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stop auto shipment of products

Hello, I have enjoyed using your products, but would like to stop the automatic shipment of the products. I would then order the product when I am almost out.

There are times when I have received the product and it causes a major problem with my finances. I would appreciate your immediate attention to this matter with this being settled for future product use.

3 answers
According to the Rodan & Fields PC Perks Terms and Conditions, you may cancel your Preferred Customer account anytime. Please follow the steps below:
  • Log into your PC Perks account;
  • Click “Change My PC Perks Status”;
  • Click “Delay or Cancel My PC Perks”.
Please note that this procedure shall be completed at least 5 business days prior to the shipment of your auto-replenishment order.
You will have to call the customer service # to cancel your account. Make sure you have your email address b/c they will ask for it or the card the order is being used
@PissedConsumer1505185 You can also call them to delay your order. My PCs always call to cancel/delay orders or just log into your account......There is never a problem when you call them.
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How is the eyelash crew to be applied? I am having some get in my eyes and it's quite irritating

I just want to know how to use the lash cream and how long does it take to grow beautiful lashes? I put the cream close to my eyes and occasionally it gets in my eyes and burns...

so Im doing something wrong... how is it applied is what I want to know!

1 answer
According to the information stated at, you should use R+F Lash Boost once daily in the PM, applying to the upper lash line only:
  • Remove makeup and cleanse face;
  • Dry eyelids and lashes completely;
  • Apply serum only along the upper lash line of both eyes. Dip the brush once per eye and wipe any excess product off the brush before applying;
  • Gently wipe off any excess serum from your eyelids or lashes;
  • Do not wash your face or eye area after applying and wait approximately 90 seconds for the serum to dry before going to sleep or applying other products around your eye area.

Based on an 8-week US clinical and consumer studying, percent of study participants who experienced an improvement in the appearance of:
  • 90% fuller-looking lashes;
  • 85% longer-looking lashes;
  • 63% darker-looking lashes.


Are your products tested on animals?

1 answer
According to the Rodan + Fields FAQs, they do not test their formulas on animals. They apply alternative in-lab test procedures and voluntarily paid participants to prove the efficiency of their merchandise.

Cancel my Consultancy

Can you assist me in closing my R&F consultant membership?

1 answer
According to the Pulse Business Management Tools Terms & Conditions, consultants may cancel their membership anytime by following the steps below:
  • Log into your account via the R+F corporate website;
  • In the My Account menu (the upper right corner of the screen) select “Manage CRP & PULSE”;
  • Follow the prompts to complete your cancellation.
  • Consultants may also cancel their PULSE Pro subscription by calling Sales Support at +1 (415) 273-****.

Please note that after cancellation, the subscription will remain active until the end of the billing cycle.

stop auto shipment of product

1 answer
According to the Rodan+Fields faqs, you may cancel your PC Perks Membership up to one day prior to your scheduled ship date. Please follow the steps below:
  • Log in to My Account;
  • Click on Profile;
  • Click on Cancel Membership and follow the on-screen prompts.

Please note that cancelling membership means cancelling all benefits associated with PC Perks.

allergic reaction to unblemish

my face where the acne was inflammed and turned into blisters and scabbed.

1 answer
According to Rodan + Fields FAQ page, anyone with an allergy of any kind should check out the list of ingredients with a healthcare professional in order to choose the right product. The list of ingredients can be found on the company website.
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