R&F has a glitch in their invoicing system which I had to pay $15 for! My invoice said I would get my order in 7 to 9 days, yet their system charged me $15 two day shipping for.

I talked till I was blue in the face but they absolutely would not correct the order. They offered me some *** I wouldn't use. I called them within 1 minute to report the error, they would not correct their invoice for any reason. So I canceled my account!

They aren't the only game in town!

BAD, BAD, CUSTOMER SERVICE! You lost a good customer!

Product or Service Mentioned: Rodan And Fields Customer Care.

Reason of review: Order processing issue.

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BTW, words they blip out are not necessarily curse words, my words were not curse words, and more letters than the system used. So sorry you are misled by this site!


Did not say they were curse words. I just said they must have been nasty to get "***" out.

Cute trying to say I/we may get misled by this site. This site is just trying to ensure that others don't get misled my the latest MLM scam. I'm so glad you got your $15 back. I guess you are the lucky one.

There are a few customers that have posted being scammed out of hundreds & thousands of dollars. Have a nice night xoxo


So sorry that happened to you. Did you speak to your consultant about the issue?

She should have refunded the money for you. That would have been the right thing to do.


Consultant probably didn't want to refund the $15 because it would have lowered her monthly income to $9,985 and then she couldn't say she was making 5 figures a month. More likely refunding the $15 out of her own pocket would have made her monthly income more negative. Just sayin'


To the *** who called me easy, you're wrong, I'm fair! Why do people have to be so nasty!


Nasty. Who has *** in their post?

My post was probably misguided humor.

Yours was definitely nasty. Just sayin'


I should have also apologized to you for my poor attempt at humor. The words said you would never use it again over $15 charge and then all was good when they refunded (I assume) your $15.

Again, please accept my apology for bad humor. I insist on at least $100 to change allegiance heehee


Long story short: Rodan and Fields called me, apologized for the error in shipping, returned the shipping, and sent me a gift. For now I will be using their products because I like it, and I believe they made the issue right.


I think this might be a phony post. The original poster didn't sound happy and I don't think a gift would make it all good.


You are wrong, I am the same poster, I feel they made things right, so I will give them a second chance. If I like what I'm using, I'll use it till I don't feel it is for me amy longer.


WOW. You are easy! $15 did the trick!


I'm a consultant and I will sale you anything you need direct for $50 off I won't make you order email me steffaniewatson83@***.com


How about some proper English you make R&F look bad...


This company is bigger than you know. Success is unstoppable! I'm sure refunding a few bucks won't be a problem =-)


Well, why were they not willing to refund the shipping their system sneaked in there!!!! Clearly my invoice stated two different shipping methods! They care more about money than a good customer!


Yep, a whole 1/10th of 1 percent of all consultants are successful in the MLM industry. People at the top make money at the expense of consultants and their warm lists of friends and relatives.

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