I signed on as a consultant with R&F and purchased the Reverse line and the the Redefine line as well at the Acute Care patches for expression lines.

I have to laugh at the fuss being made by R&F for the Acute Care WAY overpriced expression line patches.

After you sleep with them on, sure, your expression lines are flattened but it's a smoke and mirror show because after making the motions in your face again throughout the day, the lines come back - Acute Care DOES NOT make them GO AWAY. If you want to erase your expression lines use Botox and honestly, for the money, Botox is completely and totally effective and if administered by a doctor you can write it off in your income tax in Canada at least. Comparatively, price wise, Acute Care only gives you 10 sets of patches in a box at a cost of $190 a box Canadian. This doesn't even cover you for a months use.

Botox is effective for 4 - 6 months and you only pay for the amount needed to get the desired result in the required facial area. With Botox YOU WILL see a lessening/softening in your expression lines but injectable products are a personal preference that not everyone is comfortable with.

Location: Hamilton, Ontario

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Obviously you didn't read the instructions or read files in your pulse about Acute Care. The files clearly state that Acute care does NOT work on everyone - no product works on every single person.


Acute Care can be used in the eye area for both crows feet and under the eye.

Some feel it is unsafe to get Botox there due to damage that can be done to tear production. It can also cause issues smiling and laughing some doctors will refuse to administer it near the eye.

Also, there are people who would like to look good and dislike needles.

This was created as a safe alternative for people in the above situations.

There are 10 packs that are used 3x a week for 4 weeks. The routine is M,W,F M,W,F M,W,F,M 10 uses over a month and the results when paired with the Redefine regimen can last up to 12 weeks.

The price at $190 a box over a 3 month period would average about $64 a month.

I think this is worth a try for people and doctors against Botox and Fillers near the eye. Also only a percentage of people respond to this product if you do not see results after the first use, it is unlikely this will work for you hence the money back guarantee!

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