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I used lashboost for a total of 4 weeks.After about 1 1/2 weeks, I woke up to a stye on my eyelid.

I stopped using it until the stye went away (about 3 or 4 days) then I resumed use for the remaining 3 weeks until I got another stye, and then another, and then another. I stopped use after the first one appeared, and have been off of it for over 2 weeks, and I'm still getting breakouts on and around my eyelids. About three days ago, I had a stye develop on my right upper eye lid. It has since grown and taken over my entire eyelid, swelling to at least two times it's normal size.

I even went to the doctor today to get it checked out because it was so painful, red, and inflamed.

The doctor told me to never use it again, not that I would!I'll never purchase another Rodan and Fields product again, and will encourage others to follow suit.

Review about: Rodan And Fields Lash Boost Serum.

Reason of review: Damaged or defective.


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Why are you allowed to post complaints anonymously?...i could be anyone from anywhere simply lying my *** off....there is one "anonymous" person on this site that rants on a daily basis!Not normal...i just wanted a straight up review from real people with a real problem...

Sounds more like a personal vendetta!

You are ruining it for people who want truthful information...you are making me second-guess these posts

to Geeiguessillbeanonymous2 #1436055

Are you going to second guess the fact there is a massive lawsuit brewing against LashBoost?!

What do you think about that second guesser?

That's right...this *** company is going down!

Putting the ingredients in Lashboost that are used in glaucoma drops.

Wtf??!!Causing styes on the eye, massive infections, and hair growth on the face.

Peace out!


This will answer any questions you may have.Before listening to others do research your self.

I can guarentee none of you who have have issues followed all directions like making sure you cleansing and wiping dry your eyelids before use or doing a patch test before use.


to Chill #1434550

And while you are all

Looking up the pdf...I don’t think any amount of cleaning your eyelids or brush will take out the questionable ingredients in lash boost causing the irritation anyway.So when you are done reading the pdf from Chill...check out this law firm that is putting together information for a class action lawsuit: http://www.krcomplexlit.com/2018/02/rodan-fields-enhancements-lash-boost-cause-adverse-side-effects/


Do you feel a little chilly now?

You should?Bc this lawsuit is icy.

to Chill #1435848

Why do the rf reps always say it’s the users fault ???The rf eye cream made my eyes itchy red and swollen.

I used RAPID LASH with no problem - didn’t have to patch test or clean the wand nothing and guess what ?! It worked !

May not be spider legs but my lashes are longer and thicker.Bonus 2 for $50 at Costco !


I also developed a large stye on my lower eyelid that did not respond to home treatment.I used the Lash boost every day for 7 weeks and the only results I got was an ingrown eyelash on my upper lid (who knew this was even a thing?!?) and now this enormous, infected stye.

I'm currently treating it with a very expensive antibiotic and cortisone ointment and it does seem to be shrinking.

So I paid $200.00 for an infected stye.Definitely don't recommend.


I too developed a huge stye on my upper right eyelid but after only about a week of use.I have never had a stye so I didn't even know what it was.

My sister (who lives in a different state than me) developed a stye after 3 months of use.I will never use this product again!

to Kristy Hoffman #1436367

Yes, the prostaglandin increases sbum production in the lash hair duct. That clogs the duct and creates the sty. Not anything you did.Repeated and prolonged use can cause permanent dry eye.Happy to hear this is over for you and your sister.


You probably got the stye from something else.The bacteria that causes a stye will be on everything you touched your eye with, and unless it’s washed will cause another stye if makes contact with your eye again.

Most likely the bacteria got into the serum after the first time, and contaminated the serum.Also if you didn’t wash the tool you used to put it on then the bacteria will go back into your eye.

to Anonymous #1431041

Or the glands were clogged, which serums can do, or the product was packaged with poor unclean tools from the beginning. There are way too many overnight stys and usage for lash boost for them not to be connected.

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