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Contacted R&F to have a consultant contact me about ordering product.Never heard from anyone....

tried again. Never heard from anyone.

Going to try another product snd company.Not worth my time or aggravation.

Review about: Rodan And Fields Customer Care.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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Good morning! If you are open to trying RF, I would be happy to help. Feel free to email me at eringevertz@gmail.com and I can help to answer any questions.

Pennsboro, West Virginia, United States #1307002

What could I put on my face to keep it moisturized while the allergic reaction goes away?


Wow. 3 consultants "just happen" to see this review on a pissed consumer site AND provide their email on a public forum just to make a buck. Coincidence?????

to Anonymous #1310571

It's called customer service.I personally come on here to learn what NOT to do.

I take keeping my customers happy as my TOP priority.

Those 3 who responded are not 3 who took this persons call when they called to find a consultant.If they had been this complaint wouldn't be one here.

to Anonymous #1310620

That's a sad commentary that you would come here to learn customer service. Are you Reps and the company really that bad? Pathetic

to Anonymous #1310719

You wouldn't recognize real customer service if it was staring you in the face.The fact that you come here to learn it says a lot about how smart you are.

Good try though.If nothing else Reps do know how to lie

Kearneysville, West Virginia, United States #1305540

I just happened to run across your review. If you would like to talk, I am a consultant for Rodan and Fields and would love to help you have a better experience!!! email me at englersgirl@gmail.com

Thanks and sorry your experience wasn't so good!


to Melody Engler #1307434

Just once I would like an active consultant to answer the question why you are trolling a "rodan and fields pissed consumer" site???If you are looking to see if one of your customers posted about their experience with R&F AND YOU, fix it i.e.

Do something positive about it.

If not, why would you want to sell to a pissed consumer?I guess you could get a lot of emails asking the same thing since you are desperate enough to supply your email on a site where 95% of posters are not enamored with this MLM.

to Anonymous #1310572

I'll answer that for you.I'm not "trolling" and I most definitely do not have any angry customers because I take care of them the way I'd like to Ben taken care of!

I'm on this site to see the mistakes of other companies consultants and learn from them. I've been with the company 4 years and have had 2 people return product in those 4 years. For both of them I paid the return shipping and on eBay of those customers was so happy with how I treated her (even though she was bummed the product didn't work) that she tried a different product and LOVES it! It was on a site similar to this one that I saw someone griping about paying return shipping so I changed that on it end.

If I hadn't learned what made someone unhappy I can't be sure that I would have had the idea to offer to cover her shipping and maybe she wouldn't have reordered.So in summary, I'm here to learn how NOT to treat my customers (beyond just the obvious)

to Anonymous #1310721

You're trolling.Period.

And, your English/grammar is not very good.Maybe you should try learning something and stop with the comments for a while.

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