I've been using the lash boost for about 3 months. I have seen longer lashes, however I also had a lot more lashes fall out than usual.

So now I have some longer lashes yet much thinner. Then this morning as I was doing my makeup as usual I leaned in close to realize that I'm growing hair on my cheek bones!!! It basically continues from the end of my eyebrow circling around the outside of my eye!!!! I'm absolutely horrified!

I don't glob this stuff on so it's not like it runs all over my face.

I never thought I would have to pluck my cheeks. :(

Product or Service Mentioned: Rodan And Fields Lash Boost Serum.

Reason of review: Not as described/ advertised.

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I've been using GrandeLash for about 5 weeks and now have extreme dark circles; upon closer look in a magnifying mirror; its TINY HAIRS!!!! WTH! I don't even put the lash serum on the bottom lids and am careful not to overdue the serum; my lashes arn't much longer; not worth it!!!!


Unimpressed, lashes better but not what i expected and the dark circles and crows feet I thought I developed were actually dark hairs! Talk about shocked when I took a close look! Such a scam and doubtful research was completed on Lash Boost.


This same thing has happened to me! My question is, will this stop as I stop using the lash MD product?


So glad I found this thread. I thought I was crazy for noticing the cheekbone hair, thought maybe I've never noticed them before but No, I know it's due to the LB I've used for about 2 months.

I've stopped using immediately and I really hope they facial hair goes away... Hate how it's dark too.

Ugh! Karma for wanting beauty!


WHY are y’all using this CRAP!!!?


Found these threads because i have dark/red circles around my eyes that are much worse when using R&F. That’s a whole different situation but wanted to try to give some of you a little peace of mind and a warning.

Do your own research but the long hair on your cheek bones should go away. Hair has 3 phases. Growing, still attached but not growing, and fallout. Once you hit the fall out a couple times it should go away.

This product is made to make the growth phase last longer. It may take a while (possibly months) for it to move onto the two other stages. Hair can’t grow where there isn’t a follicle. Everyone has baby fuzz on most of their face.

Are you sure you didn’t have hair there before and your noticing length? Still sucky but just a thought. Last, DONT wax on or directly against the orbicularis oculi muscle or on the eyelid!!!!!! Look up where that is on your face and stay away from it.

That muscle is very delicate and that much force/pulling, even holding the skin tight and doing it can damage it AND THAT causes real under eye bags. Even wiping your eyes the wrong direction from the way that muscle runs contributes to actual under eye bags (causing or making them worse). It runs in a circle out towards hair line on top lid and in towards the nose under the eye. Also, waxing damages the hair follicle.

It creates scare tissue which reduces the size of the hair that can grow. It will not make it thicker.

Shaving will stimulate the follicle. So alternating those two makes waxing pointless for that purpose.


I’m also having this problem. Will it go away if I stop using it?


The same thing with me. My lashes are long but not really thicker and when I leaned in close to the mirror there were hairs on my cheek bobes.

I plucked like crazy! Now Im afraid to continue using it


Ugh, I just looked this up because I’ve noticed the hair too!!! I really self conscious about this and I have three weddings to go to in two months. Please someone say something fixed this!


Has anyone experienced hair growth on face from the facial cream?


I have the same problem! I was using the lash boost for about a month and now I have hair right under my eyes! What is going on?!


This is happening to me and I am freaking out. Please, can someone tell me that once they stopped using it, this problem went away???


I’ve been using this product for about a month now and I’ve just noticed that I’m growing hair on my cheekbones!! I’m literally freaking out right now.

Has anyone stopped the product and the issue resolve! I need to know that I won’t have to deal with this forever!


Same thing happened to me! It looked like I had dark circles around my eyes, then I realized it was patches of fine dark hair growing above my cheekbones! I had to wax it off and it was painful as heck.


Does anyone know of the cheek bone hairs will grow back If I wax them off? I stopped using lash boost over 2 months ago but the cheek bone hairs are still there!

I’m afraid that if I wax them they will grow in more coarse. Any suggestions?


Any luck?


Yup, same thing for me - I was tweezing my eyebrows and I saw tons of

hair on top of my cheekbones AND eyelids themselves, where I've never had before! Freaked out.

I've been using LB for 5 weeks and DO see a diff in my eyelashes, but if the hair on my cheekbones keeps growing, I might reconsider. Sheesh!


Same here! 1 month of use and I just noticed hair outside my brow line and upper cheek bones!

I’m blonde and the hair is dark! This is terrible.


Ughhh! I suspected it was the lash boost!

It totally happened to me!!!! It’s awful and not worth the lack growth!


Same thing happened to me!!!

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