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These women just held their "conference" at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas, just blocks from the Mandalay Bay where dozens of people lost their lives just a few days earlier. They were partying it up like they had no cares.

Totally disrespectful. I had no idea who they were until I looked up Rodan and Fields and saw that it was an MLM. It all makes sense now.

If you're dumb enough to get involved in an MLM, you're dumb enough to party just blocks from where the worst mass shooting in US history occurred. I can't stand people like this.

I didn't like: Mlm consultants.

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Apparently you chose to let another attack on our country make you weak and give-up. Like the life those unfortunate people lost in Vegas, we should not lay down our own in respect, but drive ourselves harder to stand up and support our families and the live the life taken form the victims.

My friend was at that convention and cried the whole week prior to leaving for Vegas, knowing lives had been lost and who also witnessed 9/11. How dare you say they were disrespectful when you are disrespectful for making your judgements. These are working class moms and wives who work with Rodan and Fields as extra income on top of their full time jobs, you seem to not have that to worry about or care enough about. Work doesn't stop because people loose their life.

You keep living on, not making excuses to lie down and be weak like you are. Step up lady, and remember R+F doesn't need people like you to be the #1 skin care product in the U.S.

to Rachel #1398776

Are they working on top of their full time jobs? Bc the FB posts I see are all about financial freedom, owning your own business, being your own boss and being able to have more time to spend with family and friends.

Not one of them ever say do this on top of your current job. Bc that would completely negate the be your own boss and freedom this awesome opportunity presents.

Your "friend" was there and cried the entire week? Seriously?

I don't buy it. My "friends" that were there posted all kinds of poolside pics, pics of them by R&F step and repeats with photo props and all talked about the new products. I only saw 1 photo of the event where they took a moment of silence--which was perfunctory.

And you're right they don't need sales---nor will they get them from anyone on this board (bc we were taken by this company--hence why we are "pissed") when they have 180k duped and delusional women to keep them afloat.

Check out pinktruth.com and see how similar Mary Kay sleezy tactics are to R&F.

What's funny is that MK has been around decades longer than R&F and has less negative reviews on the BBB and on this site than R&F. Which is really interesting.

to Rachel #1399399

Maybe you're the one who needs to re-evaluate your mindset and get informed on just how misinformed you are about what when on there that tragic week! All of the pics I saw on social media had the RF women partying it up like it was the party of the century!....in the place where people were laying dead in the streets only hours prior!

If they are truly respectful people they would refrain from glorifying their trip on social media and tone it down a notch! Do you really think ppl wanted to see party pics in the exact streets where bloodshed was hours before?! I know others who had conferences there that week and they were respectful enough to not post so many pictures!

Get a clue dumbasses!

And for your info, RF is NOT the #1 skincare company. Euromonitor posted that result, the ONLY company that made that statement, and they have direct benefits into RF, hence why they made that claim.


You’re right, the conference location was announced at last year’s conference, 20,000 people had flights, reservations, arrangements and gave thou$$ands to the victims. I held my wedding the week after 9/11/91, what was I to do?

to 4Annonymous #1385303

Go ahead and hold the conference. But pull back the tone and cancel the parties and celebrations as nearly all of the other conferences did. Its just plain disrespectful not to.


My God! I just watched a video from a consultant who said the stories from the local Las Vegas Uber drivers put a damper on the conference. These people are sick.


They should have called off the conference and cut a deal with the hotel to donate all of the "revenue" from the conference to the disaster relief funds. Matching funds from the RF & Hotel corps and the donation would have been significant and would have helped.

PR would have been priceless for a company that needs good PR.

Instead their classlessness came out loud and clear with their "partying it up". Could have handled business via conf call or a mtg at one or more of these super rich entrepreneurs.


Just out of interest. What were you doing in Las Vegas?

Where were you when you witnessed the partying it up?

I assume that you were probably in said casinos too. Double standards me thinks!!!

to Anonymous #1378268

You "thinks" incorrectly. I work in Las Vegas as do many local residents.

to Anonymous #1379933

I was there for work. My company has a deal with the same hotel that hosted the conference.

It's a fortune 500, professional company. I did not go to casinos. All you have to do is check your fellow consultant's facebook pages to see the partying that went on during the conference. I saw plenty of posts.

So, no - no double standard. You still don't seem to get the point of the original post.

Optics during times like these are something professionals pay attention. Oh, and how about a little empathy and appropriate behavior.


Products full of unhealthy ingredients. The "consultants" do not know how to match products correctly.

They bombard Facebook with pushy sales post's & ruin friendships over not purchasing. Your best bet is to go to a doctor & use medical grade product's from a doctor.


Beware of the incoming R&F consultants who just had their pep rally to conquer the world. You can expect the annoying Facebook posts about this opportunity.

All it takes is a few minutes to make a change and be your own boss, but why wait. Here it is.

Let's tell them about the opportunity now, shall we?

I really don't even know where to begin.

1.Before and after photos are done with different lighting, different angles and at times photoshopped.

That's not being held accountable, that's deceptive. And yes, that's trying to fool someone.

2. Are you aware that the products you peddle are no different than over the counter stuff at a fraction of the price?

You are not selling and/or using prescription strength. That's not exactly life changing. That's called ripping people off. 3.

It's not your business. Its someone else's. You're a salesperson working on a *** commission for a company that makes most of its sales from consultants that sell it. Yes, if all 180,000 consultants bought only a year supply of lash boost for $150, the company makes 180 million bucks, and I know you may not believe it but 99% of the business owning R&F consultants make under $10,000 for the year!

Sounds good, right? It's genius on the owners part, no high end store distribution fees, no insurance, brick and motar cost, not even a payroll really. Sorry, it will never be your business. Your own income disclosure states how little over 95% of consultants make.

Fact! Factor in the little income with the amount of product you buy, the website fee, your "free" samples consultants buy to give away and any trips that you have to pay for, your left withnone. But since it's "your business" please inform me of the turnover rate. Kindly supply your source when citing that information.

4.Your whole company is built on recruitment, which is why the company relies on the google Rodan and Fields scripts...btw way more people use those scripts than they will let on to. They're real and I've personally seen them verbatim on multiple people's Facebook page. I can understand why you wouldn't want to admit it, but don't lie. It makes you even less credible than you already are being a part of...

5.On the subject of MLMs. Are you aware of where MLM's came from? Probably not. You were likely recruited by someone who just told you about the amazing opportunity.

MLMs come from a long line of practices which are now illegal and you guessed it, MLM's will be outlawed. Pretty evident with the major FTC ruling against Herbalife. MLMs have origins in Ponzi schemes. From there they morphed into chain letters, direct sales and pyramid schemes.

That's some family to be associated with. 6. The vast majority have not attended medical school or business school. Therefore you have zero credibility and zero clue on the adverse effects and unethical violations many of your beloved consultants commit routinely.

7. You don't win a Lexus. It's leased in your name and under your insurance. Two things, he monthly lease approximately $600-$700 a month is taken straight from your downlines sales.

Fail to make the month quota and your stuck with the bill. Which makes perfect sense why some would resort to deception to avoid fronting the bill. Secondly, you and your lesased Lexus are used as bait to recruit more people. Still think it's your own business?

8. R&f is not the number one skincare. Maybe according to Euromonitor which any business can fund their own study that yields very specific results. In other words, you buy the results you want.

Euromonitor is associated with many MLM. You don't see any other major company cite Euromonitor. 9. You are not being honest with yourself (if you really believe what your saying) and others which is disturbing because most of your early recruits are friends and family.

Hopefully they're not reading the truth about how they're being used by you to elevate yourself in the pyramid shaped business you're in. 10. Recap- it's not your own business. You don't own anything except the bills and the burden of pushing this stuff on others while you try to recruit.The products are average at a premium price, which I would define as a ripoff.Sleep tight!

Ps- it's been brought up in the previous conversation regarding the validity of Euromonitor. My sources tell me it's not very scientific (at least the R&F study that claims them to be number 1) from my understanding studies can be funded to support a claim. Data is easily manipulated- also found that google searches can be manipulated to hide negative info on a company for a price. Not saying google is complicit but searches can be skewed.

Similar to how herbal life bought out all the tickets for Betting on Zero. So you had sold out shows with zero audience. It's very telling about the lengths some will go to to bury info from the public.

MLM also has a very rich and powerful lobbying group in DC to make sure companies can stay a step ahead of any progressive laws. That's where a lot of this money goes - not to the consultants who burned every bridge to reach a goal that isn't attainable.

to Sally Fax #1394969

2016: Randf has 286,709 cons. 43.72% made $0, 33.79% made $1-1,000, 17.09% made $1,000 - $5,000.


So, not a single review of their product. Your reviews are useless

to Anonymous #1377518

Are you really that stupid? Being uneducated is one thing but being stupid is just dumb.

This is a pissed consumer site. And, the bottom line is we are not talking about products and services in this review, anyway. The initial post is a comment on the crassness of these consultants "partying it up" in the shadow of the worst mass casualty event in modern history of USA. SHOULD HAVE BEEN CALLED OFF.

Especially since you such a big customer relations problem already.

And, if these 5 figure monthly income ladies can't afford to lose their deposits then the 2 founders who are worth about a billion should gave cut a check. So glad this nightmare will be over in the USA in a few years - just like every other bogus MLM


Oh, yes - been seeing all of these losers posting party pics. I know several other professionals (i.e.

real professionals) who have been to Vegas since the shooting and not one has posted "party it up" pictures. Some of the RF did repost someone's "Pray for Vegas" post and then went on to post their party pics. Disgusting and inappropriate. I agree with one poster who says Vegas needs visitors and revenue, but what does that have to do with be reverent?

Why do they post the pictures? Because they are so desperate for money.

And so dumb to think people will join their pyramid scheme because they are whooping it up a couple of days in Vegas after 58 people lost their lives. Desperate is the key word here.


On the contrary, you are the ignorant ones.

After this tradgety, LV and it's residents NEED the support of any and all visitors. I saw many photos of the girls bringing food and coffee to first responders when they arrived and paying tribute to out fallen before they left town.

They brought light and love into LV when it was MOST needed.

I'm not even going to imagine how much money these girls brought to town and the boost they had for the economy (these girls LOVE to shop and spend copious amounts of money).

Did you feel the same about the Electronic Retailing Convention?

Are you doing anything to stop the ABC Kids Expo? IMEX America?

Disclaimer: I am not and have never been a R+F consultant and haven't purchased the products in over 2 years.

What have you done to actually HELP the pople of LV?

to Lauren Martin #1376931

Hmmm. Never an R&F consultant and haven't used the products in years but here you are on an R&F pissed consumer site singing the ladies praises.

$$GTFO$$. Another coincidence is the Lauren Martin tweeting the pure joys of lash boost in Sept tweets. Maybe a media type trying to polish their image. Whatever??

It won't work. They are people who take advantage of other people for money. And, THERE ARE pictures of them partying less than 1 week after this sheer evil. Most people would call this tasteless.

You try to defend it which says a lot about you. LV needs thoughtfulness more than anything.

You and these MLM schemers show anything but kindness. Money just can't buy class.

to Lauren Martin #1377031

You may be right but that's not what I saw.

to Lauren Martin #1377193

Oh so now R&F isn't only changing lives in the area of skin care but they're helping Las Vegas now too? Do you even understand how ridiculous you sound?

You're seriously bragging about how much money R&F consultants bring to town when in your own income disclosure states that 98% make less then $10,000 a year before taxes and expenses, and oh yeah the trip you had to pay for. It's sad but the reality that you have been brainwashed to believe that you're actually doing good when in reality you're destroying friends and family relationships just to enrich those at the top of your triangle. Sorry dear, you are truly living in a fantasy world. The stuff you sell is ordinary at best sold for extraordinary prices.

It has impacted real people. I guess we can expect more of this alternative reality being that there was a few R&F conventions that filled your head with more junk. You've been likely reassured that what you're doing is right and people like me are just being negative. Please wake up.

It's not too late. Do research, outside of R&F research.

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