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I used the lash boost for about a month and yes my lashes did grow and get thicker, so with that being said I stopped using it because I got the results I wanted and next thing I know my eye lashes began falling out and I now have thinner, lesser lashes then I did before I used the product also.

Product or Service Mentioned: Rodan And Fields Lash Boost Serum.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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I'm using the product now and even though some of my eyelashes are getting longer, they are thinner. When I put mascara on it's very visible and I even have a huge gap on one eye lid.


Mine did the same thing!


I've been using the same tube of Lash Boost for a year. No side effects except longer lashes!

I definitely notice if i forget to apply consistently they start falling out, but that is the normal lash cycle. I had to dig out an old pic of me to realize how few lashes i had to begin with!

I would have totally thought they were shorter and thinner, but thats how they used to look- oy! Still better than what they look like when you stop extensions if you ask me.


The consultant that helped you with your purchase should've fully explained that Lash Boost is an eyelash conditioner and like conditioners, continued use is needed to maintain. All eyelashes have a cycle and so if you did not continue to use the serum, the lashes that had grown longer and fuller, would fallout during their normal replacement cycle and those behind would come in as your previous normal lashes had. FYI maintenance once desired length and thickness are achieved is a few applications per week.

@Kim B

Here’s where it gets interesting. The consultant should have explained....but didn’t.

So whose fault is that? The consultants for not sharing the info? What if she didn’t know the info? Are consultants trained and is this training monitored by RF?

If not, then isn’t RF at fault for letting their consultants misrepresent a products effecacy?

Why does your post sound like it’s the consumers fault for not continuing to apply a product that she wasn’t aware that it oils take additional product for “maintenance”. If someone toldMe that it wouldCost me approx $400-$600 yearly to have long lashes...one might rethink buying the product in the first place.


Anonymous... I agree with you!

I have always had good lashes but wanted better lashes... with that, comes along Lash Boost. The consultant DID NOT convey what Kim B indicated.

In addition to all of that, my eyes dried out so badly that I couldn't even wear my contacts for a full day and my eyes looked like I was the spawn of the devil they were so red. Because my eyes were so uncomfortable, I tried to back off just a couple of days a week (this is after 6 months of use) and that is when my lashes started to look like I had gone through a round of chemo.


Mine fell out and are thinner and breaking! Did your eyelashes ever grow back to the way they were prior to using lash boost?


Sorry make that $800-$900 yearly for lash boost. 1 product.

$900 bucks. ($135 -150 every other month).