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I started using R+F at the end of this past May. I was so impressed with my personal results within (3 days), that I decided to join to get a deeper discount.

I have nothing but amazing things to say about my experience in this business and the condition of my skin due to these products.

****If you should be aware of anything, be aware of these things****

1.) Every Consultant's approach is not created equal. Can you honestly tell me every Subway you've gone to had the same customer service, the same management, etc? I bet not. Same here. I would say that most people's poor experiences directly reflect

on how their personal Consultant chose to run their business. Aka: Not explaining products properly, treating you like a dollar sign, etc.

2.) We get paid without building a team and we get paid without paying monthly for product. If you had a different experience, you were misinformed and/or never actually worked in this business.

3.) 1 month is often not enough time to see proper results and it is very common when changing products to see your skin worsen before getting better. Many people don't know this, and let their initial reservations (most likely after reading other reviews of people reacting hastily), get the best of them, and decide "it doesn't work." There is a reason we give 60 days and not 30.

4.) The reason many Consultants don't recieve a paycheck is because they are not Consultants to make a paycheck. We have a HUGE amount of people who sign up to get the biggest doscount possible ans NEVER want to sell. They are considered "face washers" and are still counted in our numbers.

All of my friends and fam who have decided to use my products are more than satisfied, and those that haven't do not dread my presence. If you go into this business with the right approach, it can be a very postive/empowering/motivating job. It has been such an amazing addition to my life. I bring in enough to be home with my Son, and have never had to sacrifice my relationships for it. I have been more motivated in bettering myself. This tactic, has in turn bettered my business.

I highly encourage you (if you are considering these products or business), to look further than this site. Look to see if anyone writing the review is affiliated with another skin care company. Also, look at the awards of the Company. Look at the positives. In the end, do what is best for you. People can be very quick to judge and love nothing more than validating their judgements. It feels much better to be right...

My photos:

1st Myself on 60 days Reverse/Unblemish

2nd (left) 2007 & tons of makeup

(me) Beginning of Sept 2016

Reviewer is in happy mood. Please contact the author of this review to discuss good quality of rodan and fields reverse beauty set. Rodan and Fields needs to read this review and look into the issue (if any) according to poster's claims.

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1, yes, there are all sorts of different people.That might just be why most real companies test, interview, do backgrounds, have education and diploma requirements, etc.

Then they hire the best of the many that apply.

What a concept! They do not want to ruin their reputation or be liable for someone dumb.

They sure do not leave that to the consumer = guinea Pig.

2. You do not get paid because your ar not salaried. That is by definition.

You are independent.

Yes, you do get returns, some monetary, some in kind. Not true, do not have a fixed pay scale.

3, Yes, 60 days is decent. But how about a year?

No reason not. You can go to your corner store and pay 1/4 to 1/5 the cost. Tossing it out is not a problem. Plus no $20 for postage and more.

4, Good to know about the face washers. We get that. They just want the product at a discount. Good for them.

Might add, a scoop of sugar, a dash of salt, all swirled around in some Dove lather is a time tested exfoliant and cost $0.07. No accelerated aging either.

Thank you for your time, ot all are as diligent and considerate as you are.It is appreciated.


I don’t see a difference either....only in with your hair color.There are better products out there.

It’s whatever makes you happy.Psychology makes you feel better.

to KC #1385742

So true! What a ***


I'm sorry but I don't see a difference, except that it looks like 2 different women.Which is before and which is after?

Are the 2 left pics before? I'm confused. The 2 left pics are not of the same person in the 2 right pics. All of the features are different- nose, lips, eyes, forehead, Cupid's bow, etc.

The 2 on the left look to be that of a younger woman.

Not sure what to make of this.

Very creative writing tho.Lol


Um, you look exactly the same girl.Different lighting and angle makes a HUGE difference.

I do photography. Plus, guess what? This is a PISSED CONSUMER site, not a "Here I am to type out my reasons why I'm begging all my friends and family to buy my over priced skin care products." Stop drinking the kool-aid.

Direct Sales can be lucrative and fun but not when you have to justify it with reasons you are trained to type out.

And...take better pics.

Most before and after R+F pics are all photoshopped. Have you heard of the smudging tool? Yeah, I have. When I drop their pics into my program, I can see the pix elation that has been altered.

Makes me laugh out loud to be honest. Same with that other company Nerium.

They posted a guy that had a face lift and said the night cream did that.Haha!!!!

to Anonymous #1329669

Can you do a real before and after on these photos to show where they have been altered?


This "stuff" may be truly amazing.It has changed the size & shape of your lips and nose and the space between your lips and nose.

It has also changed the size& shape of your eyes and forehead & has affected your hairline.Or the angle and lighting of your face & picture is different as it is in most before & after pictures.

Chandler, Arizona, United States #1232333

If it worked for you, great. But it's hard to tell when the lighting is so bad in the before one and good in the after. Same as EVERY before and after picture I've seen from consultants.

Marysville, Washington, United States #1229765

Most people fail because they can't get past the rejections.This is a "no" business, just like any other sales job.

I've made enough money to quit my full time job. My family and friends are my biggest supporters. Tons of people quit because they think they can just sit on their phones and post memes and make money, which is completely false. You need to hustle.

These products are fantastic and we're #2, soon to be #1, in the country for a reason. Only 2% of our customers return the product. Those are facts. Would you make fun of your friends if they took a second job outside the home?

Doubt it. If they were your real friends, you wouldn't think less of them like a lot of you are doing now. You should be happy they're trying to chase their dreams for them and their family. Makes me so sad to know that it's other women who are putting each other down.

I love this business and I love what the company does for the community and it's consultants.I honestly can't take the negativity seriously.

to Anonymous #1280450

Thank you for this comment!I couldn't agree more!!!

My family & friends are my biggest supporters. They love that I've found something I enjoy and trust my judgement with their skincare. The problem with most, like you said, is they expect this business to be a glorified lottery ticket and it's not. It's hard work, just as building any business would be.

It amazes me that people don't mind going to Dillard's or Belk to purchase their products at almost the same costs to make a milliaire even richer, but they won't support their "friends". I personally try to support my friends and family in all they do. With that being said,....

The business and product is just like exercise, if you want to see results do it consistently.And that is true in every aspect of your life.

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