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Disclaimer, I am a Rodan and Fields consulutant.I absolutely love the products and results of the Redefine Age Assault regimen.

I am also using Lash Boost and as of week 5, I am seeing significant results. I have several famiy members using, Reverse and Unblemish Regimens and all 7 family members love the products and results. The Unblemish Regimen truly is making life changing results for my niece and nephew who had extreme acne and one had terrible scarring. My husband and two sisters are using Reverse with the AMP MD roller and they too love the products and results.

I have a friend using Reverse, another using Redefine and 2 more using a combination of Unblemish/Redefine and another using a combo of Sooth and Unblemish, all with great results. I had one customer who returned their regimine and switched to Redefine, again, no hassle, easy and prompt return. For those having customer service issues, I'd bet your consultant, not the company is the issue. Consultants are NOT the experts, that is why Rodan and Fields have each customer go thru the Solutions Tool developed by Drs.

Rodan and Fields to determine appropriate regimens. We also have a Nurse Line available to address questions. We have training calls every week.

There may be senior consultants who over the years have gained much knowledge; however, the Solutions Tool and Nurse Line are our go to resources.When I see the drastic results of cancer patients, those with scarring, in addition to the everyday before and after photos etc., I know I am representing a great, honest company.

Review about: Rodan And Fields Redefine Beauty Set.

Reason of review: Good quality.

I liked: Redefine age assault regimen.


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"First of all, remain skeptical.If you type the name of the company into Google and Google's "suggest" or "autocomplete" feature automatically fills in "scam" after it within the first few results, that indicates those exact search terms are very popular, meaning you're not the first or only person who is suspicious of the company being a scam.

You might as well avoid. (Note, however, that this feature is increasingly being thwarted by online "reputation management" companies.)

If an Internet search on the company plus the search term 'scam' reveals numerous websites/videos posing phrases like "The Truth About [particular MLM]: Is It a Scam?" and then answers that question with a predictable "of course not!", know that such sites are usually just shill sites designed to bury legitimate negative search results. Legitimate companies don't play games solely designed to hide or suppress complaints; they fix the causes for complaints. Avoid.

If you simply want to try the MLM's products, you needn't join remember that if you are not willing to buy the products at retail price from a salesperson, neither will YOUR customers.

If you decide to join in order to buy the MLM's products at "wholesale", remember that MLM is NOT a buyer's club (nor legally can it be without triggering onerous buying club laws) and is structured such that participants MUST recruit in order to offset the wholesale prices, which are generally too high to be competitive on the open market anyway (why do you think they're "selling" it through MLM?).So be sure you're buying the MLM's products because they're truly better than their direct competition and not just to participate in the scheme (*)."


My RF recruiter explained how I could make a six figure income selling thier program and products.The problem is $1500 into it and I'm finding that my friend the recruiter saturated the local market with sales pitches from her to all of my Facebook connections.

Long story short if your under the payamid (mlm) its a tough ride.$250 made after 6 months.

to Anonymous 2 Normal, Illinois, United States #1282499

Your upline sold you a fairy tale. Can you make six figures, absolutely, if you live and breath R+F day and night. Only made $250, I'm guessing your heart wasn't into this endeavor.

Kelly Cagle

Chicago, Illinois, United States #1278468

I've only looked into using the Lash Boost and will not use it based on the following facts:

1) Not a single ingredient listed is "active"

2) After studying the ingredients, none, and I repeat none have ANY research or scientific proof that it will do ANYTHING for the hair growth cycle for lashes.

3) I can get Latisse, which does have scientific proof of prolonging the lash growth cycle and therefore measurably proves the lashes are longer, at the same price if not a bit cheaper.

One more note, with you being a rep. your opinion is biased.

to Laura from Chicago Normal, Illinois, United States #1279395

You are correct, that is why there are no claims of growing hair with lash boost.It works by plumping the hair follicle.

Great results; however, you do have to continue use or your lashes will return to their current state.No doctor appt, no prescription, costs less but if you are looking to grow your lashes, this isn't the product for you.

to Laura from Chicago Normal, Illinois, United States #1282503

As stated previously, you are correct, Lash Boost doesn't claim to grow lashes.Where you might want to do more digging is on the costs and side effects.

I'm really not biased, Latisse will be preferred by some, fake lashes preferred by others and Lash Boost is an all natural way to improve the appearance of your lashes and brows. I haven't tried Latisse nor fake lashes but I am loving not having to wear mascara that by the end of the day I had rubbed off due to allergies or melted off due to hot flashes.

Different strokes for different folks.I wish you well.

Smithfield, North Carolina, United States #1276246

Liar, it's *** and you know it

to Anonymous Normal, Illinois, United States #1279397

This is a very ambiguous statement, any information behind such a claim? I was using skin care sold at Massage Envy and I find the Redefine much lighter. Hard to reply to a comment such as your's?

to KellyCagle #1279863

What would possess someone to purchase skin care products at Massage Envy? For God's sake, talk to a dermatologist.

to Anonymous #1279983

Massage Envy & R&F seem to be skin care choices for the 50+ crowd who are just not comfortable in their own skin. So SAD

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