this has been going on for several months...the Fedex drivers either leave our packages on the road by the mailbox, on the mailbox or throw them on the ground at our house....we live 100 yards from our mailbox and it is a long walk for us to go get the packages that we have paid the Fedex outrageous fees to have have delivered....we even had one package crushed by the Fedex truck as he was leaving...your West Tennessee service sucks...do you care? All we ask is to be treated fairly...we pay the fee for good delivery service and the drivers and delivery personnel here are pathetic...I just watched some *** in one of your trucks turn around in my driveway and put the package in our mailbox...is that not illegal?

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $10.

Location: Bells, Tennessee

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My checking account was drafted on January 13, 2015 for $174.37, no product was sent to me. So, on January 29th, I called to end my orders from you.

I tried to log in to discussed or track down my order but the password had been changed. I contacted Jackie Souther Easler because she directed my orders to her address because they could not deliver to my address. She said that she would handle. Since then she has blocked me from her Facebook site.

I'm very unhappy and would like for you to take care of this for me.

My name is Roberta Ward and can be reached at cookielover528@***.com or(864) 497-****. Thank you!!


That has absolutely nothing to do with Rodan + Fields. You need to take your complaint to FedEx.


That is Fed Ex who is giving you poor service, not Rodan+Fields!!


You need to contact FedEx, not Rodan & Fields. Maybe you can arrange another address to have all of your packages sent to.


*** Review - Go complain to FED EX, ***


Rodan and Fields isn't FedEx.


How is it the companies fault? This issue is the employees with FED EX. Rodan and Fields do not own or employ FED EX workers...

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