Rodan And Fields Unblemish Beauty Set Reviews

I have been using Rodan + Fields for about 9 months now.I had friends that were selling it for years before that and I always ignored those annoying sales pitches and parties I was constantly invited to. But last year, my face broke out in horrible acne (I am in my mid 30's). I was miserable. I was determined to not use these expensive products my friends were hawking. I did not have insurance or money for a dermatologist. So I bought my...
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Anonymous Such low self esteem! Perfect target. Coincidence that multiple posts contain glowing reviews on a "pissed consumer" site. Maybe a plan to offset other opinions.

I used Rodan and Fields Acne treatment Sulphur wash. By using 20 days my skin gets completely dry and it creates burning sensation on my cheeks and chin. Many black spots appeared on both side of my chin. Very worst experience by using this product. Rodan and field consultants publish their fake ads on Social networking sites. I will go and file a complaint.. Very very worst experience. Please don't use and spoil your face. Don't feel bad about...
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I used Reverse for a couple of months and then switched to Unblemish. I'm so in love with these products. I'm 40 and my skin was still breaking out like a teenager. But now my skin is clear. I'm so happy I tried it. It's a little expensive but worth it. I don't now why people complain about Facebook post. It has changed my skin. She asked me to sign up but I just said no thanks. I'm very happy as a satisfied customer. I'm not offended she...
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  • Love unbemish and reverse
  • Reverse regimen