I purchased the products, Lash Booster and Soothe products for my 78-year old mother to try because she is so worried about her looks (BTW she's GORGEOUS and looks like she's 50!!). I specifically asked my representative REPEATEDLY if the products were refundable, "Yes for 60 days" was the response.

I said, "Even if I sign up as a distributor?" "Yes for 60 days" was the response. She then told me that she had purchased a rather large kit with some of the products in it that I was going to order for my MOTHER (additionally I ordered $400+ for myself) and that I could "help" her out by buying hers. My mother has chronic dry-eye and her homeopathic AND her PCP AND her eye specialist have all told her that she is to use NO products on her face/eyes because of her condition (which could make her go blind). I repeatedly texted/Facebook PMed/called my rep and they weren't available to address any situations.

Finally I just said, "I'm returning everything from mom." Not surprisingly, the phone begins ringing and they're magically available. Sorry, I don't play like that -- it's unprofessional and shows no level of concern for your clients. We ARE returning the products; HOWEVER, now the lady wants to give me a guilt-trip because "those were my personal products and I can't return them or get my money back." Well honey, maybe you should have said that BEFORE you sold them to me.

You didn't. I expect a full refund.

Product or Service Mentioned: Rodan And Fields Lash Boost Serum.

Reason of review: Return, Exchange or Cancellation Policy.

Monetary Loss: $600.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

Rodan And Fields Cons: Being lied to or mislead.

Location: 60 Spear St #600, San Francisco, CA 94105, USA

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Some *** consultants give the company a bad rep but that doesn't define the company or all consultants within. I've had incredible customer service I've received refunds on two separate regimens that I bought for family members one was used completely and the other was used twice but there was no questions asked and my Consultant handled everything.

The only reason these products were returned and refunds were requested was because one was my aunt who just didn't like the multi-step process and the other was because my sister claimed she didn't notice a difference in her wrinkles but four months later people have told her that her skin looks so much younger and firmer and I've personally heard her say "thanks I tried Rodan and Fields you should try it" so I think she pulled a fast one... But all in all incredible experience with them but from experience in DS- purchasing from a reputable Consultant makes all the difference and you need to be sure you have someone who knows the value of customer service who isn't necessarily a "seller" but a "consultant" in the true meaning of the word.


I am a consultant, and I would never do that to someone! I'm horrified for you, I'm so sorry that happened.


Your 100% able to return the products. Sorry your consultant lied to you, that makes the rest of us look bad.

60 days to return weather your a consultant or a customer.

Sometimes they will give you a little longer than 60 days too. Corporate would even schedule fed ex to pick it up for you at no charge.


Bull ***. R&f claims they did not get the package back and are not refunding my 300. Dollars.


Did you track the package. If so, you have proof of delivery.

If not, well....you should have.

I personally don't believe it.

R&F is very reputable, they back their products and they honour their very generous return policy. After researching some of the claims, most are found to be BS.


Did you know that according to the ICCA Global Petition Against MLM, a common practice by MLM companies is:

Delaying or making it difficult for participants to stop charges to their credit cards for “auto-orders” and making return of goods contingent on quitting the business and losing accrued payments.

Your issue seems to be consistent with many.


Welcome to the world of Rodan and Fields. Do and say anything to get the sale, and then come up with all sorts of excuses not to refund the merchandise if you are unsatisfied.

All MLMs operate this way.

Threaten to sue the rep if you don't get your money back. That usually works.


Threatening to sue is one tactic. I say sue the rep and that will work for you and several others.

Good Luck to you and spread the word. It's time we stop this scheme that is ruining friendships & family relationships.

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