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I had been unemployed and had a little under $2,000 dollars in my account while I was desperately looking for work. That's not a lot, considering all the bills were due!

I was told about all of the fabulous money I could make with this company and told all of the wonderful success stories. That this was my ticket to financial freedom!  That I would be crazy not to get in on this! I felt high pressured into joining, and felt like I had no other option but to say yes. I hear myself saying that and I know it sounds crazy!

I bought the almost $700 starter kit, and she was just so thrilled to take my money! Then I realized that she wanted me to sell this stuff on Facebook! She wanted me to make at least 2 posts every day, pictures and words that were copied and pasted! She didn't care at all that I had never tried the products myself!

She also wanted me to send private messages on Facebook messenger about R+F, to 200 friends in 2 weeks!  I dont have 200 friends! So, she wanted me to think all the way back to childhood and think of everyone I could, and friend request them on FB... just to sell to them! Basically she wanted me to harass everyone I've ever known!

When I became a consultant, lots of people on my "team," friend requested me and I was also added to private groups on Facebook designed to push team members to sell. I have had multiple texts and messages pushing me to "get my business rolling" even after I've asked for time to use the products and see results before I do that. I felt that I was being harassed! When I opened Facebook all I would see is R+F posts!

After using the products, I felt they were mediocre at best. Any questions I had about the products went unanswered because this company teaches you nothing about it or skin care in general! These people know nothing about skincare and zero about the products they are pushing! It's more about making money than actually benefiting the customer!

There may be money to be made in this company... but at what cost??

All of my friends and family hating and avoiding me? No thanks, I'd rather be poor!

Reason of review: Not as described.

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Thank you for sharing your story! The bossbabes really do have a fake it till you make it mentality.

They will be here soon to discredit you and say you didn’t work hard enough. Check out reddit sub antimlm.

They would love your insight ! Good luck to you


Amen !!! Same thing here


Sorry to hear. Unfortunately, this pretty routine (95% failure rate! The other 3% make under 10,000 a year before taxes and expenditures)

to Anonymous #1431037

I don’t know if the other 3% is that low. I do know someone who brings btw $3-$4k a month.

But that is before her trips, website maintence, parties, gifts for her downline etc. Her husband told me that the money goes out as soon as it comes —and seems like right back to RF. He also told me that they nearly got a divorce over the Lexus. He wanted her to take the money, she was being forced to take the car and post about it on FB by her upline.

He was pissed!! She got want she wanted or what was wanted of her but they still fight about regularly. They have 2 kids in high school and she reduced her hours at her real FT job to PT to do this with the promise of bringing in $60k a year and more

Money for the kids college tuitions. That isn’t happening.

He tells the truth after having a couple whiskeys.

She would never say anything bad about her “business”. I’d be shocked if they stay married in 5 years.

to Anonymous #1431151

I personally know someone in a similar boat. If they're pulling in a few thousand a month they must have at least 60 people signed up underneath them (below on the pyramid).

It's sad! Even worse most don't recognize or admit it until the damage has been done. Plus, they sign something at sign up that they aren't allowed to reveal or speak negatively toward the business.

She calls it a non disclosure, it's more like a gag order. Anyway, hope they work it out.

to Anonymous #1433113

But...it is THEIR business!

The #bossbabebossnot.

to Anonymous #1433109

Lev5 consultant promises Randf $4,800 a month.

Only 0.64%, 1,834 out of 286,709 made above $25,000.00.

If each one buys $1,000/1 year, Randf makes $286,709,000 or 25% of their $1,150,000,000 income.

So that is spending $84/1month.

Rand is a true Pyramid, the consultants are the customers!

She HAD to take the Lexus because that is their big Fake it till hou make it advertising ploy.

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