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They give NO training and Almost all of the 'leaders' in the organization hand no morals or values. They will purposely tell their team members to violate company policies so THEY can make money. If you disagree or call them out they will 'blacklist' you and claim that their 'trust' was violated. The sad thing is the products do work ... The company itself is horrible and promotes off label use of their products and allows use of images that are obviously altered and misleading.

The FDA should ban this company for this type of blatant disregard for laws and regulations.

The 'leaders' are money hungry who will say what ever they do and lose friends in order to make a quick $$ and lie to get what they want .. If you leave as a consultant they get your customers and in turn your $$ you earned doing things the right way.

There is a reason only 5% will ever make more than $5000 a year and 75% quit after a year. If you like the products do yourself a favor and just buy retail... Or find someone to order them for you .. Don't get sucked into the PC program and the autoship !

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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RIt IS purposed to give NO training so there is NO 1, accountability and NO 2, liability on the part of the company.

It is the dumb consultant who did not get it right.

Yes, they have intere$$$$$t in keeping them that way.

Attrition rate is bad because it creates a lot of financial and personal problems wWITHIN THE WALLS OF YOUR FAMILY AND HOME— because they brag about no location.

Yea, you pay for it.

And the toilet paper! The exact === same ingredients are out there in other products costing only 1/4 to 1/5 the price. It is easy. Go see a real cosmetics counter, where people LITERALLY STAND BEHIND THEIR PRODUCTS.

Some of these have been doing it for years— if you want proof. Keep the 100% for yerself: a dollar saved is a dollar earned.

La Grange, Kentucky, United States #1226033

I will say if you have a REALLY good consultant she/ he should be checking in with you every month BEFORE your auto ship that way they can delay it. The "lazy ones" just sell you then leave.

I'd love to sell it but I just know I don't like selling products to friends and I'm not going to put the time needed to make $$$.

Tuscaloosa, Alabama, United States #1215649

No offense but I have personally seen results from friends who use this before and after and none of their photos have been altered. Lol!

When you see them in person then you know it works so I've never seen any faked photos with results from this. So gonna have to call bs on this just because it seems you're mad over a personal issue with one person and instead shaming and bad mouthing the whole business.

to Anonymous Marlton, New Jersey, United States #1215874

You have seen a few friends while hundreds of consultants have admitted to posting before & after photos of supposed friends hat were fed to them by their uplines & other team members. Time to call bs on almost all MLMs and especially overpriced skin care companies.

to Anonymous Scottsburg, Indiana, United States #1217215

Sorry, but I have talked to a number of x RF consultants and they said they were pressured/taught to alter photos. I have used almost all of the products and the results they claim will happen are mostly false.

I liked my consultant - so this was not personal. Read the reviews on this site. These are overpriced, mediocre products. And don't get me started on the FB stalking!!!

It is not about MLM for me, it is about a bunch of mostly women who will anything to make easy money. They want to fulfill their dreams to be a stay at home mom. Well I am here of tell you there are better, honest ways of earning money at home.

This companies social media strategy is way out of line - horrible.

to Kelly Integrty #1395960

Good call, they want to be s@hm, but what are they teaching their children?

Real values. You spend a lot of time not there— on the phone does not count as good attention.

We donot hear the words Quality Time here?

There is nothing wrong with having a limited part time job for starters.

Part of the results are accelerating the aging of your skin.

Think 20-30-40 years from now? What does this really do?

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