I place an order with Rodan and Fields every sixty day. Earlier this year, they were out of the Redefine eye cream. This month they are out of Redefine eye cream again, as well as the restorative cream.

Interesting, if you want to buy a $300 redefine special, which includes these items, it is available.

It seems they are either poorly managed or fail to you value repeat customers.

I did send an email regarding their failure to have adequate stock, but will have to wait two days for a response. It seems there are unable to handle the volume of emails.

Seems this company is in trouble.

Product or Service Mentioned: Rodan And Fields Cream.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Rodan And Fields Pros: Product.

Rodan And Fields Cons: Service.

Location: New Orleans, Louisiana

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It's not volume of sales, they actually make very little product, as 95% of business is a pyramid scheme. Growth is all selling to recruits, who sell to recruits and no products leaves the factory its all on paper.

Read the other reviews they will sell you cream if you order hundreds of dollars of other products because real money isn't in mailing out an eye cream every few months. The money is scamming your friends into becoming recruits.


Oh sweetie how wrong you are....


Rodan + Fields tripled in growth in 2015. That's why products were sold out.


Oh my Gosh. Have you read the financials on this company for Sept.

2015? Rodan + Fields is off the charts so successful and growing SO FAST they just outsold even their biggest projections. It's just a sign of growth beyond anything anyone even predicted for this amazing and awesome company. The eye cream sold beyond all expectations this year and so did a few other products but this company is so caring and generous that they sent all of us customers FREE gifts for our patience and inconvenience.

I personally feel the products, company, the Drs, and their Customer Service Dept is phenomenal and they all go above and beyond what they even promise to make sure all of us are satisfied and if not we get our money back within 60 days of purchase and they don't hassle or delay in refunding our money. I've never been dissatisfied and I've bought products every month since I became a customer.

I've spent hundreds of dollars on my own skincare and also buying products for gifts. And no complaints.


Privately held companies don't have to post real & valid results. They can basically say anything they want and know their entrepreneur consultants don't know any better or they might be successful at real jobs. Clueless is one word that comes to mind

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