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I am extremely embarrassed to admit that I fell for this huge scam of a "business" hook, line and sinker. I consider myself to be an intelligent woman, having been in the health care industry for approx. 20 years. I was introduced to this business 3 years ago and thought I would give it a go as I felt it would be a fun way to make a little extra money. I am a women's health nurse practitioner and really felt like this would be a good fit for me! I jumped in with two feet because a dear friend who wanted me on her "team".

After reading complaint after complaint on this and numerous other websites, it is clear to see that so many other women have been fooled as well. The only thing we are accomplishing by selling these products is making two very wealthy dermatologists even wealthier. I mean, I suppose the joke is on us. The products are simply not worth the money, the customer service is terrible and the way the up-lines push push push you to sell sell sell is horrifying. This supposed "friend" I signed up under had such dirty and low down tactics to get people to join. She would often prey on people who have very little money and would front them the money to "join her team because it would be life changing and that God was speaking to her heart to give you this money to start your business" knowing full well these women would not be successful but for her....it was another consultant. Another notch on the bedpost if you will.

One of the lines a consultant will feed you is that "you don't have to have a stock of product on hand like other companies". This is not really truthful because as a consultant, you have to make a purchase $100 in product each in order to keep making commission. Keep in mind this doesn't include the additional $25 you have to spend in order to keep your website for people to place orders. What you end up with is a closetful of R+F products (aka product stock) that are so *** expensive you don't want to just give them away. I could really go on and on at the disgusting ways that consultants get others to "get on board".

Please DO NOT make the same mistake I made. I was foolish and did not do my research. Only about 4% of consultants will ever make enough to be a substantial salary and 50% of consultants in 2015 made NOTHING but actually lost money. The Women associated with R+F are wolves in sheep's clothing and should be ashamed of themselves......I mean lets face it, it does not take a rocket scientist to copy and past facebook posts onto everyone's facebook page that you know. Every time I see or speak to friends/family that I introduced to R+F I literally apologize.

Hindsight is always 20/20. if I had to do it all over again, I would have NEVER in a MILLION YEARS got involved with this so called business. Please learn from my mistake.

This person wrote the review because of "just flat out deceptive" at Rodan and Fields. Reviewer claimed that he or she wants Rodan and Fields to read this review and look into the issue (if any).

The most disappointing in user's experience was independent consultants, how i was treated and low-down filthy way to do business. The author asks this business to immediately contact him/ her to briefly discuss his/ her negative experience with the company.

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I can’t believe people have no morals and can sell this cancer causing product just to make money!! You all should be ashamed of yourselves!!! Research things before you sell them and recommend them to others!


Same. I'm terminating now.

Selling off all the stuff I had to buy to stay active on 2nd had sites because screw them. They screwed us.


I stumbled upon this review and do understand part of where you are coming from. I am a R+F consultant.

10 months in and averaging around $800-$900. I have no directs beneath me. I do work my business but I enjoy it and it easily fits into my busy schedule. Let’s be clear here though...you do not HAVE to purchase product every month...you still make retail profit, just not the extra commission.

You do not HAVE to subscribe to the website...I don’t, and guess what, my business is growing just fine. And you do not have to just repost other peoples posts or engage in any shady practices. I see it happen quite often and it makes me want to puke! Don’t get me wrong, I think the commission structure is in serious need of rework.

I think many get paid too little while a few get paid WAY too much for their efforts. But...I truly believe anyone can make this business work for them. It is about being smart and making sound business decisions. If I have less than $1,200 in sales a month (which hasn’t happened since my first month), I wouldn’t purchase product personally to get the extra commission because it wouldn’t make business sense.

I just want people to know that this isn’t black or white...there is a lot of gray area. Good things have come to me because of this business but it is what you make of it.

to Wendy #1484754

How do you avoid using the website? The $24.95 a month bugs me!

And that we have to pay for our shipping. But otherwise, I’m working my business the same way as you and it works out because I love the products and I’ve been earning enough to pay for them.

to Wendy #1498924

Agreed. Not sure what your game is but at least be honest!


San Antonio— thank you for your honesty.

Yes, the #bossbabesrandf are shameful.

We understand some starting a Pyramid scam.

But doctors who have been privileged, honored, and respected abuse the trust patients put in them.

They hide behind the 0Pyramid structure of no liability and no responsibility.

At 60 yo, these women have no morals. Doctors?

Matters not, for they are not your doctor? Proprietary?

No care, that does not mean exclusive— you can get better formulations that do not damage. Changing lives— yea, lies and more lies.

to Rocg #1499095

You really should look up the definition of “Pyramid” scam...RF is not a Pyramid.


I didn’t to want to point gingers I just wanna know how I can get out of being a consultant. They do not make this info easily accessible on website. Does anyone know?

to Chris #1432572

Call customer service and cancel your consultant account. If you are under 60 days send back your products for a refund.

Whomever helped you should have been able to tell you this...

But call support for consultants.

Some people are looking for a job not investing in a business... I spent nearly $10,000 to start what became a very successful business (not RF) def not for everyone...

to Chris #1455032

That's what I'm trying to do!!! I can't find crap on how to get out!!


It may not have worked for you and other people, but it is working for many. I wonder why?

With anything you do, you have to do the work to succeed. You can’t expect to become a millionaire overnight. I started with a positive attitude. I loved the products and knew that others would love and benefit from them too.

I’ve had fast success. WHY? I’m consistent, caring, and confident. I’m sorry it didn’t work for you and that you didn’t have a coach like me.

My team is working their businesses everyday and seeing what this opportunity can do for their personal developement and their the financial welfare of their families. One quote I heard recently that applies here was one I heard at a training to become a volunteer at a local hospital.

(Something I can now do thanks to this “scam.” “When you point your finger to place blame, look at your other three fingers on your hand. They are pointing at you.”

to Cyndee #1428930

Ugh did you really just say that..the lame finger pointing motivational quote?

So your “success” is because you are...kind? Not because of the life changing products or new sales and people skills you learned while developing “your” business?

Speaking of “your” business don’t you find it odd that in one breath you are the CEO of your own business but in legal contractual text you aren’t allow to speak poorly of the products or the business model while a consultant or even when you break away from the cult..or business as you call it?

As a coach did you tell your team of the new income disclosure statement where there aren’t levels by title but levels by team sales?

Did you tell them that the income disclosure statement now talks about the personal confidence you gain, friendships and “fun money” you earn? Do you know you are in currently with your post above in violation of your contract? You can’t talk about financial success or gains one bc they aren’t true and two bc the FTC is cracking down on MLMs, private and public bc they can’t recruit based on lies. which when 90+% lose money—-it’s a scam.

I hope you didn’t use your real name “Cydee”. That’s an unusual spelling and one that might be easy to pinpoint in the RF database of consultant names.

to Anonymous #1429112

Lol you tell her! Cyndee you’re a fool who got sucked in !


Yep. Thank you for sharing this post.

If it looks like a duck, walks and talks like a duck,...guess what? it is! This is a scam. It looks like multilevel marketing, it works like multilevel marketing and it smells like a scam.

They pay google and all these big browser companies to speak well of this crap.

The truth is, if your product can't sell itself, and you need use exploit desperate and hardworking people to sell it, your product is worthless. My wife and I stick to Aveda.

They have their own store, I buy the product because it works. Not because someone is trying to shove it in my face on my social media feed, or social media messenger.

to Mark Cunningham #1432833

Yes, actually an informed adult who can seek out a good product, and refuse a bad one.

Not babysitted by #bossbabesbabysit!

The products age your skin.

One satisfaction os all their cons and users are ageing faster than everyone else.

Caledonia, Michigan, United States #1311454

Unfortunately this poster was most likely unsuccessful with her business - and therefore like many people who are not wining in life, she's "blaming" and looking to "complain" about the business model and the products. In her post alone, she incorrectly speaks of the "inventory" of products and "website" costs.

With any successful business, you need to 1. Be passionate about the product you are endorsing. If you are not using the product yourself, how can you expect others to buy it from you? You are a walking billboard for you brand.

2. You are not forced to buy any product on a monthly basis. If you CHOOSE, you can enroll yourself in the Consultant Replenishment Program, which gets your product at your low consultant price. Again this is not mandated.

If she didn't want to spend her own money, then sell a product at Retail and get that "bucket" filled. 3. The Pulse is your Website cost which is $24.95, and with any business I have own .. these are the maintenance charges to keep the operation of my business moving.

To me, this a minimal costs and investment back into my business. I believe there are "rotten" apples every where, so perhaps the leadership was lacking on your team. I assure you this is NOT the case for many of us out there. I've never seen anyone pay for others enrollment kits..

but even so... why does it matter to you? Are you affected by it? Does it directly impact your day at any level?

The truth is, by posting negative feedback and saying untrue things, only shows me that you clearly don't understand this business and the opportunity it has provided to many people. These doctors you speak up... have helped women retire their husbands, paid of college student loan debt, allowed women to get out of bad situations.. Empowered, Inspired, and Encouraged women that they should DREAM big.

I don't know many doctors, or people for that matter that can say the same thing.

If you're thinking about this business, don't surround yourself with this negativity... Cheers to beautiful skin and lashes!

to Ava #1400204

Yes! I couldn’t agree more.

It is not for everyone. People want easy, and there is work involved and there are always costs associated with any business. Why would you think you’d get a business for free?

You have access to great products, you are given all the tools, mentorship and support one could ask for but at the end of the day you need to put in the work.

Shame on you for not giving yourself a chance, i’m sorry this wasn’t for you and I hope you find something to fulfill you.

to Lauren independent Consultant #1400214

Curious, how much are you actually making with RF? I’m assuming your trolling this site to feed some pathetic positive feedback, but in truth you’re one of the 99.9% of pathetic consultants actually making nothing

to Anonymous #1425579

I have been in Rodan & Fields for less than 3 months. I didn't sign-up to build a business.

I signed up to have the discount because the products work. I actually make enough from the people who have seen my results and came to me asking if they could buy from me. That income covers the cost of my products I use on myself and is slowly building to more. If it didn't, I wouldn't care because in my book I spend the same or more on my previous products and they didn't deliver the same results.

I the ENTIRE amount I've invested in this venture is the sign-up fee ($45 1x) and my first month of products to use myself. That's it. I think the original poster maybe signed up under a bad apple because let's face it, not everyone is above board in the world. There are a lot of people who are out for themselves and by the description she gave, that was one of them.

That doesn't mean, however, that the entire company is bad. The company itself gives tons of money to charity. EVERYONE gets a 60 day guarantee, and you aren't required to pay $25/month for the website since there is a less intense version that is free. The amount the OP said you had to pay per month for commission is a misleading statement because the company posts all the practices of the company 100% available for anyone to see at anytime.

It basically works like this. You make the difference between the consultant pricing and the retail or PC pricing for your customers, no purchases or website costs required. If you choose to spend at least $100/month then you make additional commission on top of the already decent amount you make from the straight retail difference.

So let's all call it how it is.

Not everyone is meant to build a business this way, and that's okay.

Not everyone who signs-up is honest and hardworking, and that's not okay but we can't really control others actions. The take-away is seeing the truth through the BS.

to Anonymous #1432834

The #bossbabenomath cannot tell you she is spending a few $k a moth to “Fake It Till You Make It” and calles facts— the Ne.Ga.Ti.Vi.Ty.

It is really painful and the Pyramids have the cons internanalizing the conflicts of all this.

This does not happen at your favorite stores?

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