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I started with the eye cream and it made me break out so bad and also caused a rash under my eye. So expensive and it burns your eye when you put on.

Product or Service Mentioned: Rodan And Fields Reverse Eye Cream.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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Rodan + Fields is not for everyone. Just like any skincare products each person's skin reacts differently but most people have seen good results.

I tell my customers that I don't guarantee anything and they can return if they're not satisfied. I also don't force people into using the products because if they're not committed they won't know if it's working or not and it doesn't benefit them.

You can't go by someone else's results whether good or bad. Be the judge for yourself.

What if you saw good results?

There's no risk as you can return for a full refund. I was skeptical at first but has the comfort to know I could return it of I wasn't satisfied.

to Anonymous #1361749

Most people have not seen good results. If most people were satisfied and seeing good results, then 95% of all consultants would not be failing.

If customers were buying, consultants wouldn't be quitting.

It seems like the facts are R&F consultants do not make much money because they don't have enough satisfied customers who continue to buy from them. Why are you fooled into believing that customers are satisfied and consultants are making lots of money when R$F reports otherwise?

to Anonymous #1361833

Please keep reading before you post. Very few complaints are about the product being ineffective.

Most of the complaints are about the products causing damage (stye, lashing falling out, burning, horrible breakouts) then gets worse when you try to return (run around, lack of tracking, months for a refund) and the trifecta---keep getting charges and package to your home that you didn't authorize.

And you can also add on lies, fraud and inauthentic sales tactics and slimy recruitment behaviors.

That's what people are pissed about and that's why they are here.

Keep reading and maybe you will learn a thing or two about the company you defend.

Ps have you seen the most recent income disclosure?


Agree. I got talked into how great Rodan and Fields products were.

Got sent all the before and after pictures.

Total waste of money. The products caused my face to turn beet red, break out into a rash and burn like heck.

Of course that money back guarantee was met with, "Give it more time." Then the rep disappeared and would not return my phone calls.

Do not buy these products. You can go to CVS and get better products for 1/4 the money.


The overpriced hype on how great their products are, if you save the amount of money you spend on these products in a year you can get LifeLift done or a minimally invasive lift from a certified plastic surgeon. If their products are as great as they say then all other high-end cosmetic companies would be out of business.


Sounds consistent with other people's experience. It seems to a whole host of their products have adverse effects.

Some of the ingredients are suspect and potentially linked to cancer. Be careful! Please share in the BBB site and consider reporting to the FDA.

The best thing we can do is to share our stories and help warn others. Sorry you experienced this.

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