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I recently had to block a long-time friend of mine who lives in Seymour Indiana because every post revolves around selling Rodan Fields. Facebook should not allow MLM's to sell on personal pages.

Preying on friends and family is disgraceful. I'll never buy the products based on these unscrupulous sales tactics. Stop stalking us RF consultants. It's like a cult.

The other thing that bothers me is lack of disclosure.

It's really not about selling the product but recruiting people so you can make money off your downline.

Reason of review: Facebook Stalking.

Rodan And Fields Cons: Facebook stalking.

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LimeLife uses the same tactics. Disgusting.

Younique too. If you want to use and sell products look to companies NOT on pissed consumer dot com......


Your cons has been DIRECTED to do this to promote sales!

Remember the randf does not adversities but do word of mouth?

Well here it is. And for free. On YOUR MONEY AND YOUR TIME.

Too bad.

Randf has NO concern about.

Sad you had to learn this way.



Not sure how anyone who purchased doesn't have the above contacts, phone and email? Your consultant should always be your first point of contact, give her/him the chance to make things right by you.

Hold your consultant accountable. You also have your 60 day money back guarantee. Might get more satisfaction trying other methods than simply posting anonymous posts on this site.

For the haters, they'll always be there.

Good luck bc EVERYTHING you do online is sold to aggregators who package the data in various methods to market goods and services to you online. Why do you think that dress you looked at pops up constantly wherever you are online.

to Kelly Cagle #1396046

Call me a hater! Now.


The woman is probably just tired of trying to keep a straight face and not crying about all the aggravation and money she has lost.

Unprofessional is everything Randf, from the product to sales, everything.

to Kelly Cagle #1692987

There is an difference between haters and calling out and confronting others who are treating others like garbage and trash! You're living proof of that! It's probably going to take you time to understand that because you're stuck at being stupid!


no fun you had to block a friend! i have never been a big fan of direct sales..

then i used lash boost and of course got hooked.. that stuff is amazing.. so i seized the opportunity to try and help some income for my daughter to go to a school i struggled to pay. i saw something great and wanted to just make a little extra to help.

my view of these women reaching out have changed. most that i see are women just sharing post a day which of course you can block your friend on fb at anytime if youre annoyed. so i honestly wouldnt be hurt if someone blocked me for my posts because i know what im trying to achieve for my family. i mean health insurance alone is expensive for my family.

most of these consultants are like me and honest because they experienced results themselves and truly are excited and want to share. sales is everywhere and i dont think its wrong. i am a hairstylist and im taught to sell hair products from my boss. i have always struggled because i can not sell something i haven't experienced!!

its a way of living for so so many. advertising is crazy everywhere.. i mean i think i saw a taco bell commercial like 16 times today and thats a *** of a lot more times then i have been approached by a friend of mine trying to sell me a product today.. of course there are those out there that dont take no for an answer..

so im sorry you had a bad experience and had to block your long time friend. :(

to Anonymous #1381257

What do you think all these non brick and mortar stores sell and how do they let you know about their goods and services? It's called direct marketing or one-to-one marketing.

to Kelly Cagle #1387274


to Kelly Cagle #1395303

Cut the nobrickandmortar routine you parrot— you live in one and their is Randf FREEplace of business.

to Kelly Cagle #1396047

Well, yea, but TacoBell is like your Stylist Super— he employees and PAYS PEOPLE. If he sells a little inventory, it is good. No more.

Making excuses for Randf.

Tacoma, Washington, United States #1352572

I totally agree the pushy sales tactics and trying to be my friend to get me to become a sales representative is unacceptable. Watch out for sales representative on military bases because these are unlisted wives who have nothing better to do but push out kids and gossip with one another.

I ran into a few on Ft.

Lewis-McCord who tried hard to befriend me just to sell R&F. It is stalking!

Redding, California, United States #1336921

I totally agree, my sister in law started selling this ***, she sounds like a cult member, totally photo shopped ***


I completely agree with "snailmail" in Charlotte, North Carolina. Similar scenario happened to me.

High pressure sales tactic from a friend of mine then she inundates me with text follow-ups and adding me to R&F FB groups that I have no interest or time to watch. Finally I agreed to purchase 2 products just to try them out and to get her to stop bugging me. But I clearly told my friend the rep that I did NOT want to be placed on the Auto Ship program. When she assured me I wouldn't be, I signed up.

But lo and behold, guess what? I just received an email from Rodan & Fields that my Auto Shipment would soon be sent out to me! How in the world did this happen when I clearly said I did NOT want Auto Ship? So I had to go through the hassle of cancelling my account online, then calling the R&F Customer Service Dept to verify cancellation of everything.

Products are very expensive and didn't do what I expected. Then when I had a discussion with the rep that I canceled my account, she turned the tables around on me, trying to pin the blame of the misunderstanding on me, unbelievable! I told her she didn't fully disclose everything to me. If she had been up front with me regarding all the specifics, there's no way I would've ever signed up to begin with.

Too complicated and underhanded!

Good thing she isn't a close friend so distancing myself from her will be easy. Very disappointed with my first (and last) experience with R&F!

Brooklyn, New York, United States #1211313

You don't know *** about how this business works and yes as a business owner if one of my clients wants to also change there lives and start building there own brand with the help of a well respected business and products that's great! If you don't have the balls to build a business that is your problem! What type of person are you to block a friend of wanting to work for a better future earn more money have more freedom and maybe be able to spend more time with there families

to Anonymous #1391761

Funny, I have a small business and NEVER would use the tactics that R+F reps use. First of all, I'm getting badgered by like six people as we speak.

All of them added me to private groups, now I have a bunch of notifications. Thanks for nothing. And, in case I did want to try it, which of the like 50 and counting reps would I even decide on?

This is why you guys get blocked. If I did business like this, I would be done overnight.

to Anonymous #1395305

Had to up for the laugh!

Well, just HOW much have you made? Or are you spending $20,000 per year to just get through the 1st 3 to 5 years BEFORE you make some real money??

to Anonymous #1395307

How have you changed your life?

Good old One bird in the hand is worth two in the bush!!!

to Anonymous #1399728

You're not a business owner if you work for R+F or companies like it.

to molls4224 #1698218

Making assumptions or accusations about others is wrong! Nobody needs to listen you to being an jerk to others. Let's hope one day, someone puts you into your place!

Montgomery, Alabama, United States #1205355

A cult is a very accurate term to describe what is happening with "business owners" posting repeatedly on FB pages. Look consultants, WE DON'T WANT YOUR *** PRODUCTS NOR DO WE WANT TO JOIN YOUR TEAM!!!

stop with the posting.

I mean, you do realize that people who used to be your friends now cannot stand to be around you because they feel all you want is for you to "join them on their journey".

oh and by the way consultants....foolishly spending 1k on a kit does not a business owner make.

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