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Lash boost made my lashes long and dark.It also made my skin dark and gave me a sunken in eye look.

It is made from a synthetic version of latisse which does the same thing. I have aged ten years in 7 weeks. But I have lashes.

NOT WORTH IT!RF needs to put warnings on their products

Review about: Rodan And Fields Lash Boost Serum.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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I was so excited to try RF regimen and especially lashboost.My face reacted to the regimen within days with rash, thickening of skin & even made wrinkles between my eyes more pronounced.

But I though I was fine and kept up with lash boost & my dream of long lashes. Then a few days ago, around the 2 week mark of using my eyes were super sunken... I paid attention to hydrating and sleep habits, but the eyes still looked bad. And my kids have kind of taken on a slightly darker color.

I look sickly & dehydrated or under weight (even though I am currently pregnant and up 12 pounds - so there is no lack of fat going on in my body. I did a little web research and found this. I am stopping right away with using lash boost.

I am sad it isn’t gonna work for me, but I am also scared of what it has done to me and what else could happen if I kept on using.Disappointed and also feeling bugged that this side effect doesn’t seem to be listed!


I have been using R & F Lash Boost for 5-1/2 weeks now.It was given to me as a gift.

I have started noticing dark circles appearing around my eyes; and today they looked so bad that I decided to look on the Internet for reviews of this problem. Definitely found some answers! R&F Lash Boost contains isopropyl cloprostenate (a synthetic prostaglandin analog) which can cause, among other side effects, atrophy of the fatty tissue in the skin around the eyes--thus, the dark circles.I am immediately stopping use of the R&F Lash Boost and hoping that the skin around my eyes returns to normal.

While I have experienced some eye lash growth, it is not worth continuing the use of the product.R&F product ingredients' lists seem to have so many "unpronounceable " chemicals!

to dcash_33 #1449586

Sounds like you are over applying.Should only be applied to upper lash line and very sparingly.

Swipe, wipe apply.A little goes a very long way.


Prostaglandin lowers occular fat.Masculanizes your hair follicles.Darkens hazel or light brown eyes.Causes hair growth.Darkens skin.Leaves permanent dry eye damages.Stopusing.

Save it and receipt for litigation.Take pictures.The amateur sales force bad advice is how the “doctors” avoid responsiblity.These women are on their sixties by now.So sad.


I am so sad that under my eyes have also turned black !I look like I’m constantly tired or have smeared mascara underneath my eyes!!

Every time I sneeze my eye twitches something fierce! Ugh!

How do we get rid of this under eye blackness??Obviously I will stop the usage and I will not be buying any other product to help what this product has already done!

to Tif #1444027

I don’t know if you can get rid of the darkness as it is rumored that the questionable ingredients may damage the orbital socket and fat layer. Stopping usage is a good thing. See a real eye doctor or dermatologist may be a good second step.

to Tif #1460875

HiI’m not sure if you’ll see this message as your post was a long time ago but I’m wondering if your under eye blackness ever improved? I thought I was crazy until I read these posts and there are others going through the same as I am! I hate looking so tired & Luke mascara has smeared all the time!Jodidjgac@comcast.net


Whenever I use lash boost, I wake up and my eyes are really red and bloodshot.This morning, my right eye was very red and feels funny.

It has continued all day long.I am very concerned about this product and what it is doing to me.


Some R and F product did darken skin around my eyes, too. I never had this problem and am worried.

I researched and found this post.

I am using Lash Boost and it could be it....

to Anonymous #1444186

Prostaglandins.Why rand f has an amateur sales for e to deny any responsibilities on their parts.


I have the dark circles under the eyes but they just sold me a product that will lighten it. I have not used it yet but I hope it works. Yes I even asked if it was like latisse that’s why I don’t use it.


i have had the exact same thing happen.I've been using it for about 4 weeks, yes lashes have grown but I have dark under eye circles and they look sunken in.

that's never been the case for me - ever. I'm going to stop using this.

when you stopped using it did your eyes get better?I'm worried!!

to cortney #1456478

I’m worried too! Is the same case , it’s terrible .


Wow that's downright scary it has caused dark circles and made you age;(

Agreed! Warnings need to be issued!! When will a class action lawsuit begin??!!


Me too


Has 32 ingredients: close-formaldehyde, preservatives, off label medications, and lye. So can easily cause bad reactions.


Your comment made me laugh out loud.Lash boost is not a synthetic version of Latisse- where did you get that “info”?!?!?

You’ve aged 10 years in 7 weeks???

Maybe you are applying too much.

And in 7 weeks, you could still get a refund, so send them some pics and give your feedback.

to Whybother #1444187

You are an {{Redacted}} and represent why the sixty year old womenuse anamateur IGNORANT sales force to DENY responsibilities.Shame on you.


Considering that you are making an argument off of that point shows how misinformed you are.So the company sold 1.5 million units of lash boost is an indicator that few people have side effects.

That's your thesis, correct?

Being that one has nothing to do with the other, let's start slow so maybe you can know what you're talking about. First, let's discuss sales. Are you aware there are roughly 180,000 consultants?

Are you aware that that lash boost maybe has a three month supply? Are you aware that you must keep applying for it to "work" ? Are you aware it cost $150 per container? Are aware of the sales quote you offered is heavily based on sales to consultants, not by.

That means the amount of product a consultant purchases, not sells. Because let's be honest, this scheme is to recruit more sellers, who are really buyers. That my friend is a scheme. Anyway, back to the math.

If every consultant buys only one three month supply of lash boost for $150, that's $27 million dollars ($150 x 180,000) if they buy a year supply, that's $108 million. Now you tell me that isn't the ultimate scheme designed to enrich the top while the so called independent consultants destroy their relationships for an opportunity to get some of those profits. You're making pennies while the top is rolling and watching their wealth grow.

Let's use your logic for cigarettes- companies sold millions worth, does that mean they didn't cause cancer because they sold so much?

Surely you can find many people who were lucky enough not to get sick, but that doesn't mean it wasn't harmful.

The same can be said about soda, Oreos and McDonalds - sales do not mean much as far as the potential harmful side effects.

Keep living your life uninformed- that is your choice, but don't spread your ignorance under the disguise of facts.

to Anonymous #1395144

Thank you.Yes this is what the cons are told.

Because the brand is about the selling a pyramid scheme, dreams of not working for an income, within a framework that removes any accountability or liability.

Two female dermatologists can be as dishonest as anyone else who is dishonest.No restrictions on that.

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