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I was on auto ship and received too much product. I decided to return the package I received, untouched.

I paid for tracking AND for signature confirmation. After 16 days of no refund, I called and purposely didn't tell them I had tracking at first, I wanted to see what they would say. Of course, the rep told me they had no record of my return and therefore would not be receiving a refund. At that time, I informed her that I had tracking AND signature confirmation and they miraculously found my return, LOL!!

She then told me it would be 10-15 days for the return to process, I pointed out that it has been 16 days (tracking confirmed that) and she then told me it was another 5-10 days to process a refund. OKKKKKKKKK!!!!! Seriously, it takes them about 1.4 seconds to take your money but up to 25 days to refund?? Im waiting on just under $300 and Im getting more and more pissed by the minute.

I was going to remain a customer but now I will just cancel everything. I dont do business with businesses that operate this way.

Product or Service Mentioned: Rodan And Fields Customer Care.

Reason of review: Return, Exchange or Cancellation Policy.

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I am sorry you had this experience! I had a customer that had a similar situation where her auto-ship processed and shipped, she noticed the charge on her card before getting the products.

Being her consultant I took the responsibility to get her issues resolved quickly and as painless as possible. She received the package and sent it right back out. I had contacted support and a credit was issued within 2 hours.I think you should have contacted your consultant and maybe things would have been less painful, not saying you should have had to deal with that, to begin with.

But at this rate, I think your consultant should have taken action for you. Maybe a new consultant would be a better option, or having your consultant manage your account.


Try Mary Kay! No auto ship - just call, text, or jump on a consultant website to order individual items.

Personal delivery can be immediately to a few days. Need to return? Contact your personal beauty consultant and if she is the way the company operates you can get a refund, credit, or replacement lickity split without even having to return the product in most cases.

This is the way returns ought to be handled by a reputable company. After more than 20 years with Mary Kay I can't imagine better products and service.

to Marilyn Ford #1454361


to Marilyn Ford #1454819

You can also do that with r+f . However If you chose the replenishment program you get a discount. Also, it's very simple to delay your order..

to Anonymous #1456633

Oh that's BS

to Anonymous #1532555

Actually it is literally logging in to your account and clicking the mouse twice to delay as long as you like. I do it all the time.

to Dixie Sunshine #1592619

Yes, it's true. I delayed if I don't need the product yet. Sherri my consultant is very savvy about it.

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