I have had success with the Proactiv skin care system. I used to buy it at a kiosk in my local mall, but last year they took it out.

It seemed my only option was to go through their web site. I discovered after ordering that it was automatically set up to re-send product every three weeks. They had already shopped a second batch before I realized and was able to call in and cancel. (In my experience their product lasts twice as long as they say, so if you have them atomically send it you will end up with twice as much as you need.) When I called to cancel my account I was told that I didn’t need to cancel entirely they could just put it on “hold” indefinitely and that would preserve my account in case I chose to make a future order.

I agreed and everything was fine for six months. Suddenly this past July a box of Proactiv showed up on my doorstep. I called to find out what was going on. I was told that my account had been suspended for six months but was now reactivated.

The kit they sent was a 90 day supply, not even what I had ordered in the past, and they didn’t send me any notice that they were billing my card or sending the product. I told them I didn’t want it and was sending it back. They agreed to refund me for the product once they received it. I asked about the shipping they had charged and the customer service agent begrudgingly agreed to refund that as well.

I sent it back at the expense of $11 and waited. After a couple of weeks my card was refunded in the amount of the product but not the initial shipping. I called in again and asked why I hadn’t been refunded. Both times the customer service representatives were very short on the phone even though I was trying to be very polite and explain my problem.

When I explained that they had agreed to refund the full amount he quickly said “okay it will be put back on your card.” Then I asked about the additional $11 I had to spend to send back the product that I didn’t want and didn’t ask for in the first place. He said, “we don’t cover that.” I think Proactive is a good product, but their system of forcing you to receive scheduled shipments sucks. They are clearly trying to rip people off by sending them product and hoping they don’t bother to complain and that they’ll just keep it.

I’ll be looking for some other skin care system that I can buy in a store from now on.

Monetary Loss: $11.

Location: Highlands Ranch, Colorado

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I think they bank on the fact that most people are either too busy/lazy to send the product back...it's a scam!


Love there products worst customer service iv ever encountered... It's a shame


Proactiv is not owned by Rodan and Fields, the same doctors created them both. Please post for Proactiv not Rodan and Fields, R&F is a very responsible company.

I buy their products all the time and never have a problem. I know how to change my auto shipment to either what I want or to delay it to when I want it.

you need to be able to use a computer to order online products.


Randf is printed at the top of the bottle.Randf speeds skin ageing.


I don't know why Rodan and Fields would be tagged in this review. Guthy-Renker currently owns the brand.


Both Wen Care & Proactiv Solution belong to Genky Renker a very dishonest company.

I was originally told to say nothing but positive comments on here but I cannot anymore. All Wen employees are trained to cheat the customer.

Wen is a very dishonest company, they trick you into a recurring subscription without your knowledge, even sign you up from the free gift offers to a subscription offer.

Don't sign up for their introductory Proactiv Solution offer at a special price of $29.95 as they only send you sample bottles & not the full retail size bottles as advertised!! File an online complaint with the BBB (Better Business Bureau), they will assist in getting you a full refund back, I am ashamed of this company


Thank you.Bad fruit from a bad tree.


They are crooks plain and simple. There is nothing on their website alerting you of the automatic reoccurring payment plan when ordering. File an online complaint with the BBB for a full refund

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