I purchased the lash boost about 6 weeks ago...Ive now noticed clumps of lashes falling out also uneven length. Not sure if it's normal...I was happy at first...but certainly NOT now!

Product or Service Mentioned: Rodan And Fields Lash Boost Serum.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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Me too!! A big clump fell out . Looks.like someone cut then straight across


How do they look now. I am having this same problem now


Same. Did they grow back?


Hi the same thing happened to me, I started using it noticed some are way longer than oters, not a big deal but then on one eye I have lost tons of lashes. I also used on my eyebrows and now I have a chunk missing in the middle of my eyebrow, I thought it was just me but then I stared thinking I can't be the only one, so I looked up reviews and came across this and now I do believe it's due to the lash boost.


Seriously, you ladies need to take pictures and consider a class action lawsuit.


I've literally lost chunks of eyelashes or eyebrows from them just falling out, as hair does. Head hair, body hair, eyelashes.

They fall out, sometimes at the same time and it can be really noticeable when they do. Maybe it is the product, but it might also be the lack of understanding how that works, and the fact that they eyelashes are much more noticeable.


Have they grown back? I am having the same problem.

An entire section of my lashes has fallen out. There is a visible gap.

@Jakeline Ahl

***! Stop misleading people!


Lots of honest customers say the creams and lotions don't work and sometimes cause new or other skin issues. Ladies I have spoken to have said the lash boost is very expensive and does not work too well.

I believe these ladies are honest. Why would they not be honest?

So, we hear the products are expensive and have marginal results. Why continue buying them?


Obviously you have not tried the products. Seems you need to try them before you pass on opinions of other "honest" ladies.


Lash Boost made my lashes fall out in clumps. Reverse made me break out with angry bumps like I hadn't seen since high school.

Plenty of reasonable products without the price or side effects. Do not use Rodan and Fields!

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