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These women just held their "conference" at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas, just blocks from the Mandalay Bay where dozens of people lost their lives just a few days earlier.They were partying it up like they had no cares.

Totally disrespectful. I had no idea who they were until I looked up Rodan and Fields and saw that it was an MLM. It all makes sense now.

If you're dumb enough to get involved in an MLM, you're dumb enough to party just blocks from where the worst mass shooting in US history occurred.I can't stand people like this.

I didn't like: Mlm consultants.


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Apparently you chose to let another attack on our country make you weak and give-up.Like the life those unfortunate people lost in Vegas, we should not lay down our own in respect, but drive ourselves harder to stand up and support our families and the live the life taken form the victims.

My friend was at that convention and cried the whole week prior to leaving for Vegas, knowing lives had been lost and who also witnessed 9/11. How dare you say they were disrespectful when you are disrespectful for making your judgements. These are working class moms and wives who work with Rodan and Fields as extra income on top of their full time jobs, you seem to not have that to worry about or care enough about. Work doesn't stop because people loose their life.

You keep living on, not making excuses to lie down and be weak like you are.Step up lady, and remember R+F doesn't need people like you to be the #1 skin care product in the U.S.

to Rachel #1398776

Are they working on top of their full time jobs?Bc the FB posts I see are all about financial freedom, owning your own business, being your own boss and being able to have more time to spend with family and friends.

Not one of them ever say do this on top of your current job. Bc that would completely negate the be your own boss and freedom this awesome opportunity presents.

Your "friend" was there and cried the entire week? Seriously?

I don't buy it. My "friends" that were there posted all kinds of poolside pics, pics of them by R&F step and repeats with photo props and all talked about the new products. I only saw 1 photo of the event where they took a moment of silence--which was perfunctory.

And you're right they don't need sales---nor will they get them from anyone on this board (bc we were taken by this company--hence why we are "pissed") when they have 180k duped and delusional women to keep them afloat.

Check out pinktruth.com and see how similar Mary Kay sleezy tactics are to R&F.

What's funny is that MK has been around decades longer than R&F and has less negative reviews on the BBB and on this site than R&F.Which is really interesting.

to Rachel #1399399

Maybe you're the one who needs to re-evaluate your mindset and get informed on just how misinformed you are about what when on there that tragic week!All of the pics I saw on social media had the RF women partying it up like it was the party of the century!....in the place where people were laying dead in the streets only hours prior!

If they are truly respectful people they would refrain from glorifying their trip on social media and tone it down a notch! Do you really think ppl wanted to see party pics in the exact streets where bloodshed was hours before?! I know others who had conferences there that week and they were respectful enough to not post so many pictures!

Get a clue dumbasses!

And for your info, RF is NOT the #1 skincare company.Euromonitor posted that result, the ONLY company that made that statement, and they have direct benefits into RF, hence why they made that claim.


You’re right, the conference location was announced at last year’s conference, 20,000 people had flights, reservations, arrangements and gave thou$$ands to the victims. I held my wedding the week after 9/11/91, what was I to do?

to 4Annonymous #1385303

Go ahead and hold the conference. But pull back the tone and cancel the parties and celebrations as nearly all of the other conferences did. Its just plain disrespectful not to.


My God! I just watched a video from a consultant who said the stories from the local Las Vegas Uber drivers put a damper on the conference. These people are sick.


They should have called off the conference and cut a deal with the hotel to donate all of the "revenue" from the conference to the disaster relief funds.Matching funds from the RF & Hotel corps and the donation would have been significant and would have helped.

PR would have been priceless for a company that needs good PR.

Instead their classlessness came out loud and clear with their "partying it up".Could have handled business via conf call or a mtg at one or more of these super rich entrepreneurs.


Just out of interest.What were you doing in Las Vegas?

Where were you when you witnessed the partying it up?

I assume that you were probably in said casinos too.Double standards me thinks!!!

to Anonymous #1378268

You "thinks" incorrectly. I work in Las Vegas as do many local residents.

to Anonymous #1379933

I was there for work.My company has a deal with the same hotel that hosted the conference.

It's a fortune 500, professional company. I did not go to casinos. All you have to do is check your fellow consultant's facebook pages to see the partying that went on during the conference. I saw plenty of posts.

So, no - no double standard. You still don't seem to get the point of the original post.

Optics during times like these are something professionals pay attention.Oh, and how about a little empathy and appropriate behavior.

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