so my neighbor, who said she was a friend, gave me some Rodan and Fields TO TRY.I offered to pay and she said no.

The product worked and so I ordered more. Well my shady neighbor signed me up on a replenishment plan WITH OUT ME KNOWING and when my shipment of products came in she took it and said it was HER REPLACEMENT! It's amazing what someone does for a sell1 I guess that is why they call them shady "salesmen"! Lets just say I called the headquarters and they were less than pleased.

they called her and I was refunded!!

So, if you live in Huntersville NC watch out for you rep!!!And if she takes you for a ride you know what to do!!

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Rodan and Fields is the best company I have ever personally been a customer of and in my 50+ years I have bought a ton of products and in the past decade I have bought most everything I purchase online except for groceries and gas.LOL.

I can't tell you how many products of Rodan and Fields I have tried and have never yet had to return a one of them but I have had some friends who didn't order the right ones for their skin because they just ordered what they wanted and didn't use that little solution tool on the website that tells you what's the right regimen for your personal skin type and issues. And they had to send theirs back a couple of times and the company was so quick to make sure they were refunded and didn't give them any hassle about it either. And they didn't keep on charging their credit card every month like most companies you hear about. And also, if you have a problem you can call the PC Perks hotline I think is what it's called and the doctors staff will help you with any problems with your skin if you aren't seeing any difference or improvements to your skin.

Most of the time I've hear of any of my girlfriends having to call for help they told me they weren't using the products right or they weren't using the right products. When they tried what the perks line nurses told them to try, they got the results they wanted and they were happy and if not they got their money back and they were happy for that.

No company is perfect but this company sure is close to it.

to Anonymous Houston, Texas, United States #1199041

Shut up!!'


Sorry there are shady people out there but seriously, how did she "take" your replenishment order? Once you signed up and you had to sign up with your credit card information, you get an email about your next order, so how did she sign you up for replenishment?

Seriously people, if you are going to post this *** at least make it sound real!


So...you're posting a bad review about the company because one consultant wasn't honest with you? From your post, it sounds like the company did the right thing.

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