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I think it’s ridiculous how all of the consultants of RF think it’s earth shattering when any new product is released! Very well-developed beauty products take months in the making with high-end skincare companies, and they are released all the time without a big hype!

The latest, RF body hydration serum? Who cares!

Tons of products out there like that including at your local drugstore

Company is a joke!!! Over priced garbage with average results at best!

Product or Service Mentioned: Rodan And Fields Serum.

Reason of review: Not as described.

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If you read about the body replenish product you'll see that it has 30% glycerin in it while other products only have about 3%. So it is a big deal and not like other products.


Ummm, have you tried it to know it's a joke? So what if people are excited about the new products, why do you have to be so angry about it? Some of us believe in many of these products, and not all of us sell it.

to Anonymous #1577393

This is a complete ridiculed statement on just how poor RF is all around ...company business practices, products, consultants. I don’t think her statement portrays any anger... just disbelief how dumb the company sounds when new products we released...lol


I don’t know that u are talking about. I love the products.


Odd, the Rodan + Fields Lightener really worked for me. TLC, Algonquin, ILType your message here

to Anonymous #1577394

Oddly enough hydroniquoine is a skin lightener in all RF products which causes skin cancer over time. hydroniquoine Is banned in Europe FYI... be smarter , do your research on the stuff you put on your skin!


Completely false

Wow, some is a little jealous!!! Rodan and Fields is the number brand in the US.

Must be doing something right.

If you can't beat them join them. :)
to Anonymous #1561305

Jealous?! Are you kidding?

Sorry but they’re not number one. Euromonitor was the only company to report that because RF pays them for advertising! RF has a huge spike in sales last year because all of the trolling consulants are buying the products! Lashboost...150,000 consultants buying a tube at $80 a wack...you do the math!

So much better skincare products out there without all the nasty chemicals and lawsuits brewing. This is one shady MLM pyramid scheme.

Run, don’t walk! Maybe all of these brewing lawsuits on the *** products will finally be their downfall No surprise they never succeeded in Consumer stores....

to Anonymous #1574815

All I can say is that you are very uninformed. You sound very bitter for some reason.

Also, please do your research on what a pyramid scheme is versus a MLM company. If you don’t like the products then ok but why the anger that you seem to be projecting? I’ve been using the products for years and I’ve seen the results and I love my Rodan Fields products. I have many friends who love their products as well.

It is exciting when new products are launched because we believe in the products and we believe in the company.

Why not take your negativity and turn it into something positive? Life is too short to be full of so much anger.

to Anonymous #1595820
I couldn't agree more...what a fantastic reply ! Sounds to me like she may work for a competitor.

My friend is my consultant, and I know she doesn't buy lash boost for $80 :( How sad to see the previous anonymous posts. Interesting she didn't show her name.
to Anonymous #1561309

I don’t think she’s jealous...she speaks the truth! With all the RF consultants I know their skin hasn’t improved at all!

Many have stopped those regimens and gone back to their old ones.

An RF friend admitted the Reverse sunscreen is horrible and went back to her old brand. Keep drinking the RF brainwashing koolaid lady !

to Anonymous #1568936

This again...sigh. When they back out the numbers from required consultant kits and monthly purchases—they are not #1. Johnson and Johnson and Estée Lauder beat RF for drugstore as well as premium when you use apples to apples sales comparisons.

to Anonymous #1578439

I don’t have a dog in this fight. Lol.

I dont use the products and dont sell it or anything. I was just wondering for you and others on here that are saying that this person is wrong or mistaken that the products are great and all that. So why are you on this site under Rodan and Fields pissed consumer. I promise I am not being rude.

I just wanted to understand. Thank you.


Wow.. kinda harsh.

I love their regimens and the consultants are hyped to show support and because they know the products work.

Besides I think it’s great because it shows they believe in the company. How many consultants do you know gets excited about their own products?

to Anonymous #1562307

Pay no mind to small minded individuals. They probably work for some small trivial company and making a horrible living at it.


I use the products and unlike other skincare , they work!!! No other companies show such before and after as R+F do!!!

The products last months. I have a eye cream for eye wrinkles I’ve had for 6 months!!!

to Lynda Davidson #1560925

Really? Before and after pics ?

Biggest joke ever...those pics are altered beyond reality! Even birthmarks seem to ‘disappear’. Whole company is a scam of relentless uneducated consultants who think they know skincare. Stay away from MLMs!!!

Btw...98% of RF consultants make less than 10,000 a year. Hilarious....


Check the ingredients of this wonder product before spending your hard earned money! Be a smart consumer.


Yes! Exactly!

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