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My wife recently blocked a friend Frans FB feed because of her multiple daily FB rants about how AMAZING R&F is. She stopped with the daily posts so we unblocked her for a while and things got back to normal.

She is at it again and my husband thinks I should unfriend her. She is a good person so I don't want to do that. She is a nurse who makes good money so I don't get it.

Now she is saying we need a Plan B. What should I do?

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Pfafftown, North Carolina, United States #1181179

How do you have a husband and a wife??


You can unfollow her or click the ride side of her posts to hide those from your news feed..


You have a wife AND a husband? Sounds like both your spouses are tired of the sales.

Don't need to unfriend her...just unfollow.

It's unreal how many of my friends are now relentlessly pitching this on FB! Sigh!


There is a way to be friends with someone on FB, but not see their posts. I had to do this to a friend of mine that was posting things I didn't care to see.

I'm not going to go into detail on how to do it. Query your search engine, or ask any 14-year old to help you.


Unfriend because the upsell won't stop. I did the same thing recently. It's like they're sleeping too close to the garden or something


If you don't want to unfriend her all you need to do is unfollow her. You won't see her daily posts about R+F.

to Anonymous #1143746

If their Plan A is so screwed up that they are counting on a Plan B that is an MLM, can we really trust their Plan B.

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