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Lash boost made my lashes long and dark. It also made my skin dark and gave me a sunken in eye look.

It is made from a synthetic version of latisse which does the same thing. I have aged ten years in 7 weeks. But I have lashes.

NOT WORTH IT! RF needs to put warnings on their products

Product or Service Mentioned: Rodan And Fields Lash Boost Serum.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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I have raccoon eyes too - have discontinued lash boost and am hoping to return to normal- my eyes itch and burn continuously also...


I also gave darker circles but I wear makeup daily and problem solved! I have very long lashes that i Love and i use an under eye concealer.

Ive read these reviews and I think ‘you want long lashes snd you dont want to wear alittle makeup?’ I dont get it. Love my lashes!


You are one sad shallow consumer to sacrifice your black eye circles for great lashes?? Do you have any idea what you’re doing to your skin by using these products?

By the way, there’s a massive lawsuit against lash boost case you haven’t heard. Use a great mascara and call it a day!


If I stop using the last boost does any one know if the dark sunken eye effect goes away? I’m 55 daughter 18 both have experienced same dark circles


With discontinued use, yes. But it may take months before dark circles disappear.


My dark circles in the crease of my eyes have not gone away and it has been months and months! Any input as to how to get rid of it~


Oh my goodness, I just noticed the same. I thought I was going crazy.

I never had sunken in eyes or dark circles...I also have hair on my cheek bones. Does this go back to normal????


Did your eyes return to normal after stoping use?


I agree prior to lash boost I tried latisse it gave me dark circles so bad I stopped using it and then tried lash boost well guess what - dark circles raccoon eyes!


I disagree strongly. Lash Boost is the only product that has given me long and healthy lashes.

Don't be put off- give it a try for yourself. I've used this product and have enjoyed long and thick lashes since May of 2017.

I don't have anything to gain financially by this comment, I just want to comment that I am thrilled with the product and at 61, my eyes look great again.I also want to say that I was diagnosed with dry eye back in 2013. This product does NOT bother my eyes at all.


Wow so happy to find all these reviews! I just started as a consultant 1 month ago and I went from glowing radiant skin to looking like I’m dying of a disease.

Glad to know it is the lash boost. I’ll discontinue. I’m loving my lashes but totally not worth it.

I’ll just stick to the radiant skin Rodan + Fields is giving me! Thanks y’all :)


And yes I admit I was over applying! Lol I thought the more the faster/better it would work.

I did notice less irritation and dark circles the less I applied but still not worth it.

I want to keep my eyes to watch my kids grow. Eye lashes are irrelevant.


I am completely freaked out as I just noticed hair on my cheekbones today and I've had terrible dark circles under my eyes. I started googling and found this string.

I only started using lash boost about a month ago. Does anyone know if the hair and dark circles go away after you stop using the product???


I’m curious if this changed when you quit using it. I finally figured out this is what my eyes appeared dark as well. I stopped using it, but only 24 hours ago!


I was so excited to try RF regimen and especially lashboost. My face reacted to the regimen within days with rash, thickening of skin & even made wrinkles between my eyes more pronounced.

But I though I was fine and kept up with lash boost & my dream of long lashes. Then a few days ago, around the 2 week mark of using my eyes were super sunken... I paid attention to hydrating and sleep habits, but the eyes still looked bad. And my kids have kind of taken on a slightly darker color.

I look sickly & dehydrated or under weight (even though I am currently pregnant and up 12 pounds - so there is no lack of fat going on in my body. I did a little web research and found this. I am stopping right away with using lash boost.

I am sad it isn’t gonna work for me, but I am also scared of what it has done to me and what else could happen if I kept on using. Disappointed and also feeling bugged that this side effect doesn’t seem to be listed!




I have been using R & F Lash Boost for 5-1/2 weeks now. It was given to me as a gift.

I have started noticing dark circles appearing around my eyes; and today they looked so bad that I decided to look on the Internet for reviews of this problem. Definitely found some answers! R&F Lash Boost contains isopropyl cloprostenate (a synthetic prostaglandin analog) which can cause, among other side effects, atrophy of the fatty tissue in the skin around the eyes--thus, the dark circles.I am immediately stopping use of the R&F Lash Boost and hoping that the skin around my eyes returns to normal.

While I have experienced some eye lash growth, it is not worth continuing the use of the product. R&F product ingredients' lists seem to have so many "unpronounceable " chemicals!


Sounds like you are over applying. Should only be applied to upper lash line and very sparingly.

Swipe, wipe apply. A little goes a very long way.


Prostaglandin lowers occular fat.Masculanizes your hair follicles.Darkens hazel or light brown eyes. Causes hair growth.Darkens skin.Leaves permanent dry eye damages.Stopusing.

Save it and receipt for litigation. Take pictures.The amateur sales force bad advice is how the “doctors” avoid responsiblity.These women are on their sixties by now.So sad.


I am so sad that under my eyes have also turned black ! I look like I’m constantly tired or have smeared mascara underneath my eyes!!

Every time I sneeze my eye twitches something fierce! Ugh!

How do we get rid of this under eye blackness?? Obviously I will stop the usage and I will not be buying any other product to help what this product has already done!