Ive heard of others discontinuing due to irritation. I do experience slight irritation but it was minor and considering the wonderful results I had, it seemed something I could tolerate.

I began use around April and by June had gorgeous full lashes reaching my eyebrows. Others raved. I was sold! I continued using faithfully.

And then suddenly in late September I look up and 80% are nubs and I have these stragglers that create ridiculous gaps in my lashes. It was reminiscent of the brief stint of years ago getting lash extensions and dealing with gaping holes and stragglers between fills. So the photos you see appear to be a reverse of before and after. I do not have a true before photo but I had more lashes than I do now.

The first shown is at the peak of this product, the second is the current state after a sudden decline.

Im so bummed and cant find much in regards to similar experiences. I thought Id found my holy grail, and now unsure if I should toss out the remaining and switch to a new product?

Product or Service Mentioned: Rodan And Fields Lash Boost Serum.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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I’ve tried lash booster and Latisse but nothing compares to Medlash. I had great results. :) LNACosmetics.com


That's terrible! I quit using this product after about a week because I heard about others having the same issues.

I have decided to quit using Rodan & Fields. I so afraid of losing my lashes!!


I’m using the redefine and I have seen any results . This is after two months.

Complete waste of money .

I’m switching to limelife all natural products. I have seen good results on friends.


Try Medlash from LNAcosmetics.com


Is there an at home remedy? I have all the same side effect and am scared.

My eyes feel foggy. Like a constant film. Have swelling on the eye lid, bumps and redness.

They itch and hurt. Should this be a doctor call or anyone fix this with time and home remedy?


Same issue. Was so pleased in the beginning—my eyelashes grew to the point they were so long I no longer needed to use the product every day.

Now the lashes are growing in weird directions (growing straight versus naturally curved) and are sparser/shorter than when I started. Not happy!!


I'm currently experiencing the SAME issue! How did you end up fixing the issue? I discontinued use but I have a nearly full tube that I can't return bc I threw away my receipt!!!


I had the same problem. Try medlash by LNACosmetics.com It’s only sold on their site but it’s great for sensitive skin and it works wonders! I wish I can post my before and after here Good luck


This just happened to me, too. Switching to a new bottle and hoping that helps it.


Was wondering if switching to a new bottle helped? Was thinking about doing that too.


This just happened to me. I literally woke up this morning and have nubs for eye lashes.

I actually took a brake from using the product becouse my lashes got so long.

Then the past 2 weeks started using it again and i woke up this morning to tiny lashes. Im sooo upset :(


This happened to me over the last few weeks I am devastated! They were actually longer and fuller than they are now . So glad to read it wasn’t just me


THIs happened to me as well! My lashes looked awesome, but all of a sudden they were little nubs. What didn’t you end up doing?


i am having the same issue...my lashes looked amazing and then all of a sudden about 6 months in to it I noticed they were falling out and not nearly as long. Is this a typical lifecycle of the lashes?


Omg! I was searching for similar stories, thank god im not alone!

My left eye- awesome! My right eye- I have about 4-5 ridiculously long lashes and the rest is sparse- and I swear I'm losing more everyday!

However, I will say, my eyebrows are amazing! So idk what to make of this stuff!


How many tubes did you use?


Love this post---please consider taking complaint to the FDA and the BBB. The product they are selling should be looked into--it's causing harm to users.


Take your complaint to FDA? Causing harm to others?

Ok, Beauty Counter Rep. lol I took my tube of lash Boost to my Opthamamologist, he read every ingredient. It's fine.

But you do have to replace your tube every couple months. Nothing is permanent.


My tube was just 2 days shy of "7 weeks Old" and my lashes are broken off and terrible after just being so amazing 1.5weeks ago...what would your "opthamamologist" have to say about that? ...

I'm no beauty counter rep but I sure know my lashes broke off and their texture completely changed nearly overnight ... Nothing is permanent but it shouldn't cause damage if it's "so harmless" as you and that opthamamologist seem to think


Why would you bring the tube to your eye doctor? Sensing the stories your UL are flimsy?

Or just bold face lying here? If you truly believed in the product and your business 2nd party verification wouldn't be necessary.

So, which is it. Second guessing what your are selling or just all out lying?

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