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I have been communicating with the company in America for 3 months now and they have said my reaction could not have been from their product and they consider my case closed.

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Severe Reaction

After Using Rodan and Fields Redefine Skin Products

REDEFINE AMP It Up I purchased the above products in good faith after a Rodan and Fields representative spoke highly of them. I have always used upmarket well known brands such as La Mer, Guerlain, Dior, Sisley, La Prairie, Chantecaille, Payot and By Terry. I have never had a reaction to any of these products.

I used all of the Rodan and Fields products day and night for two days and the reaction that started has to be seen to be believed - see photos

The reaction occurred on my face, neck and in between my fingers where the cream touched when applying.

As soon as I realised the reaction from the products was occurring and getting worse, I ceased using them. I contacted Rodan and Fields in Australia to return them for a full refund. The company did refund my money and when they saw my photos agreed they needed to be sent to their American home base for analysis. I insisted someone from America contact me, as I had to see a skin specialist and was prescribed prednisolone (cortisone) in order to clear up the reaction, which took weeks.

I did hear back from a Rodan and Fields American rep who was very nice on the phone. She took notes on what had happened and passed this on to the company. I requested reimbursement for the holiday I was on at the time it occurred as it significantly impacted on what I could and couldn’t do –see photos as to why. I was in the Gold Coast and couldn’t risk going out in the sun and I looked terrible –people asked what happened? Have you been burnt?

After three months of emails back and forth the company has denied any responsibility for my reaction. They stated:

1.Your reaction is not from our product

2.You were out in the sun all day -not true, I specifically told them I was not out in the sun and had been at Commonwealth Games events that were inside and/or at night.

3.I only used the products once – I told them I applied the products am and pm for two days

4. Australia is a country where you need to know how to apply sunscreen - I had told the rep I always have an SPF of 20 or higher on my face either through my skin care or foundation.

4.You indicated you have sensitive skin - Yes I do have sensitive skin but only reactions to some foods that I eat. I told the Rodan and Fields Rep who sold me the products that I have sensitive skin.

I am disgusted in Rodan and Fields’ Response and the lies they have stated in order not to take any responsibility for what happened to my skin. Their motto is ‘To do the right thing!’

I want to warn as many people as possible about what can happen when using this particular Rodan and Fields range. It has many active ingredients and my specialist said he would never recommend a product like this.

I would be interested to know if there are other people who have had severe reactions to these products.

Product or Service Mentioned: Rodan And Fields Redefine Beauty Set.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

I didn't like: Caused breakouts and rash, No results.

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Having an allergic reaction to a product does NOT qualify you for reimbursement for a vacation. Good grief some people are entitled!!

They took down the information and are checking to make sure the products are okay and refunded you the cost. That is the extent of their responsibility here.

The problem isn't the product, as many people use this with no issues, it's your skin's reaction. It's unfortunate, but not justifying of a money grab like that.

to Anonymous #1521620

The company has not checked that the products were okay. My products were sent to The States but I never received any information back on whether they tested the products or not.The company lied to avoid taking any responsibility for my reaction -they tried to place all responsibility back on me.I was on vacation when I used the products for the first time and if you take a good look at my photos you may understand how difficult and embarrassing it was to be seen out in public .

As for your money grab comment, why should the affected customer have to pay for two skin specialist appointments, a doctor's consult and prescription medication. If you had a reaction like mine you may feel very different about who is responsible.Interesting that the company wanted to know which specialist I saw and yet they never bothered to even make contact with him.If Rodan and Fields is producing products like their active range and skin specialists state they would never recommend those products because of the number of active ingredients then Rodan and Fields has significant responsibility to its customers who buy in good faith.You sound like you may well be a Rodan and Fields rep.


I used the sunblock and I burnt my face and body more then once. It burns on the skin like acid. And my back and shoulders and face are red like I did not have anything on.

to Monica #1520282

MonicaParts of my face and hand where the cream touched also looked like acid had been spilt on it -see my photos. I can't come to terms with the company taking no responsibility when there are obviously more people out there like you and me. I hope that if enough people come forward with reactions like mine that a class action against the company could occur.


You are supposed to ease in to Redefine, using just one time a day every other day initially.

to Autumn #1515294

The Rodan and Fields Rep who recommended and sold me the products never mentioned easing in to the product or using it every other day. If she had I would have followed her advice.

to GlassGrizzlyBear305 #1521793

I would recommend reading the instructions that come with all products you intend to use, regardless of the brand. That is your responsibility.

Every skin care system in which I have ever come in contact has "Directions for use" on the product. Rodan + Fields products come with instructions for gradual use with every regimen package.Yes, this is unfortunate, and I am sorry that you had to suffer with this reaction and were not happy with your outcome. Not every product in the world works for every person. However, your statement that you used all of the products day and night for two days, clearly indicate you did not read the instructions.

It was not the consultants responsibility to read them to you.I am not a consultant; however, I have used some of the products from this company. I read the instructions. I have used products from many companies over the years and have had great experiences, and I've had allergic reactions. When I had a bad experience I stopped using the products.Best of luck to you.

Please remember, though, that you chose to use the products for the first time during your holiday. This does not make the company responsible for paying for your trip.

to Autumn #1515296

Autumn...Typical RF sales pitch..,keep using , ease into it, complete BS!! Stop trying to sell this crap like you are a dermatologist with any knowledge in skin care!

You people are pathetic! Anything to make a dime!!

Can’t you see the skin reactions on this poor woman!?!Crappy products, *** company!RF is going down with lawsuits from the crap they sell! Wake up dummy!!

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