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Agreed. I got sucked in too.... only to find out it’s a pyramid scheme: you make no money unless you sign up others and suck them in.

The products (aside from lash boost) suck, period. Pay $100+ a month for 3 months to get minuscule results or spend $150 for immediate results from a doctor?

The only reason they can tout number one is because they show each other how to set up “dummy accounts” to order from (usually in a child or pets name) to make money through fraud. Since R and F isn’t sold in stores, the appeal is there to sell it. Their market is too saturated. People are SICK of hearing about R and F and will roll their eyes the moment you mention it.

Their consultants are ignorant.... no education, certification, or experience needed. They legitimately let novices consult people w real skin issues- like they know skin. I was appalled with how ignorant the consultants in my network were about literally everything. They don’t know how skin works, how it responds to damage, what to do with adverse reactions, etc....

Literally a pyramid scheme run by ignorant women posing as skin gurus- while using fraud to push their standings and suck in other unknowing souls...

You EVER seen positive reviews about R and F by ANYONE not affiliated or a consultant?!?! NOPE. There’s a reason. Do your research- it’s fraud. From top to bottom

Reason of review: Bad quality.

Location: 60 Spear St #600, San Francisco, CA 94105, USA

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