if not 3x what I pay for products.

to Anonymous #1432641

The longer lash is due to the prostaglandin masculinizing the hair lash follicles.

Also has other effects.

Someone did some math.

$6 buys 2 oz Neutrogena Norwegian Hand Cream, 25% Glycerin would cost $449 if randf sold it!

But they are doctors!

Stand fast.

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