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My friends on fb were posting memes about how Forbes said all these great things about R&F..so I decided to google Forbes to see what I could find.

Enjoy! The Rodan + Fields pitch is about more than just the allure of antiaging creams. The company's independent reps also sell the dream that any woman can easily achieve financial independence and success by becoming a Rodan + Fields saleswoman. "This is an opportunity for women to have it all," Fields says.

But the truth is that the dream is financially out of reach for the vast majority of women who sell Rodan + Fields products. According to data from its 2015 income disclosure, 42% didn't get a single paycheck last year. Consumer advocates decry multilevel marketing as one step away from a pyramid scheme. "Multilevel marketing has evolved to this point where it's not illegal, but it's unethical," says marketing expert D.

Anthony Miles, pointing out that sellers at the top of teams build their success on the backs of those at the bottom, who have little chance of achieving the same level of opportunity. The fact is most consultants aren't making much money. Take Robin Gravlin, 53, of Granite Bay, Calif., who was a consultant from 2009 to 2011. A stay-at-home mom, Gravlin was looking for a part-time job that was worth her while.

She says she worked about 20 hours a week and pulled in revenue of about $100 a month. After two years she had lost some $3,000 because of the costs she incurred: marketing materials, traveling and buying samples for promotional events. "They do have good products. Would I recommend someone selling it?

No," Gravlin says. "I think there are probably a lot more people who fail than succeed. ... They make it sound easy, but it's definitely not." One popular marketing tactic is a virtual Facebook event, during which consultants post their pitches for Rodan + Fields in the event invitation while attendees refresh the page.

In an April event called "Rodan + Fields All In," one slide highlighted Rodan + Fields' purported simplicity: "We wash our face, talk about it, and get paid. That SIMPLE!" Another slide said, "As mentioned, many people are making full-time incomes." Not mentioned: the fact that only 2% of active consultants make the minimum wage or more on an annualized basis. RODAN + FIELDS ISN'T much different in that regard from other multilevel marketing companies. FORBES studied the income disclosures of 16 others, including AdvoCare and Nu Skin.

On average, only the top 3% of consultants got paid more than the minimum wage in annual gross income.

At some companies nearly 90% of consultants made nothing at all.The disclosures show that the only way to make a lot of money is to build a huge team in order to earn commissions off the sales of those you recruit.

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Bluntly, if said Rep was working her RF business "20 hours a week", and only making 100 dollars a month, she was doing something very wrong, or is full of ***.Period.

You get out what you put into it.Like any job.

to Anonymous Blackburn, Blackburn With Darwen, United Kingdom #1271184

I don't agree, I can count on 2 fingers the number of people I know who make more than minimum wage doing this.One worked for stamping up from the beginning, and the other, I only know what she posts on Facebook.

(In other words, I can't confirm her info...) Let's also realize this company is making more money on the 90% that don't succeed. Each starter kit bought for each failed "home business" is just money in R&F's pocket. They don't care if you succeed anymore than any other MLM, as long as you spread your mlm nonsense to your friends and family. Right?

One more point. While this company is making millions off these "consultants" let's talk about what the company does for them? Are there health benefits? 401Ks?

No, they save who knows how much off the backs of over zealous, under paid and under compensated, hopeful women.

THIS is the travesty.

to Anonymous #1271329

The only people who are full of stuff are the lying MLM Reps who lie about how great an opportunity an MLM sales scam job is.The facts are less than 1% succeed and that is supported by the financial statements of these MLMs.

And, there are no health benefits or paid vacation or sick days or 401Ks or pension or any semblance of career advancement.

Think about it, why would the poster lie about failing.It's far more likely and believable that all of the so called entrepreneurs are lying about being successful.

to Anonymous #1271674

I think everyone here knows you are the one that is full of it!

to Anonymous #1273438

Bluntly, you are full of ****.You having nothing to say about a lengthy post that cites material that proves selling R&F is not what's it's cracked up to be.

Instead, you question the honesty of someone who tried and failed.

Maybe she just wasn't a good enough bs artist or liar to be a successful scam artist.Maybe it comes natural to you.

Portland, Oregon, United States #1265685

Just to add to this, here is R&F's own Income Disclosure Statement. Yet, people still fall for this scam by the thousands.



Say it ain't true said the lady who wants a white Lexus

to Anonymous Portland, Oregon, United States #1265730

The "free" Lexus is even a scam.They don't give you a Lexus when you reach a certain amount of revenue.

You lease the Lexus and R&F makes the monthly payment.

Probably $400-$500 per month.Of course, if your sales drop below the "free Lexus" threshold, the car is gone.

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