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I ordered the product for my skin which has rosacea and was pleased with the results but found out that I couldn't order just what I needed the next month. I had to order at least $80+ to make an order at all!

I detest these MLM companies that make huge profits by making you buy x amount each month! My husband is on disability and we're on a limited income. I shouldn't have to be made to buy more than I need in a month.

I cancelled my membership with them because of this; even though it was a good product. I won't be party to someone doing this to make a profit.

Review about: Rodan And Fields Membership.

Reason of review: Not as described.

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I'm happy to hear you had a positive results with their products I bought every kit they had to try it out amongst family: the teen program, reverse, soothe etc. 4 kits total for $750.00 - figure with the 60 day money back return there was no down side I guess the first thing that was troubling me is their customer service was atrocious my consultant was completely ineffective and uneducated and never got back to me which in turn led me to this site which brings me to my second point why are there Rodin and Fields people trolling this website when people here obviously have an issue with the company?

why are they attacking people? if you're happy with the product why are you on this site? that was very disconcerting. If the product worked I guess I would put up with the ineffective customer service but not only did the product not work it gave us white bumps underneath our skin.

I returned the product and they said they couldn't find my return until I was able to produce a tracking number and a signature that they had actually received it and then it still took four months after I returned it to get my money back. In the interim we received a $75 credit for a class-action lawsuit against proactive who are the same makers as Rodin and Fields Just shady all the way around.


You are absolutely wrong 100% about that. You can order whatever you want, anytime, and for any minimum amount.

I do it all the time and always have. Contact any consultant and they can provide you with those details. Also, you manage your own account and you can control what and when and how much you order.

It’s the most simple and customer friendly company I’ve ever ordered from! Have been a MOST SATISFIED CUSTOMER FOR 3 years!

to Tina #1379595

Hahaha! The most simple and customer frieldnly compnay you've ordered from?

I hate to see the others if this is the best. Just curious how did you stumble here? Since you are so happy, you troll unhappy places often to tell others they're 100% wrong?

Or are you something else in disguise? Hmm

to Tina #1379606

Does it make you right IF YOU WRITE EVERYTHING IN CAPS? You are joking, right?

How can anyone with a modicum of intelligence make the statements that you make. Are you really that dumb to make these statements and expect anyone to believe you - especially on this site? Think about that for a minute.

My guess is you are a failing consultant, or, worse yet - a new one. Get out now and cut your losses.

to Tina #1379662

Right... if you are not a preferred customer, then you can do what you say.

But many get signed up as a PC without realizing what this means and then get charged $80 or more a month. And takes months of phone calls and emails to undo.


to Tina #1379813

Get off this site Tina! Can’t you read?

Or are you a trolling consultant desperately trying to save what little positive reputation RF has left!

I give this company 5 years before they are shut down due to scheming MLM practices. These ‘doctors’ needed to invent RF to jump ship before Proactive collapsed another failed MLM

to Tina #1380354

If you are so happy why are you on PC? Is this part of consultant job description ? So very transparent and pathetic.

to Tina #1380713

Tina - get back under that rock you live under if you can still fit with that big nose of yours from lying.

to Tina #1386909

Who are you TINA??? This is just so funny to me that you are on this site.

If you are so happy with the S*** products at R/F, why are you trolling this site?

You are fooling no one friend, we all know you are clearly a desperate consultant (Cult Member) who has fallen prey.

This is not YOUR Business, its someone else's.

I am sure the "Doctors" laugh on the daily about all the *** who they have pedaling their overprices products. Women who sell these products make real professional women look really bad and put us all back about 50 years.

The only lives they are changing are theirs as they count their Benjamin's rollin' in!


I'm glad you found results. I'm even more pleased to inform you that you can get the same ingredients (although some you might want to steer clear of, but if you found results that's a judgment call in your part) for much much cheaper at your local drug store.

R&F is not a premium product. The only thing premium is the price tag) Even more troubling is you can't even buy an overpriced product, you need to buy other overpriced products just to get what you want. A typical ploy of MLM. Unfortunately you're back to square one, but at least this company doesn't reap maximum profits from you.

Good luck, and remember this is not prescription strength or life changing.

It's run of the mill OTC grade. Good luck!

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