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The multi function eye cream we purchased was smooth and creamy for about six months but after half of it was used the consistency turned almost sticky. It feels and looks like Ponds cold cream.

The price for this product is about 75% higher than it should be. I would never purchase again, but was told that I should just repurchase by the customer service 888-995-5656. Why would I repurchase a product that was too expensive and not a quality cream? Very unhappy with this eye cream after 6 months, it should last in the same form it was when purchased.

The customer service rep was very uncaring and flippant. Maybe he does not mind purchasing a $75 eye cream that does not keep its quality, but I do.

Review about: Rodan And Fields Cream.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

Monetary Loss: $78.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

I didn't like: Product consistency after 6 months.

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Pretoria, Gauteng, South Africa #1270117

I experienced the same results with the eye cream. I used it twice a day and kept it according to instructions. After 6 months the consistency turned into a hard waxy texture.

Conway, Arkansas, United States #1269173

I agree 100% I purchased a regiment for around $360.00 I was expecting great changes and results, only to find my cheaper ( much cheaper) products I had been using actually seemed to work better. I was sorely disappointed ... it being someone I know that sold it to me, I didn't ask for a refund but wil not be taken in again.

to Anonymous #1269318

One post says eye cream cost $360 and doesn't work. One post says eye cream cost $46 (plus additional tax) and is amazing.

Most of Kelly Cagle (from Normal, Il) posts have been challenged and she has conveniently disappeared after making several questionable posts.

It was also noted that her big defense seemed to indicate that any problems must be due to consumer. I agree that this is the epitome of poor customer service.


You would expect the cream to be amazing and give ace results.

Sometimes the cheapest creams do as good a job!

New City, New York, United States #1268722

Brilliant piece on MLM (Rodan and Fields and others)

Watch and share.


Normal, Illinois, United States #1265827

Sorry for your poor customer service experience. Did you discuss with you consultant who you purchased the eye cream through?

Did you keep the internal lid as instructed? I have had my eye cream for 4 months and so far, it is great. The retail price of the eye cream is $62.00, the preferred customer price is $46 in addition to taxes. I'm sure your consultant would make it right by you, unfortunately, the guarantee from the company is 60 days.

I'm assuming you liked the product if you used it for 6 months. My experience is the price is very reasonable for Rodan and Fields products b/c you use such a small amount of product.

The eye cream is directed to be used twice a day, I'm surprised you only went through half the container if you were using the product as directed all 6 months? I am loving the eye cream and my results.

to KellyCagle #1266221

Wow. Kelly.

Even a train stops. I think thou protests too hard. What makes you a skincare expert? Face it - you spent $1000 on a kit to start your own business.

Nothing more & nothing less. 35 years in the insurance industry hasn't taught you a thing about skincare or business. You are acting like a teenage girl. I find that unattractive in 50+ year old women.

I'll bet you dont dress your age either. I am done with you & your one sided comments.

Just about every poster on this site has seen the damage an MLM can do to friends & friendships and posts hoping to help a friend or relative avoid the same fate. You are just trying to justify the scam you choose to be part of.

to Anonymous #1266289

Wow. Whoever this person ⬆ is just a negative person.

to Anonymous #1267303

Looks like Kelly Cagle has crawled back under her R&F rock and stopped with her continuos posting about what a great company; and, products; and, opportunity R&F is for unsuccessful and undereducated women. Thank you Jelly!

to KellyCagle Normal, Illinois, United States #1267861

Hello, Kelly from Illinois-Virgina. Yes, we are ***.

Get off this site, which you should have done while you were ahead. Now you sound like an ***. Roden and Fields is a scam. Everyone knows it.

Read all of the reviews and then look in the mirror. How do you live with yourself????

to KellyCagle #1271181

Mine did the same thing, I don't know what you are talking about with internal lids. I didn't see any benefit from it at all.

I think a Ponds eye cream could have been just as good, or anything at all.

Coconut oil might have been just as good.

to Anonymous #1288986

I have never tried the eye cream, so I don't know how effective it is. But if you walked into a dept store and the sales person at the cosmetic counter sold you a product that you never used and then didn't like, would you post that the company was a scam? Not everything works on everybody or has the same results

to Anonymous #1291139

The difference is that you walked into the store and bought voluntarily. As opposed to being actively hounded by a friend who is personally vouching that this stuff is "the best".

Plus, you undoubtedly paid a lot less at the store.

Gosh, you Reps just don't get it that you're taking advantage of friends and relatives just to make a buck. Yes, indeed, most MLM are scams with overpriced products that are not AMAZING or AWESOME.

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