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I had a reaction from using this product. I have been fighting this since last oct an still no better.

I am going to my second dermatogy an now they want to send me to another one that can test foir more stuff that they cant. They said something in the cream tigger something in my boby. This is the worst thing i have ever been thru. They have try differnt creams which has not helped.

I call the company but they wasnt concern about it i have lots of pictures but they r on my phone.

I would be glad to send them. I look like a clown.

Product or Service Mentioned: Rodan And Fields Cream.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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Bettendorf, Iowa, United States #1348191

I'm having issues with the redefine cream as well. I purchased it the same time i got new mascara so when i first reacted, i attributed it to the mascara which i promptly three away.

I had to take a month off from wearing anything near my eyes - makeup, creams, etc.

Well i started using the cream again with nothing else... the whole area around my eye is swollen and super itchy, and i have small blisters forming this time around!

My eye doctor told me to get rid of that stuff immediately and gave me over the counter drops to try first, noting they may not help and ill have to get prescription drops that will cost me over $100 for a bottle.


So glad my 'friends' keep peddling this *** to me. Ill never give or these so called friends another cent.


Trying to follow here, so please correct the timeline below if needed and if you could answer the questions below?

Used product sometime btw xx month and Oct 2016 = face reacted (correct?)

First dermatologist visit =Oct -2017 (correct?)

Second dermatologist visit May 2017 (correct?)

When did you stop using the products? Can you confirm that you have stopped using the products?

And you stated that you used the Reverse and the Redefine lines. Which products out of these lines did you use? How long? Did you use the lines together?

Also did you purchase through a consultant or Amazon or Ebay? Did you contact your seller on this matter?

to Anonymous #1332463

Since we are in the mood to ask questions, perhaps you can answer a few too. Do you work for the company?

Do you have a relative that works for the company? Are you a lawyer? Why the deep concern for getting details on the timeline? Just we too can best understand any potential agenda.

Attempting to discredit someone under the guise of understanding, or concern is common practice for situations like this. This not so subtle method is commonly used by MLM's as a way of boosted their own credibility.

Deflection from the actual incident into the details, while potentially important, does serve as a useful tool to get people distracted from the fact this person had a reaction and it was from R&F products. Forgive me if I seem suspicious, however, having seen the lengths that MLM's your interest in the details seems to beyond inquisitive.

to Anonymous #1332575

Short answer---oh *** no! I do not work for them nor am I a lawyer.

I was (am) trying to understand the OP. The only way that I have been involved in an MLM is by purchasing this crappy product and spending months tracking down status. It took me months to get my refund, plus seeing a real dr and getting a prescription wash to correct the hard cystic like acne that the Reverse line did on my face.

I am trying to understand that if she (assuming she) used the product in Oct of last year--is it That sounds odd.

That is the way I am reading it ,and I could be very wrong---which is why I asked her (assuming her) to clarify.really possible that R&F products could have caused 9 months of damage? Trust me, I have personally witnessed and see pics on the internet of others that I have a negative reaction to the products, but 9 months later and no improvement--with the help of 2 medical professionals?

to Anonymous #1332658

Holy cow! That's awful.

Sorry to hear about that.

I hope you get all the answers you're looking for. Good luck.

to Anonymous Madisonville, Kentucky, United States #1337919

Yes I am still having reaction from this product. An yes it is a reaction from refine an reverse.

I have appointment sept 11 in Indiana for a specialist for further testing to to try to figure out what this product triggered in my boby. I would love to show pictures of before an after using this product. Also a cream was ordered from my dermatologist but I could not afford it.

It was 394. So I will have to deal with this discomfort till September an I pray they can help me.

to Anonymous #1337943

I'm with you that this time line is a bit confusing. We are constantly shedding skin.

I can not fathom a reaction lasting 9+ months simply from a product that is topically applied.

I personally have not yet tried any products and these reviews make me a bit nervous but I think I will still give them a try. I only became familiar with them after seeing the Unblemish line cure my sister's acne after medicines and other washes did not.

All individuals are different so I would expect these products to affect everyone differently. I can't eat the same foods or take the same medicines that everyone else does so I'm not sure why people expect a skincare line to be any different.

While I appreciate honest, polite feedback on products, some people's ***-bent attitudes to destroy this company seem a bit much.


I believe someone should have pointed you to Soothe first because the other products are very strong

to Anonymous #1332534

So R&F has products that are so strong that they damage people's skin? No skin care product should ever damage someone's skin.

to Anonymous Madisonville, Kentucky, United States #1337921

This product has a glue in it that they use to repair hips in surgery. This was pointed out to me by the first dermatologist.

to Anonymous #1332790

Wrong phucking response...period! What is it with R&F slime?

It seems whenever something goes wrong, it is the customer's fault. Are you saying some products burn your skin? To your consultants know this? Who gets sued if someone has a serious reaction?

The company? The consultant?

Both? You need to go back to Customer Service 101.


Show one of your pictures, we want to see.

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