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Hi all, I come to this forum not as a pissed off customer, but as a consumer of the Rodan + Fields Lash Boost who found the serum created styes in my eyelids. I wanted to share my knowledge behind why so others could be informed too!

Here's my story: The first time I used the Lash Boost serum I woke up with itchy, red, inflamed eyes and dark circles underneath my lower eyelids. I reached out to my consultant who told me to take a break and put less serum on. A few days later, I tried again and switched to putting it on in the morning. This time I didn't have nearly as bad as a reaction as beforehand.

Yet a few days later I noticed a STYE on my lower eyelid. As a nurse, I knew the procedures to get rid of a stye and did so accordingly and voila it was gone within days. I even tried a new method of applying to ensure no bacteria was entering my eye- I purchased disposable wands to apply the serum to each eye separately, and washed my eyes with surgical grade eye cleaner before applying. Two weeks later, ANOTHER STYE appears on the other eye!

Reps will tell us its because we didn't apply correctly or bacteria formed, but for me this was certainly not the case after all the precautions I took. What they aren't telling us is that a main ingredient in Lash Boost called ingredient isopropyl cloprostenate, a synthetic prostaglandin analog.

According to the FDA, "use of the products which contain this ingredient should be supervised by a licensed practitioner, as isopropyl cloprostenate may lower intraocular pressure and other side effects such as ocular irritation, hyperemia, iris color change, macular edema, ocular inflammation and interference with glaucoma therapy." Prostaglandin is extremely effective in growing long lashes, but may not be safe for some people (myself included). Hope others find this helpful!

Product or Service Mentioned: Rodan And Fields Lash Boost Serum.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

Rodan And Fields Pros: Representative.

Rodan And Fields Cons: Dishonest advertising.

  • Rodan Fields Lash Boost
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I also got stye's using this product, and my R&F consultant said "weird, it's not listed on some of our known side effects." But it happened two separate times. I also bought a whole new tube and put the serum on disposable applicators thinking it was the re-use of the wand. Still got a stye.


I used this product and got a stye that would NOT go away even using warm compresses on it several times a day. It took 8 MONTHS for it to clear.

I am 60 and have never had a stye in my life, but only developed one after using Lash Boost. Had I known the side effects of that ingredient I would have NEVER purchased the product.


I ALSO had SEVERAL STYES!... I tried 3 different (expensive) times, thinking that I may have had a contaminated product?


After stopping, NO MORE STYES! It`s too bad, as I would have stayed with LASH BOOST otherwise!


I am just getting my second stye after not using Lash Boost for too long too. That is why I decided to search to see if there is a relation. I have never had a style in my 30 years so it is evident where it is coming from.


Glad I’m not the only one


I find I am also getting the irritation and styes. Another weird side effect was almost continual eyelid twitching.

Discontinued the use for a couple months and tried using again but only once a week with another stye. It’s just not worth using.


So I developed a stye on my outer left top eye lid in the corner and there was a bit of inflammation along the rim. With hot compresses the inflammation it went down but I still have a hard lump 3 weeks later.

I discontinued using the product 3 weeks ago and I just developed a stye in the middle of my right lid! Like, smack in the middle!

I've been washing my eyes with baby shampoo and doing hot compresses. This is HAS to be some leftover prostaglandin affect from the product as I'm not reintroducing bacteria from the tube, Victoria hgivihgivuf


The isopropyl prostinate is right on the ingredients list? Latisse has bitamoprost which is also a prostiglandin.

But, you need a prescription for. The one in lash boost you do not.


Hey it's really sad you get styes! It's sadder,even, as a nurse that you don't know what causes them It's a staph infection that you probably introduced into the eyes through your brush.

You put the brush back into the vial. You can sterilize all you want and use disposable brushes but you are swiping contaminated product on your eye again. Hello?! It's not prostaglandin related at ALL.

And none of those side effects will cause staph . So please, don't mislead people. For goodness sake, you're a nurse. And styes don't need special nurse knowledge to go away in a couple days!

They go away by themselves. You apply warm compress for comfort and pain relief and that *might* help it heal faster.

@Victoria hgivigivuf

Hey, you know what's even sadder? You!

Did you plan to copy and paste your reply to all of the areas where someone complained about lash boost, or was it just these two? Since you're in the mood to copy and paste, so will I!

Here we go!Did they teach you that in R&F school?

Oh wait, you have absolutely no authority or grounds to tell people what caused their condition. Couldn't reply to the actual person either, nope you replied with a five star rating because people are growing wise to this bs company.

Google Rodan and Fields scripts- talk about misleading others.

Check out the new income disclosure, you will not make money using this ***, you will lose money.

Check the BBB- fraudulent charges, adverse reactions. Look at this website, 95% complaints except for people like this that attempt to spread *** for truth.

John Oliver's segment on MLM Dr. Jon Taylor MLM truth Robert Fitzpatrick on MLM lies Betting on Zero movie about Herbalife MLM which operates like R&F, horror stories.

Don't fall for this ***. If any of the above sources teach you anything, it's that you all looked at as potential recruitments.No one care about your or well being- they exist to make money(or not)

@Not Victoria hgivigivuf

Thank you! I was tempted to be a consultant and signed up, changed my mind within allowed time - my consultant above me refuses to take NO for an answer.

I changed my mind after she lied on fb about the spot removal product. I saw her on a Wednesday with horrible pregnancy mask after a vacation in Mexico. The next day she posted pic on fb saying how wonderful product was and posted a pic saying NO makeup, but her face was perfectly clear - overnight!!! No way!

She had makeup on and lied. She also neglected to share Hydroquinone (active ingredient) has been banned in Europe due to cancer.

You can buy Hydroqinone at Walmart for $6. Very unhappy with R and F.

@Victoria hgivigivuf

Same thing happened to me... after my first application.

I put it on in the morning after a shower. That’s not bad hygiene. That’s something in the product. I have never had a stye before this, and I’m 32.

Stop telling people they’re wrong or trying to prove them wrong because you don’t like what they said.

Bottom line: SOME people are getting styes from using the product.

@Victoria hgivigivuf

Ok, just one note. Styles DON'T go away on their own.

Warm compresses are the treatment. Antibacterial ointment if the compresses don't work. But what do I know.....

I'm just a medical provider. SMH!!!

@Victoria hgivigivuf

Guess what? You’re wrong.

Google “Rodan Fields Class Action.” As of yesterday, they are getting sued for this EXACT product and chemical you’re so big on. Suck it.


I don't get it... you stated that reps tell you false info, in your case, you applied the serum wrong and bacteria formed.

However, you end saying that you like the reps... sorry that's odd..

Anyway, fun fact...

"According to the SEC, a pyramid scheme is a setup where "participants attempt to make money solely by recruiting new participants into the program." At Rodan + Fields, consultants are encouraged to recruit new consultants and make a commission off of their team's sales. But they're also selling a physical product."

I seem to know more consultants than avid users.

This of course is not counting the thousands of reps that use, I'm talking strict sales. Oh wait, maybe that's why income disclosures state the majority earn very little more, not counting the investment (yearly membership fee, website, samples, time, etc...)that goes into it, because then it would should people losing money,

If that's how the SEC classifies pyramid schemes - recruitment takes precedence, why would you need scripts- google scripts (team rockin robin is entertaining) thank you to the person who posted that.

Bottom line, please don't defend this company. ive actually learned from people's post on this site than anything R&F has revealed.


Here's what I find interesting--yet ANOTHER friend(?) reached out to me via FB messenger trying to get me to join her team. And she encouraged me to look at their income disclosure--which I have seen before--BUT this one, this one is different.

Check this out: https://www.rodanandfields.com/images/Archives/RF-Income-Disclosure-Statement.pdf

1) no levels here. Its like trying to be the supreme uber level 5x whatever no longer exists.

2) the say that many earn "fun money" and income for "discretionary purposes". What happened to making "executive level income" as they use to boast.

Fun money does not = 6 figure salaries.

3)It also says that commissions have to come from consumer sales. It also says that you can't earn income from sponsoring or recruiting. BUT

4) then it says your direct consultants must sell 600 in volume (and funny doesn't say what 600--600 toenails?

teacups? dollars?) really poorly written

5) 60% make $251 in commissions yearly? WTF? but you have to spend $1200+ yearly to be even eligible to get $251.

Wow 6)97% make less than $13,730. Thats before taxes, trips, parties expenses, website hosting, training materials and more. So...even if they take out recruitment (which looks like they are moving that way--maybe not telling their consultants this, but its heading that way) it will be interesting to see what their next move is. They know they have to move away from current model (and this latest income disclosure statement proves it).

They are afraid of the SEC and new rulings. They are putting plans into place. My predication--they will move it over to Informercials. Proactive was purchased by Nestle, which now allows R&F to take a spot with Gunthy Renker .

They will intentionally drive consultants out of this MLM, while still keeping the "Direct Marketing" thing going. I find it so funny that all of the info is out there, but the cult members who sell this stuff either aren't informed, aware or so blind, don't want to see it.

Bc when I read this back to my friend--she told me that this isn't true and that her sponsor drives the Lexus and was able to take a leave of absence from work, may retire her husband--the same ole same ole lies. And she just started about 5 months ago.


It appears your research indicates your friend is a liar. I try not to make friends with liars. It can be hard to tell when a good liar is telling the truth.


Great piece of information. I see at the bottom of this pdf that it was updated 4/12/2017.

It looks like they realized their previous version was full of lies and they didn't want to get busted. I wonder how many of the consultants know this was changed.


Read their compensation plan; they can still earn "commission" from their personally sponsored team members sales and team volume. The products are not superior to many other brands and in many cases have caused skin problems that previously did not exist.


Tell your friend that the Lexus wasn't free. It's taken out of your salary.

So, if you're fortunate enough to make $1000 a month, $700 plus goes toward your lease. This is achieved by recruitment many people.