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In December of 2016 after a year of using the Redefine regimen, I noticed open pores appearing on my skin. This should have been a sign to me to back off, but I don't know much about skincare, so I contacted my consultant.

She sent me two packets of microdermabrasion paste and told me to use that on top of my skin for a few days and see if the pores went away. Well, they didn't. Not only did they not go away, they got WAY worse. In addition to open pores, I developed extreme inflammation and what looks like scarring all over my face in addition to burning, itching, etc.

For a year, I've done nothing but use gentle ingredients. No exfoliation, no ingredients with chemicals, and my skin is absolutely destroyed. I've seen five dermatologists, three estheticians, and three plastic surgeons. Most of whom have never seen anything like this before and say they cannot help me until my inflammation subsides.

I've had multiple blood panels ran (all came back normal), hormones tested (normal), and biopsies of the area (normal except for showing extreme inflammation). I'm using a rosacea cream now because that's the only thing the last derm I went to could recommend in an effort to keep inflammation down. This was after three months of doxycycline as well. I've attached photos.

This is horrifying. It has RUINED my life. Please stay away from this product. I emailed these photos to the only email I could find for them (their sales email), and they told me to contact my consultant.

Pretty sure if my consultant knew what she was doing, I wouldn't be in this mess. Oh lastly, I've had to get on antidepressants to even function. I'm 33 years old.

I look 70. Even my psychiatrist told me as much.

Product or Service Mentioned: Rodan And Fields Face Care.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

Monetary Loss: $2000.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

Location: 11513 Macfaden Dr, Spotsylvania Courthouse, VA 22551, USA

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I have had a similar issue. It has ruined my skin and I am so embarrassed.

I can’t believe what a horrible product this is! I really wanted to believe it would help, but even the soothe gave me a persistent face rash.


I'm so sorry this happened to you. I had a similar experience, but not as bad.

I used the redefine amp product, and it burned and scarred my skin permanently the very first time I used it. And I've used prescription Retin-A on those same areas without any irritation whatsoever, so it's not that my skin is just sensitive. It's infuriating and heartbreaking.

I spent $200 to look older and uglier. They should be put out of business.


Hi there! Since I last commented on here asking you if you’ve seen progress because I had the exact same problem, I have healed my skin!

It’s about 98% back to the way it was. I felt I needed to let you all know what I did, whether you chose to try it or not, I wanted other people to know that it can be done! I tried everything under the sun for FIVE YEARS. Wasted so much money, time, energy.

Finally just went back to complete basics. Stopped exfoliating. Only used a warm washcloth to gently pat my skin with to cleanse. Used an organic healing moisturizer and then put Dr.

Barbara Storms calming serum on top of that. Within 3 weeks I noticed my skin getting ‘plump’ again. I couldn’t believe it when I looked in the mirror. My first sign of hope in five years.

See what we all did was completely destroy our skin barrier function. I didn’t even know what that was because ever esthetician tells you to exfoliate every day of your life with every acid and retinol telling you it will help solve our problem. But it makes it WORSE. Your skin needs gentle love to heal.

Your skin will not stay this way forever trust me. It wants to heal and it CAN. I encourage you to look into Dr. Barbara Sturm, She explains her way of thinking and it’s so spot on.

At least buy the calming serum, it changed my entire life and if it could do that for me it has GOT to help someone else even a little. At least it’s worth a shot. Please reach out to me if you want to know more details, I’ll give you my email. But PLEASE try the serum.

I want someone else to feel how it feels to have your skin back.

Because I know how terrible it feels to not. Sending love!

@Katha Nae

Hi! Thank you for the comment.

What kind of moisturizer did you use?

I will try anything. All I've been doing is washing my face at night with Dove soap and wiping off oil in the morning with a Noxzema wipe.


Do not wash your face with dove soap, you are striping your face of its natural oils. Right now you need to build up the skin barrier function.

Use ONLY a warm wash cloth in the morning/night with water to wash your face. Then I use pure and simple (it’s a Canada brand) they are still shipping right now. I use the ‘pure skin’ face lotion. And then I load the Dr.

Barbara Sturm calming serum on top. You can buy this at Sephora.

Little pricey so start with the mini bottle. Try this and I promise you will see start to see a change because it is healing your skin.

@Katha Nae

Thank you so much!

@Katha Nae

You’re so welcome! This is what worked for me and I am so excited to hear from you after you’ve used the calming serum for a couple weeks.

Morning and night! Please please comment back and let me know on here.

@Katha Nae

Hi. I am the original poster and want to thank you for weighing in.

The side of my face pictured in the photo still looks pretty terrible. I see your comment on only washing with water. I’m not sure I can do that.

I have huge buildup of dead skin if I don’t wash with some kind of soap. The skin buildup makes it look even worse!


I understand. I literally felt the dead skin on my face as I put on the calming serum and moisturizer every day and night.

BUT you NEED to let this happen. Your skin is trying to repair itself. You need to let it. I know it looks worse but give the barrier function time to repair itself underneath the build up.

If you haven’t seen improvement what else do you have to lose by trying something different and listening to me? I had the EXACT same problem and I am telling you how to fix it. Pat warm water wash cloth into the skin.

In a month go ahead and use a cotton round with some rose water on it as your cleanser. But for the first month it needs to heal.

@Katha Nae

I can go back to that for sure. I went about six months without really touching it at all.

That’s when the thick dead skin built up. Once I wiped it off I was right back where I started. I have ordered the serum and will try it.

I have nothing to lose at this point. I’m afraid a lot of this is scarring.

@Katha Nae

Original poster here. Just wanted to let you know I purchased the calming serum and used it for a month without doing anything else.

I didn’t rinse my skin other than a splash of water about once a week. It looked as if it were improving. One month in, I rinsed the dead skin cells with a very gentle cleanser without any exfoliant. Now I’m back where I started...red and orange peel.

Maybe I need to do it for longer than a month without rinsing?

We’ll see. Back to the grind...


Hi! Is there a way we can email back and forth privately?

How could I get you my info? I would love to know how your skins doing and would also love to share new things that I’ve learned.

My skin is completely healed now. Knock on wood.

@Katha Nae

I created an email so you can contact me. It’s damagedskingirl@***.com

@Katha Nae

I have created an email address - damagedskingirl@***.com. I didn't want to put my private information here. Feel free to message me!

@Katha Nae

dang it...it hid the email. it's a hotmail account.

@Katha Nae

I am trying to send you my information but it is blocking it. I guess there is no way to contact personally through this. frustrating.


I emailed you! Let’s see if if worked...


I hate this has happened to anyone else, but my skin also looks like this after using Rodan and Fields. It's awful!

I am 36 and my facial skin looks like cobblestone!

I have no idea what to do to help heal it and am open to helpful advice. This stuff costs an arm and a leg and has left me looking twice my age.


My face has looked like an orange peel ever since I used these products. I appears to be permanent.


How long did you use them and how long as it been since you discontinued use? I would say mine is about 50% improved, but I have heard it can take up to 5 years of no actives, no manual exfoliation, etc.

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