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I am extremely embarrassed to admit that I fell for this huge scam of a "business" hook, line and sinker. I consider myself to be an intelligent woman, having been in the health care industry for approx. 20 years. I was introduced to this business 3 years ago and thought I would give it a go as I felt it would be a fun way to make a little extra money. I am a women's health nurse practitioner and really felt like this would be a good fit for me! I jumped in with two feet because a dear friend who wanted me on her "team".

After reading complaint after complaint on this and numerous other websites, it is clear to see that so many other women have been fooled as well. The only thing we are accomplishing by selling these products is making two very wealthy dermatologists even wealthier. I mean, I suppose the joke is on us. The products are simply not worth the money, the customer service is terrible and the way the up-lines push push push you to sell sell sell is horrifying. This supposed "friend" I signed up under had such dirty and low down tactics to get people to join. She would often prey on people who have very little money and would front them the money to "join her team because it would be life changing and that God was speaking to her heart to give you this money to start your business" knowing full well these women would not be successful but for was another consultant. Another notch on the bedpost if you will.

One of the lines a consultant will feed you is that "you don't have to have a stock of product on hand like other companies". This is not really truthful because as a consultant, you have to make a purchase $100 in product each in order to keep making commission. Keep in mind this doesn't include the additional $25 you have to spend in order to keep your website for people to place orders. What you end up with is a closetful of R+F products (aka product stock) that are so *** expensive you don't want to just give them away. I could really go on and on at the disgusting ways that consultants get others to "get on board".

Please DO NOT make the same mistake I made. I was foolish and did not do my research. Only about 4% of consultants will ever make enough to be a substantial salary and 50% of consultants in 2015 made NOTHING but actually lost money. The Women associated with R+F are wolves in sheep's clothing and should be ashamed of themselves......I mean lets face it, it does not take a rocket scientist to copy and past facebook posts onto everyone's facebook page that you know. Every time I see or speak to friends/family that I introduced to R+F I literally apologize.

Hindsight is always 20/20. if I had to do it all over again, I would have NEVER in a MILLION YEARS got involved with this so called business. Please learn from my mistake.

Reason of review: just flat out deceptive.

Rodan And Fields Cons: Independent consultants, How i was treated, Low-down filthy way to do business.

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THis business is not a scam, and you DO NOT have to spend $100+ a month just to “get commission”. You get a commission on whatever you sell —- but of course, the more you sell, the higher your commission and yes if you want to earn an ADDITIONAL 5% on top of what you will make, you will need to have one of your “buckets” at a certain sales volume, which can be done by purchasing a product for yourself, as an incentive, as a gift, or having someone purchase retail.

But it is not required. And as for upline pushing you to sell sell sell —- sounds like you didn’t have the best upline. Mine is very supportive and does not push me to sell sell sell just to sell. They offer incentives, ideas, encouragement — which is all very important for anyone trying to make an extra paycheck each month.

This business is not an overnight easy get-lots-of-money quick. Takes dedication, courage, hard work and consistency. It’s definitely not for everyone.

And the products do work and are some of the best I personally have ever used. However, they are not for everyone, just like every other product out there.


You are not required to pay the 25 or order products for yourself and it's all tax deductible if you do. You can place orders and make commission on any amount you sell.

The more you sell, and if you meet the minimum goals, your commission goes up...just like any sales job!

I do see how the pressure to "keep up with the other ladies" might push a person to buy a bunch of products, but that is a personal choice. You don't have to pay anything to stay a consultant.


These hooches care about nothing except the money they’re raking in from their minions selling crap to unsuspecting prey.


To group all R+F Consultants in a group labeled as "deceptive" and "evil" is not really fair. Just because the consultant you were under used misleading or questionable tactics does not mean everyone does.

You don't have to spend $100 every month in addition to $25 for a website. Your $25 goes toward the $100. So you only have to come up with $80 to be commission-able. That can come from buying your own regimen or selling to people who are not preferred customers.

You don't have to fork out money every month and have an inventory. I find just buying what I want to use plus what I sell makes up more than the $80 I need. My upline has never told me to "sell" someone on something. They always encourage me to be myself and just share in a genuine way and to truly care about the other person.

I have found that it is a great product and a great business. Sorry you had a bad experience but that is not something that should branded over the company as a whole.


I love and agree with everything except for the amount to reach 100SV... yes the $25 website covers 20SV; however, no matter how you perfectly arrange your cart your CRP at an even 80SV is still...

around $100 after tax and shipping. But yes I often do have people purchase through end of month sales, if I'm not needing product, and place my SV order through my retail customers!

And yes super sorry for anyone with a "shark" leader that doesnt emulate genuine feelings for the results of R+F!! Been a Consultant for 3 year (1 year so far of L1) and love my skin with R+F!!




shay do you do troll message boards for people who give honest reviews you don’t agree with?


This review is absolutely wrong about what this company represents. Your problem - joining someone who was in the business for the wrong reasons.

Do not base your "friends" horrible business ethic and people skills on what the entire company reflects. I myself have had countless customers tell me that even though the products are expensive, they are worth every penny. An ethical person (unlike your "friend" who fools people) actually want to HELP other women find success such as we did. It seems like you joined this business thinking it would be easy, and a get-rich-quick type of thing.

This business just like ANY other business requires HARD WORK, dedication and consistency. If you think that $100/month is a huge cost to own your own business, try opening up a brick & mortar shop and then get back to me about that $100. You need to remember, this is BUSINESS. Also, you don't have to spend the $100/month to make money...

You just earn an extra percentage when you spend that $100/month. Your sponsor probably didn't tell you that, because she wanted you to spend the money. Anyways.

I'm sorry you had a horrible experience, but this company has seriously changed mine and so many other women's lives. I hope you reconsider one day.


RF....changing lives one sucker at a


Does anyone know how to change your upline?


You can call them and request to change. I think there's a waiting period if you are going from being a PC under one person to a PC under a different person. If you are switching from PC to consultant then I think there's no waiting period.


Call corporate. You ask to be released from your current biz partner.

Then ask to be transferred to your preferred partner. There are so many wonderful people to choose from!


I am a consultant. I actually had to return something and never had a problem.

The customer service was phenomenal. Also the $25 they charged you does go twords the $100 that you need every month. Their products are great! I love them!

They really do work!

Obviously you had a horrible upline and now you are just griping about everything. I'm sorry you had such a bad experience.


I agree. I have been in this business for over 2 years now.

Love my products. Love my results and Love my "upline" I totally work this as a part time business and am fine with the financial benefits.


I'm sorry, I feel the same way.


Terrible slam from a person who clearly hasn't tried or benefited from the product use


WOW, what a rant! BTW - You typed Rodan + Fields wrong.

;-) and it sounds like you had a *** upline. Bottom line is the products work and we have a great refund policy if they don't. Also, if you're using the products that $80 you're spending on product a month is seriously no biggie. I mean, even if you aren't using the product you can just put a few eye creams in there and sell them to eager friends!

Work the business and see success as big as you can dream it. Anyway... it's not an easy gig and certainly not everyone is cut out for this type of work. Sounds like you fit that bill and would prefer to complain rather than admit it just wasn't a good fit for you.

Good luck in your next endeavor! One day you might think back and wish you didn't quit when it got hard.


I'm sorry you feel this way about the company. The truth is that you will come across people in any business that are dishonest and only in it for the $$.

I'm sorry that was your situation. This company has done nothing but good things for me! I knew ahead of time that in order to receive a commission you had to spend $80 in product and $25 for your website. I had also used the products for 2 years and loved them!!!!

They have changed my skin and have really helped me! I've been a consultant for nearly 2 years and I don't make a lot of money. It does help supplement my income and I love the discount on the product. Please don't be so negative about a company when you really had a negative experience with a person.

It's your responsibility to research what is your requirement as a consultant! I spent months to make the decision!

I've only seen positive outcomes with the people who have used the product! It's been life changing for me!


I can’t believe people have no morals and can sell this cancer causing product just to make money!! You all should be ashamed of yourselves!!! Research things before you sell them and recommend them to others!


I agree on cancer causing products. I used their products with research until I developed skin cancer on my face and neck.

Going through surgeries now and it is no fun. Please research products before you use them