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Thank you for your honest response.I tried the lash boost and fell in love with it!

Asked my daughter's friend (my consultant) if she had anything for dark spots, so I started using the REVERSE and had remarkable results after only 3 weeks. I saw my hair stylist this past week and she immediately noticed how different my skin looked and asked me what I am doing different. We discussed R & F and I decided to buy a business kit but haven't had a chance to share the products. I was in another MLM and loved the products, but my consultant was not helpful at all and although I did make money, I became disappointed in the effort vs compensation.

However, that being said, I am not sure whether my hair stylist will work the business or sell the products.I am taking a wait and see attitude right now but I know that the products work and that the company and my consultant have not been pushy

Review about: Rodan And Fields Customer Care.

Reason of review: Good customer service.

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Normal, Illinois, United States #1265845

I respectfully disagree with your post.

Normal, Illinois, United States #1265844

Kelly Cagle, Normal, IL.I have nothing to hide from.

You are correct, I did not catch the Kelly from Massachusetts at first. I've been trying to correct it every chance I get.

However, most on this site hide behind anonymity and I do not understand that.Give the company a chance to make things right by you, cannot be done if you do not provide adequate data.

Normal, Illinois, United States #1265841

I'm perfectly fine with my friends.

Normal, Illinois, United States #1265840

Many "consultants" sign-up to get the discounted product.I believe only 42% of consultants earn a paycheck but this is b/c they choose not to sell.

I am a consultant and definitely am not blinded by all the hype. I know if anyone wants to make money in any sales position, it is a long row to ***. Rodan & Fields products work, are they for everyone, doubt it; however, I personally love it and so do the repeat customers I have. Do I buy product, yes, I give away thank you gifts to my preferred customers.

The product is very reasonable if you breakdown the cost vs the length of time the product lasts. The results vary based on the users skin condition, age, genes, if they follow the instructions, etc. You can always go the way of one of my sisters, she is perfectly happy with Dial soap, sun spots and age spots.

I'm higher maintenance and I will fight the signs of aging as long as I can and Rodan and Fields is working for me.I'm one of 14 kids so I have plenty of people to compare to with like genes, sun time, etc.

Manassas, Virginia, United States #1263897

Rodan and Fields will soon become the Number 1 skincare line in the US, has expanded to Canada and Australia.Why would a consultant come on this website?

They probably stumbled across it just as I did.There is always two sides to every story, why do you feel the need to be closed minded?

to Anonymous #1265231

No one is more close minded than an MLM rep.They have bought the bs hook Lind and sinker and will try to make it work for a year or so before they admit that it's not working for them.

This is sad. Your friends are already turning off to you, because you are soooo close minded. You. An not see clearly.

You are blinded by the hope of riches.

What a shame.

to Anonymous Normal, Illinois, United States #1265263

Actually, I have no stars blinding me, I didn't and don't buy into all the hype.Still have all my friends and family intact!

Trust me, one of 14 kids, I know how to work and expect nothing to fall in my lap. I don't expect to become rich, I sell Rodan & Fields bc I used the product, I love the products, I trust the organization, I have seen it make a difference and bc I like to help people. I guess it depends on why a person desires to work at any job. If anyone buys into the hype, they probably don't want to "work", trust me, this job as in any sales job takes a lot of work and very thick skin.

You get way more rejections than customers.

It is a tough business getting people to change skincare products.Take care and please don't paint all of us with the same brush.

to Anonymous #1265514

How or why do you expect R&F skin care line to go from 27th to 1st?Dermatology review lists them as 27th leading brand.

I believe this official review more than I believe a consultant or a pissed consumer.

Why do you not believe this official review?Are you blinded by the R&F propaganda?

to Anonymous Normal, Illinois, United States #1265832

Depends if you are talking about the skincare line or sales. As of December, per Corporate, Rodan and Fields sales were rising to be Number One Premium Skincare Line in the US. Currently Clinique is number one and Rodan and Fields were close to overcoming Clinique's revenue.

to Anonymous Portland, Oregon, United States #1265712

So let's think about his for a minute.According to R&F, they were the #2 Premium Skincare brand in the US based on reports from Euromonitor International.

They had revenues of $627 million. Sounds impressive unless you use some logic, which most MLMers don't do. How much of that $627 million came from purchases made by consultants? A lot I would guess.

And many of those consultant purchases are required until they bring in a certain amount of sales. But no one knows for sure what percentage of R&Fs revenue is consultant purchases because R&F doesn't disclose that information. MLMs are a shady business all around, and getting to the bottom of their real numbers is nearly impossible.

Are they the #2 premium skincare line base on revenue? Technically yes.

But only because they require the majority of their sales people to buy the product, buy starter kits at upwards of $1,000, buy samples to give away, pay to attend conferences, etc.

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