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Update by user Jun 10, 2017

Fully refunded. Customer service is a total disaster BUT R+F immediately refunded me completely upon receipt of my returned business kit within the first 60 days.

Original review posted by user May 28, 2017

I became a consultant a month ago and after using some products and having really bad reactions to them, I decided I can't sell something I don't believe in and that doesn't work for me. I am in the process of trying to return my $995 business kit but the customer service for this company is TERRIBLE.

I spoke with 3 ladies, all of whom gave me completely wrong and contradicting information. After going to the post office and paying $50 to return the kit, I got on my phone and read the fine print from the R+F website that states that I CANNOT return a partial kit.. the girls on the phone said I could, no problem, and that I'd just have the missing product consultant price deducted from the total I paid. I used the Lash Boost, which I had a HORRIBLE reaction to.

And the only other opened product is the Lip Renewing Serum because I broke the seal. Never used it, though. How do I return the *** kit before the 60 days is up???? I can't get a straight answer ANYWHERE.

Can I return it with the used Lash Boost (which I want a full refund for because it gave my a rash and extreme dry eyeballs...) and do I have to include the lip serum in there as well even though they will throw it away? What counts as "a complete kit"?? Even used or unsellable products, as long as nothing is missing?

I am overwhelmed and can't find answers. For a "billion dollar company," you'd think they would have excellent customer service but these R+F girls are totally clueless about the company and it's policies.

Product or Service Mentioned: Rodan And Fields Beauty Set.

Reason of review: Return, Exchange or Cancellation Policy.

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Seriously? You can find alllll this info on their website!!!

And returning is super easy, they usually will refund $$ before they even get the product back... you have 60 days!!!

It can be used!!! Read the website before you b**** about a company


I'm curious what happened to where you were finally able to get your refund?

to Stephanie #1380313

I sprinted to the post office and caught the package before it shipped out the following day. I put the Lash Boost and Lip Serum into the kit and then shipped it out again.

I didn't realize that I could have opened and used EVERY product in the kit and still gotten a full refund within the first 60 days. My frustration was the girls in customer service. They stressed me out with wrong information! One told me I could just keep the open products and that they would deduct them from my refund.

Another told me the products couldn't be used to get the refund. Another said I have to return everything, used and unused, but would not get a full refund. All of which was false.

I finally just returned the entire kit and prayed I'd get my money back and thankfully I did. I wish I could edit my original post and just comment on the frustrations with the customer service and their lack of knowledge.

to Anonymous #1394445

Did you return all resalable items or empty bottles too? I’m having the same issue.

Being told 1 thing but sales support saying something else.

Also they are providing information that isn’t listed on the satisfaction guarantee! I’m beyond disgusted with this company!

to Anonymous #1401262

I just returned my kit but didn't really include any kind of paper work. I also keep getting different answers.

How will they know the kit is from me except where the random box I put all the products in came from?? I'm really nervous about this whole experience because that was a lot of money.

I have the tracking number but customer service seems to be of no help at all. Just wondering if you included any kind of paper work in your box when you returned the kit.


Knowledge is power. When you start a new business, don't you think you would want to read everything you can in the P&P and learn as much as possible? It literally would have taken you 60 seconds to search for the answer to your question if only you put in the effort to inform yourself.

to Anonymous #1380318

It takes about 10 minute's to just get through to customer service and then they are clueless and have zero answers regarding returning business kits. How exactly could I have known the answer within 60 seconds of searching?

I even called and asked THREE consultants who also were unclear about the fine print and had all heard horrors about getting refunded. One consultant didn't even get her full paycheck and it took half a year to resolve it.

Charlotte, North Carolina, United States #1340610

Such. A.


Zero results & adverse effects to most products. & I hate that they are always trying to sell just the "business", w/out answering questions about these products.


R&F is the one with the last laugh because they have all this extra money from "accidental" charges. Even more for them to laugh at is that they are not being held accountable because there currently is no regulators with serious executive powers.

They don't even get a slap on the wrist.

With that said, people should continue to document their issues with this company. If you have serious concerns with fraud, report to the FTC and follow up until you get resolution. Bad reactions from the products?

Report to the FDA. Bad business practices such as difficult return process/ issuing refunds etc report to the BBB.

Companies like this rely on waiting you out. They have nothing to lose playing the wait and delay game.

Report, follow up and share your stories. Use the tools that they use to get the word out and spread info (social media) and such.

Be mindful that domains and Google searches can be purchased and/or manipulated so that negative information either gets buried or is never seen. Case in point that story that John Oliver tells when an MLM company purchased all of the seats for a showing of a movie that exposed the negative aspects (some people argue the truth).

They purchased all the tickets, but yet the theater was empty. I only tell you this because the company many of you are complaining about as well as other MLM's don't play by the rules.

In fact, they are really good about getting around them.

Roll up your sleeves and dig in.

to Anonymous #1334844

I totally agree with this post. Use all of your social media to reach out to friends and ask them to reach out to their friends and so on and so on.

And, put names out there. Friends don't let these undereducated consultants take advantage of their friends.

Period! Let's end this once and for all.


You should also contact the FDA to submit a formal complaint about your reaction to Lash Boost. Tell them that you had a reaction to the prostaglandin analog, isopropyl cloprostenate in Lash Boost.

You may want to do an internet search on isopropyl cloprostenate so that you have a better understanding of why the FDA needs to be advised.

I contacted the FDA about the product after finding out that the product contained isopropyl cloprostenate. I was told that I should see a doctor before using the product because of the potential side effects of using a prostaglandin analog. I decided not to try it.

The consultant never told me that Lash Boost contains a prostaglandin analog. She said that I didn't need to see a doctor and that the active ingredients were biotin and keratin.

If R+F doesn't give you a full refund then contact your credit card company to dispute the charge. Let them know that you returned the product and show your receipt for postage.

You could also contact the Better Business Bureau.

Good luck

to Anonymous #1484403

Did you check their website?? Ya know..go to Rodan and Fields.com..click lashboost..click ingredients wow there it is. Idiots.


As much as hate to say it, you probably aren't getting your money back. They will wear you down with ineptitude and lies until you simply give up. This company is disgusting and should be shut down.


Part of becoming an billion dollar MLM is to keep many misinformed to carry out a bad mission. Recruit, sell, recruit and recruit.

Entice the vulnerable and avoid the savvy. When questioned, you rally your troops by spinning things as us against them. Consultants are told that they must ignore the negative doubters standing in the way of "opportunity" . This blind loyalty leads to real damage of friends and family, which is why many end up broke and alone.

The ones that achieve are people that became numb to reality. R&F consultants are like drones programmed to make the company money.

Good luck getting your money back. People couldn't get a few bucks back without an endless effort.


You really paid $1,000 for a kit & became a consultant without trying a product. WOW

to Anonymous #1380321

You must have WAY too much time on your hands to even take the time to post this reply. Hehe. Not helpful or necessary.

to Anonymous #1450600

I mean for real though. You literally purchased a kit for a GRAND and didn’t try ONE product?

You are starting a business and you failed to read up on it? That’s where YOU went wrong, not the company. People who join these companies thinking success is going to fall in their lap is why they fail. Not to mention starting a company with zero knowledge of what your getting into.

Consultants don’t prey on vulnerable people to join their business to sit there and do nothing. They expect them to put in the work and do your own research. Its like any other sales job out there’s It’s not rocket science. You’re an adult who decided to start your own business...

stop blaming people for your own stupidity and negligence. ALSO, not every product is going to agree with every skin type. You may have a reaction- it may not be right for you, which is why they have a 60 DAY MONEY BACK GUARANTEE. So stop *** on internet forums about your reaction and send it back.

That’s literally all you have to do.

Ok. I’m done, END RANT.

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