I've been using R and F products for over a year and a half now. I have extremely acne prone skin.

It sucks but Unblemish has been a life saver for me! I'm in my mid 30's now and don't have teenage looking skin. I have tried moving to Reverse but my acne does flare up after a few weeks. All I do is go back to my Unblemish.

Lashboost has made my lashes go from pretty to Holy Cow!!!

The only complaint I have is that they hit my sunglasses and my mascara smudges my lenses, lol.

I decided to finally become a consultant because I believe in what these products can do.

Are the products for everyone? No but that doesn't mean they aren't for anyone.

Reason of review: Good quality.

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You could also go to a real dermatologist and get acne medication with prescription strength. The unblemish is like Clearasil at CVS just 10x the price.

Ingredients in unblemish exactly the same. LOL.

Regarding Lashboost, yes it works according to people but will kill your eyes. Smart people know that , why they’re on board with the massive lawsuit to hopefully get Lashboost off the market!

to Anonymous #1604041

First of all, if you read the ingredient list you would know they are not the same. Unblemish contains zero salicylic acid, unlike all of the drug store acne products.

Second, I've tried prescription grade dermatology products that never worked. I've done peels, retin a, benzoyl peroxide, etc.... I've tried every drug store acne wash. Nothing worked.

With regards to lashboost...... it usually helps if people don't put on a bunch. Just a small swipe one time at night. A little does a lot.

I haven't had any issues in the year and half using this product. I still have 15/20 vision which I had before using lashboost. When used properly the products work. I used the prescription and OTC products correctly, but guess what.....

they didn't work for me. As stated in my original post, the products won't work for EVERYONE but that doesn't mean they're not for ANYONE.

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