I have been seeing the sales pitch from someone via Facebook for YEARS. One of those "I-have-replaced-my-income-and-I-am-supermom-and-by-the-way, my-husband-is-a-pastor, so-nevermind-that-i-am-selling-totally-vain-first-world-items, I-am-so-blessed-to-be-part-of-such-an-AH-MAZ-ING-company-that-empowers-women-so-join-my-team!!!!!!!!!!!!

#whatijustsaid #messageme". Honestly, I have no problem being sold something from someone who proclaims to be either vain or deeply religious, but I cannot tolerate both at the same time. They. Are.

Incongruous. Wolf-in-sheep's-clothing kind of thing. And when you tap into both for your marketing (which by definition is who you pretend to be on Facebook), it's just beyond sick. And don't even think about telling me that there is scripture to back this up.

Because there isn't. And the fact that you're fleecing your flock is just unconscionable. #Iknowatheistswithbetterethics I had seen all of the before and after posts (that she makes once a week) and had always easily recognized that the lighting/exposure and (usually) facial expressions, maybe angles, were significantly different. Yes, there may have been an increase in hydration, but so will laying off the soda or alcohol and switching to the prescribed gallon of water a day, or even just putting on dimestore moisturizer immediately after you shower.

But today... today, on this week's #transformationtuesday I saw a 38-year-old "before" picture beside a 43-year-old "after" picture. Very pretty woman, of Asian or native american descent, with the subsequent genetics already on her side and beautiful regardless of her age or wrinkles. The marketing was, "5 years older, but look 5 years younger" thing.

Made up in the after picture with a "no-makeup-makeup" look. But the clincher was that, as I happened to shift my position to accommodate the cat that was sitting behind me, lo and behold, THE SHADOWS AND PIXELLATION FROM MICROSOFT PICTURE GALLERY EDITING SHOWED UP ON THE "AFTER" PICTURE. I know this because I've tried it on pictures of myself. Above her right eye, across her forehead, on what would have been the crow's feet on her left eye and beneath her jaw on her left.

Also, her forehead is noticeably longer, despite the filled-in, over-arched brows, which tells me that the ponytail is waaaay tighter than it looks. So I scrolled back to change the angle & look more critically at previous posts and MORE. ARE. LIKE.

THAT. THAN. NOT. Honestly, I thought it was bad enough that these "entrepreneurs" relentlessly tapped into their "friends" for sales or "business partners", but these outright LIES, compounded by their ingredients (hydroquinone, anyone?) pushed me to the edge.

It makes me furious to see a company and its representatives lie, but in the case of this woman (and so many more of her kind via a quick internet search), it is shameful that anyone, especially a person who calls herself a woman of faith, would dare participate in this marketing strategy. #wouldjesusselllashboost?

Product or Service Mentioned: Rodan And Fields Sales Representative.

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R+F and Limelight (Their reviews rival these R+F reviews) reps are THE absolute worst and shadiest out there. These people have no ethics or morals and are all about money, money, money at all costs.

That's not what an MLM company should be about. I know Posh reps, Young Living and doTerra reps, and Avon reps who are nothing like these vultures.


Greetings and happy holidays. I am all about giving, so here are more sources for you all to read and consider.

Come to your own conclusions.

False Profits by Robert Fitzpatrick


The Likelihood of MLM Success

Success Rates and Tips for MLM Business

https://www.thebalance.com/the-likelihood-of-mlm-success-179**** Consumer Awareness Institute The Case (for and) against Multi-level Marketing By Jon M. Taylor, MBA, Ph.D.

https://www.ftc.gov/sites/default/files/documents/public_comments/trade-regulation-rule-disclosure-requirements-and-prohibitions-concerning-business-opportunities-ftc.r511***-*****%C2%A0/00017-5****.pdf Pyramid Schemes Aren’t Sexy – The Guilt Driven Psychology Behind Pure Romance (about MLM’s) http://www.vegandogfood.co/pyramid-schemes-arent-sexy-the-guilt-driven-psychology-behind-pure-romance/ Fake Before and After https://www.reddit.com/r/antiMLM/comments/70oovz/another_deceptive_rodan_fields_before_and_after/ https://thats-normal.com/2017/02/everyone-hates-your-mlm-an-introduction/ Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/Rodan-Fields-is-a-scam-163005****316104/?ref=nf Rodan + Fields Scam? Yes It Is In My Opinion http://ethanvanderbuilt.com/2017/10/20/rodan-fields-scam-yes-opinion/


this company is brainwashing so many womans with chemicals skin care products and recruiting people in the business. Their focus is wholesale over retailing which is redflag. I called this a scam.


Thank you for warning other people to the big lies of Randf!

You really have to wonder what they have different from all the world’s other companies??

Zip. 0.0.0.

The ingredients are all available elsewhere at least at 4 to 5 times less?

And gainfully employee people within safe structures.

What kind of physician services are now marketed on kid facebook venues?

Research why the other counter company broke away— a slanted story, again?

No doctor-patient relationship either. Dishonest.


MLM’s such as this are a house of cards. No matter what the creative spin might suggest, it is not a solid entity.

The risk involves a 98% failure. Even that is misleading because the top 2% is packed to capacity so the likelihood of getting there is about 0.1%.

As far as the actual products “working” - a lot of products can be effective in moisturizing your skin at a fraction of the cost. You will need a daily regiment no matter what if that is your aim.

Wouldn’t it make more sense to find a cheaper, potentially safer alternative that you can financially sustain over a period of time.

Food for thought.


Yes, like over a 10 years? Over 20 years?

Over 30 years? Over 40 years? Over 50years?

Men, women children?

They market to a more moneyed person who is already skin care conscious— so it has a good basis and always looks better!

Economically stable and able to expiriment and take losses.

Pyramids rely on profiting from their sellers, yea.

That is why there are all these complications, twists, turns, etc to hide the reality.

So, thanks again for your good and clear thoughts.

Pyramid. Period.


The whole scheme is a web of lies and deceit aimed at keeping the sellers misinformed and yet determined to reach this visage of being your own boss and attaining financial freedom. Psst.

It's only an illusion. Another element of the web is the phony concept of cutting out the middle man and you reaping the financial benefits. That's not true either, as this multi billion company grows and expands more and more people make less money, leaving many with very little when this realization occurs. No money, no friends and badly strained relationships.

The other dynamic at play is the fact that people continue to believe they MLM companies such as this provides a inquiry opportunity to get your hands on a "miracle product" i.e. Reverse aging, weight loss without work, "amazing lashes" etc. it's laughable when I hear that something is so good but you can only get it here. This once in a lifetime product can be all yours for the price of (fill in the blank) and if you act now you can get two for the price of one, separate processing.

Ever wonder why? Could it be that the product isn't worth nearly close to what it's selling, and these deals actually get you spend more on a product that is already overpriced. The obvious objective is squeeze money out. Why do these companies ever last?

Why are more MLM companies swept up by bigger companies and go legit? Because it's too good? Come on, do you really believe in any of this? Bottom line is these MLM products find life in preying on the insecurities of people (aging, weight, looks) there are no short cuts, and most come with a cost, as you see with lash boost, scams, steroids etc..

companies such as this one thrive in environments of lies, deceit, pressure and visages. The secret for companies like this is the packaging - it looks appealing, but the actual inside stinks. It's like renting a movie with a cover that looks great, but you watch and wish you didn't. It's a knock off, gold plated and a lousy misrepresentation.

The strategy they often implore is to treat skepticism with skepticism. Dimiss information as being negative and motivated by jealousy. Create division by conjuring up this Us vs. Them to distract from what's really going on.

Great post! I think you painted a very accurate representation of the reality.


Yes. So well-said.


Randf takes you back to the Safe Child routine that everyone experiences.

Randf sellers relate to that and shuck off any challenge.

Randf parents will keep them safe.

If you refuse the Pyramid, it is because of the N.e.g.a.t.i.v.i.t.y.!! Not the R.e.a.l.i.t.y.?? Randf not real parents— they care not about you, your family, or anything.

Randf does not teach you to balance your books! Randf talks the posh talk of “you will make money in the future and it is tax deductible.”

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