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I have started using R+F in November and thought it was pretty good. My consultant is amazing and very helpful and started me out on the Sooth.

I thought it was working pretty good, however it was time to address my acne prone skin before I paid attention to my fine line and wrinkles. As a result my consultant recommended unblemished after I did the questionnaire again. I used Unblemish once and now have what looks like a nappy rash all over my face. My skin is very sensitive, but I honestly feel that Unblemish might not work for me as I have only used it this 1 time and my skin looks horrible.

It is itching like crazy. Very worried and after reading all the horrible reviews, I am seriously considering to just stop using all the products. I have also been using the lash boost.

My lashes looks lovely, but my eyes are extremely scratchy and red. I would really like to hear from other consumers that have used the Unblemis Regimen also.

Reason of review: Allergic reaction to products.

Monetary Loss: $200.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

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I am using the lightening and serum products with great result. I believe the difference is that I do not deal with the customer service at all, I directly email or text my consultant and I get quick answers.


Quite using these awfully toxic and synthetic products and turn to more plant-based solutions. Many great companies with much better skincare.


I use lash boost, you have to use only along the lash line, remove any excess from the lid with a qtip. also the Unblemish is meant to purge your skin, only use it 1x a day along with your soothe regimen.

to Anonymous #1447874

Please call your dermatologist and ask about skin "purging". You might find the answer telling.

Any other index card talking point you'd like to recite? If not, I'm sure you can google Rodan and Fields Scripts and find some.

However, I must warn you, you might have to sift through tons of bogus recruitment tactics. "Never let your blind loyalty make you a fool"

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