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I purchased the lash boost about 6 weeks ago...Ive now noticed clumps of lashes falling out also uneven length. Not sure if it's normal...I was happy at first...but certainly NOT now!

Review about: Rodan And Fields Lash Boost Serum.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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I didn't have a positive experience - nor negative - with the last boost.No improvement but no harm either - except for wasted money.

Sorry to hear about your experience - FYI my experience on this board (and we are each posting about OUR experience with the company and their products) you get a LOT of R & F trollers looking for an argument.

They get down right nasty and personal - anyways good luck with finding a product that works.I'm still looking - Latisee was great at first but then I developed the allergic reaction which forced me to stop using the product.

Marlborough, Massachusetts, United States #1333388

I am loosing my eye lashes and also I am getting bloody mucus in the corners of my eyes. Can someone tell me if this has happened to them please

to Anonymous #1334200

Have you contacted the FDA about this?I contacted them and was told that the ingredient Isopropyl cloprostenate, which is in Lash Boost is a synthetic prostaglandin analog in the same class of compounds as the active ingredients in FDA-approved drugs indicated to lower intraocular pressure in glaucoma patients.

Prostaglandin analogs are well known to have an effect on the structure or function of the body. I was advised by the FDA employee that I contacted to see a doctor before using Lash Boost Look up Isopropyl Cloprostenate and also prostaglandin analog and you will see why the FDA should be advised of issues with this product.

to Anonymous #1340687

I think you're a liar. And if you have blood coming out of your eyes, why haven't you seen a doctor?

Ardmore, Oklahoma, United States #1324290

I had the same problem within 2 weeks my eyelashes started falling out. I continued the stuff and they grew back quickly

Burbank, California, United States #1320297

I experienced the same thing.My lashes looked amazing and then some fell out leaving clear gaps.

Per dermatologist our lashes have a 6 week cycle and are falling out all the time. It is more noticable when they are longer, thicker, and fuller looking.

I stuck with it and now they're back to being awesome!I've been using for 6 months now and on bottle number 2!

to Anonymous #1340688

Exactly. People freak out without doing their research. Lashes fall out just like hair, but since the lashes are longer, it's more noticeable when some go through it.

to Anonymous Newton, Massachusetts, United States #1343300

This is great to know. TY!

Ottawa, Ontario, Canada #1320104

Wow!Shocked to see this.

My lashes are growing like crazy. I limit the use now. They rarely even fall out.

So sorry this happened to you.I guess it wasn't for you.


I used it for the first time yesterday and my eyes hurt and feel bruised today.They are also itchy.

Could this happen after just one use?

What about discoloration?Anyone experience this?

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