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At a show with R and F I bought three of their products and was told at the R and F presentation that if i didn't like the products they would refund my money and pay for shipping and handling. Well, I had an allergic reaction with my eye swelling due to their product and I called them and they said to send it back ( it was within 2 weeks of purchasing the items) and they'd refund me the complete cost ( which was $230.50) I received $207 back and they did NOT pay for the S & H!

Not happy with this company at all.

The shipping came to almost $11.00. Lost nearly $40

Reason of review: Did not receive full price paid nor shipping and handling cost.

Monetary Loss: $3337.

Preferred solution: Pay back to me the amount spent! 10.71 for shipping and 22.66 or total of $33.37 Thank you.

Rodan And Fields Cons: Promise to totally refund if sent back within 60 days.

Location: Wheaton, Illinois

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Wow, such negative reviews about customer service! First of all, Rodan and Fields is all about customer service.

All I can say is shame on your consultant. I would of personally paid out of my pocket for the shipping and handling. More importantly, I would of have went through the return process for my customer.

Not rocket science! Some people are meant to be consultants some are not!


Wow, just wow. Now the consultant should pay out of her pocket?

That's really bad marketing for becoming a consultant, if your company won't have your back. What a scam.


Rodan + Fields never pays the shipping and handling. It is not stated anywhere that the company covers your shipping and handeling. If your consultant told you that the company covers it, then the Consultant should pay the difference.


The R and D did finally pay for the "perks" initiative that I didn't want anyway. They paid for everything except the S & H and tax of sending the products back to them.

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