My credit card was billed over $1000 for this company's products. My credit card company refunded me.

But in the midst of this I did some googling, and found a HUGE number of people who, like me, had their credit cards charged (fraudulently) for these products. I believe that the company is actually involved in this. Can I prove it? No.

But I've never seen so many fraud reports on a company. My advice is this. Steer clear of this company.

If you have a bad experience, write a review here or somewhere else. Eventually the company's reputation will sink it.

Reason of review: Problems with payment.

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ASAP cancel your card, request a NEW different account number.

Send a complaint for a refund through the credit card company.

Credit cards are not always the best tools but for this they are.

Do well.


Sounds like the makings of a class action legal case. Now all someone needs to do is organize and speak with the appropriate firm.

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