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I began using the Reverse Brightening complex abut a 5 weeks ago. Used as directed, every other day at first, then daily and twice daily by week three.

I began to experience discomfort inside my nose similar to exposure to very hot, dry air. This condition got worse each day and was so uncomfortable that I was coating the inside of my nose with Vaseline. I couldn't understand why my nose was so irritated as I live in a moist climate and don't have allergies. More importantly, my eyes which are easily irritated by dry air and pollutants, were fine.

I also developed an open sore on the end of my nose, which i attributed to the Reverse product.

The rest of my face was fine, so I just stopped applying to the tip of my nose. But, the nasal irritation was still there. That's when it dawned on me that perhaps the Reverse products were seeping into my sinuses.

I stopped apply Reverse to any part of my nose, and within a day the irritation subsided. Within two days it was gone.

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You had a nasal herpes outbreak. Nothing to do with the product.

to Renee #1501115

So amazing that you can diagnose her from an Internet post. You R&F reps are incredible.

to Anonymous #1502061

Lol...she’s an idiot!

to Renee #1501201

You’re a typical Brain washed RF sales consultant who thinks you are an estetchian and can give worthy skincare advice. give me a break!

I am an estetchian and have never seen so much crap in products. You will age beyond your years if you continue to use these nasty chemical filled products!

to Anonymous #1501404

Don't you mean "Esthetician"??? It seems to me that if you were one, you'd know how to spell it... lol

to Anon #1502064

Typo moron .Yes been an esthetician for 20 years, and a very successful one!

to Anonymous #1503813

I mean, R+F is created by Dermatologists who have more formal education that an esthetician. I'd like to think Clinically Proven means something still regarding your "age beyond your years - nasty chemical filled products" without backing comment. I also hope you clean with all organic products and eat only organic also to practice what you make irrational comments against.

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