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The products (Unblemish, in particular) wrecked havoc on my skin, in addition to causing debilitating headaches (something about the scent), but, whatever, it happens - everyone's skin is different and mine is sensitive. Despite these issues, I didn't cancel my PC/auto ship account because I wanted to support my friend, who is my consultant - I did like the body cream and self-tanner, so I figured I would just order those in the future.

My problem occurred with my most recent auto ship order. My consultant had the incorrect password and was unable to change/cancel my shipment, and, when I tried to, the website was down for maintenance. Needless to say, I'm disappointed, to say the least, that website maintenance would be scheduled to coincide with the end of the day, the time by which PCs must cancel their auto shipment.

This problem could be avoided by scheduling website maintenance at literally any other time of the day. The problems my consultant had could also have been easily avoided if consultants had sepearate, "consultant-level" access to PC accounts.

Product or Service Mentioned: Rodan And Fields Customer Care.

Reason of review: Order processing issue.

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The web site has been up and down frequently due to moving to a new platform to support Canada and Australia. Unfortunately it didn't work and they had to revert.

You can refuse an order or return it. As a consultant, I handle returns for my clients so I'm the one paying for the shipment.

Your consultant should do the same. Also, if the products are not for you, you shouldn't feel any obligation to continue.


ctually, the commission runs from about 25% up to 35% depending on what you buy and then IF your sponsor is helping others promote, they also receive 5% up to six levels so that's like around 60% profit going to consultants... then there's all the support staff, the nurse, the lab workers, the tech guys etc that they employ in Cali and TX...

and now in Canada and Australia too... so your assumption of the distribution of profits is not logical also let's not forget their philanthropy with BuildOn.


Perhaps your consultant wasn't aware that they can simply email in a request to push an order out? I just found this out!


Actually, Rodan and Fields have several. People get involved bc they believe in the products, the company and the opportunity. Not just financial opportunity but bc they truly enjoy helping others.

@Jakeline Ahl

Kelly! Give it up and get off this site!!!!

This is for people to review Roden & Fields who have had bad experiences, not for consultants to try and sell everyone on your MLM scam.

There has to be a place for the truth, so people to getting ripped off or pay for overpriced skincare.


I don't remember trying to sell anyone anything on this site. If you have a poor experience, give up your information to the company and your consultant vs hiding behind anonymity.

Kelly Cagle, Normal, IL


Sorry for your negative experience, auto shipments can be changed at any time. I would recommend not waiting until the last day, after customer service is closed.

@Jakeline Ahl

I'm a consultant for Rodan and Fields and applaud you supporting your friend. Just bc one product didn't work doesn't mean others will not.

I also applaud you bc you didn't hide your comments behind "Anonymous" as all these other comments have. Personally, I have had great results with the Redifine Age Assault Regimine and several friends and family members have with Reverse and Unblemish.

For Anonymous with so many depressed family members, I somehow doubt you are very supportive.

Maybe there are simply too many people selling R+F from the same family and competing for the same customer base? Why do you hide behind annonyminity?

@Jakeline Ahl

What a condescending response! As I stated, my consultant said she would take care of it for me; I absolutely did not wait until the last minute because she was supposed to be doing it. If products are going to be autoshipped, the website should always be up and running.


OK Kaylee. I don't know many people involved in MLMs that come from wealthy families AND are rich and successful in their "real" careers.


Good for you, I guess. I don't know many either, just this one. She hated her "real" career, thought she was successful.


If you are interested in giving your friend money, just give her 2 times the commission she would make for selling you skin havoc. Then you can buy products that work for half the price.

Voila, you and your friend are way ahead. The only people that lose any money are the good Drs who really have plenty of other people's money to fall back on in a pinch


As I mentioned, I liked some of the products, and planned on ordering those in the future. For better or worse, my friend, who has struggled quite a bit with depression, is very excited about Rodan and Fields, and I wanted to support her, not just give her money.


Doesn't make any sense! 90 cents of every dollar you spend goes to the company and your friend gets 10 cents. No wonder the 2 Drs aren't depressed.


I'm great at maintaining my friendships, so I don't feel I need to explain to you any further what makes sense for me. As I stated, the amount of money that goes to my friend doesn't matter because my support was primarily for non-monetary reasons. (And, her family is quite wealthy; she doesn't need the money.)


I have 5 friends and 3 family female, adult members who suffer from extreme depression. Ironically, the all sell R&F's products.

It's like the company preys on these poor souls. Their sales pitch resonates with people who have little to no hope in life. In all 8 cases, selling R&F has only caused these women to become more isolated from people who care for them. It's very sad.

If you are depressed and having trouble with employment, get counseling. Don't join a MLM cult. It will save you a lot of heartbreak and money in the end, not to mention losing a lot of your friends and family members based on social media stalking.

You can't hid behind social media to work. Get treatment, so you don't have to.


Very powerful words indeed. I think it is sad when Reps put their so called entrepreneurship ahead of friends and friendships.

This post paints a picture that is far worse. Thanks.


I agree with you, but I don't believe it is my place to tell others how to feel better. If feeling successful at something helps her feel better, I'm going through support her.


Oh, and she's had quite a bit of success in her "real" career, as well, she just doesn't enjoy it. Look, I'm not defending this company or saying I agree with her choices, but I find it odd that so many have chosen to attack the way I've decided to support someone who is important to me.


Kaylee - I don't think anyone is attacking you, but just pointing out you are perpetuating the vicious cycle that is the R&F MLM pyramid scheme. Don't do it and she will get out sooner vs suffering.

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