Started using Reverse Regimen on 6/1/2015 after 9 weeks I have not seen any change in my face. I understand some times it may take a little longer but I don't see any difference in my skin not even 1% better.

I used #3 and to reorder this one item is $98.00, really!! So now I need to order another kit at $175.00. Don't think so. I have returned what was left of my kit.

Since it was close to the date of return (60 days) I have spent another $32.00 to overnight package.

I look forward to my credit and not have to post pictures of NO RESULT after 9 weeks of usage not 6 weeks as company reports.. I

Reason of review: Not as described/ advertised.

Monetary Loss: $239.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

Location: Wildwood, Florida

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I have used the redefine and zero results . huge rip off as far as I’m concerned


Sorry you won’t see results. Products are loaded with chemicals which will only make your skin worse in long run.

Ingredients in RF are no different than drug store brands. My friend who sells this junk admitted reverse sunscreen doesn’t even work!!!

What does that tell you?! Scam!!!


That's stinks- I've been using Reverse for 3 weeks and have seen about 50% improvement and I also use the eye cream and my results on that are so astounding!. Perhaps Reverse wasn't the Regimen you needed.


Why did you use only #3 and not the regimen in the prescribed order. The products are made to work together.


Do you have malasma?


Don't fall for this scheme!!! My cousin was trying to sell me this *** in addition to trying to recruit me.

I asked her if I can buy just the tube of reverse cream. She insisted that I buy the entire set as they were meant to "work together". What BS!!! I was not going to hand over $180 plus a monthly membership of $30!

I knew it was a pyramid selling scheme. I can go to Target and buy myself a bottle of Oil of Olay for less than $10!!


You didn't have to go to all that trouble to return everything overnight. You could have emailed their Customer Service and told them and as long as the shipping receipt was dated within that 60 days guarantee, they would have honored it.

I've been a customer for a long time and it's been the best blessing. I have learned I can trust them explicitly and have never been disappointed. Best Products and best customer service. Everyone is different and so is your skin but it sounds like you didn't have a good consultant or you didn't take advantage of the nurses hotline and get their advice.

Also, if you didn't take a before photo or your skin and then track it at 1 month like the box tells us to do and see if there's a good difference then you can't really tell just from looking in the mirror. If you didn't take advantage of all the perks and benefits this company offers then your complaint is very unfair and unjust. That's so crazy!

People just want to complain and gripe and fuss even when it's unwarranted! Give it a break!


There is a reason it is packaged AND guaranteed in a 60 day supply. It sometimes takes that long for results.

In fact, my son had cystic acne and it took 2 rounds of Unblemish and his face is acne free! You are part of the 1/2 of 1% that is returned.

I guest there are those who you just can't please. :(


You have to use the whole group within one of the regimens. They cannot guarantee the same results with just 1 or 2 of the items in isolation.

I do understand though.

I've seen improvements in the dullness part, but age spots are the same.


#3 in reverse is not $98 and you don't have to order the entire kit. After only 9 weeks (has it really been 9 weeks?) you shouldn't be out of products. Again, you have to be paying attention and need a consultant that helps you pick products and know how to use them.

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