I purchased the lash boost about 6 weeks ago...Ive now noticed clumps of lashes falling out also uneven length. Not sure if it's normal...I was happy at first...but certainly NOT now!

Product or Service Mentioned: Rodan And Fields Lash Boost Serum.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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This is great to know. TY!


Wow! Shocked to see this.

My lashes are growing like crazy. I limit the use now. They rarely even fall out.

So sorry this happened to you. I guess it wasn't for you.


I used it for the first time yesterday and my eyes hurt and feel bruised today. They are also itchy.

Could this happen after just one use?

What about discoloration? Anyone experience this?


You are using too much and getting in your eye. Are you working with a consultant?

They can advise on how to use it. You have to get the excess off of the brush tip. Very very little is needed. I use eye drops to lubricate.

I sometimes get it in my eye too. I use drops to flush.


Check out what happened to WEN. They have a class action lawsuit bc women were claiming that their hair was falling out. If my lashes were falling out in clumps, and there was no warning about almond oil (and allergic to nuts) R&F has some explaining to do



All ingredients are clearly listed online. If you have a nut allergy and ignore the ingredients such as almond oil or any nut oil, you're just an ***.

There is no explaining. You're a grown adult


Im having fantastic results using mine. It took me the full 8 weeks to see a difference.

My eyelashes look fake right now, they are amazing.

for a daytime look I can leave without mascara and everyone has noticed the different. I do have *some* itching from time to time but nothing problematic.


Same thing is happening to me! Clumpsof lashes are falling out!!


I tried the lash boost for 8 weeks as recommended. It does not work.

Don't waste your money.

Latisse works and by the way is cheaper. I only tried it for a friend to support her involvement in the product.


Latisse is a entirely different product, and is more expensive.


Latisse is not more expensive. In fact, its $50.00 cheaper that Rodan & Fields.


You would have to add in the cost of a doctor visit for a realistic comparison.


Yes, Randf lash is $150.00 plus tax, and ship.


Latisse is way cheaper per Fl. Oz.

And WAY better! Do not waste your $$$


If sounds to good to be true it usually is, wouldn't fall for a scam.


Me too. I rarely use mascara.

People think they're fake. They never shed.

So strong now. Love it!


My Eye Physcian said he would not recommend anyone using Latisse as it will cause brown/black spots ON YOUR EYE> I refuse to use anything even Boost because you only get one set of eyes!!!! Not worth the risk,,, I'll continue using Mascara


This is true. If you're going to use it.

Be careful and don't apply too much. My eyes are fine.

I put lubricating drops in my eyes first to protect their health. I use it sparingly and I make sure it dries.


Try neu-lash no almond oil and no parabins.


First of all, Latisse is not way cheaper. Some people see results in 12 weeks.

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