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This company will never see another dime from me. Be careful!!!

They sent me a "refill" for over 200 dollars. My consultant neglected to tell me there are automatic refills. So, when I saw on my email that they had sent a package I didn't need, I called to stop it and cancel. I was informed it was too late but when I received it (Natia said), I should call and someone would pick it up and then refund me.

WELL, when you call the robot tells you there are over 100 people in front of you. They ask you to leave your number and they will call you back. 4 hours later they did call but I wasn't near my phone. I had to call and start all over again.

This time there were 267 people in front of me so they said they'd call back. At 8 pm they called and josh told me they don't pick up packages and argued with me and then disconnected us or hung up. I had to call again and 4 days later they still haven't returned my call. I wrote 3 emails.

They acknowledged one and said I'd receive a response soon. Still waiting days later.

I sent the package back for 10 dollars. The way I was treated is sad!!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Rodan And Fields Customer Care.

Reason of review: Return, Exchange or Cancellation Policy.

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Tampa, Florida, United States #1320332

Your consultant should have informed you, but you do get an intro email explaining exactly how to navigate the system as a PC, as well as a reminder email stating your replenishment order is scheduled for XX/XX/XXXX date. You can then go on and reschedule or cancel. Not to mention, it is part of the terms and agreement when you sign on as a PC.

to Anonymous #1323838

Agreed! And you have to sign up and agree to terms of service to get the free shipping and the discount!


You must have horrible consultants because I teach each and every one of mine how to go in, and push the new 60 day supply out as long as they need, pick and choose etc.

also if the package is unopened.

They'll take it back! One of my PC's forgot to go push hers back just last week. It shipped. She sent it back and they refunded her.

This is a case of horrible consultants not caring.

And I think some laziness on your side as well. I've never known anyone to have to wait more than 7 minutes to talk to a live person.

to Anonymous #1317710

You are highlighting on of the major problems with MLMs. Everyone involved is an independent consultant, not an employee of R&F so there is no central oversight of their conduct.

Horrible consultants tarnish the company name and the company can't do anything about it. You and your downline may be the most ethical consultants in the entire company.

But unfortunately, there are too many sleazy ones that give you a bad name. You are fighting an uphill battle.

to Anonymous #1436391

And whose responsibility is that?But that is ok, because the Randf Pyramid doctors make well over 40% from their inpaid consultants!So the joke is again on them!

to Anonymous Indianapolis, Indiana, United States #1317909

You consultants might as well be selling Tupperware. None of you are qualified in skin care nor the effects these crappy products may have on the skin.

The RF ingredients are not even dermatology grade products! If you want serious skincare results go see a real dermatologist and stop wasting your $$ on overpriced average skin care at best!

to Anonymous #1320902

It seems like everyone has a horrible consultant. Are there really any good ones?

I have only met 2 types of rah rah consultants. Newbies are rah rah consultants and old consultants - who have exhausted their warm lists- are rah rah consultants because they are desperate.

to Anonymous #1436390

No. The consultants do not get paid.

neither do you.I can go to the .ocal store and get the ingredientsrandf sells without the 717 times markup!You work for nothing.You pretend. The consultant is an amateur, not trained.Whose fault is that?Your level of uncaring is hideous.Be on your way, and lose more money.


Be prepared to get another "refill" and have your card charged. Best thing to do is call your credit card company and inform them to decline any charges from R&F.

Then email R&F and tell them what you have done so you have proof that you notified them and also tell them to stop the autoship. The email is so you have proof.

to Anonymous #1317080

Inform your CC and put a stop on it. Track your package and make sure you log every phone call and you wil have to email too.

Also consider going and registering a complaint with the BBB.

They will be forced to resolve bc they want to keep a stellar grade. They went from an F to an A in a few weeks resolving complaints.

to Anonymous #1317193

Not the case. If you call them and tell them to cancel your account.

It's cancelled. And nothing else is ever shipped or charged.

to Anonymous #1317708

Not sure what world you live in but that's not even remotely true. Countless people have tried to cancel their accounts with R&F only to get "refill" shipments and new charges on their cards.

I personally know a handful of people this has happened to. R&F is an MLM. That's what they do.

Ship lots of product, claim you can return it or cancel auto-ship, then make it nearly impossible to do so. You're fooling yourself if you think otherwise.

to Anonymous #1317895

I had the woman who I purchased ( once) from try to make me a preferred customer so I would get the auto shipment...I said "absolutely not" b/c I have heard the horror stories from others

to Anonymous #1436394

How would you know??

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